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Moon werewolf post-mortem (LD33)

Posted by
Sunday, March 27th, 2016 8:13 am

Hello, people.

While getting excited for LD35, and reminiscing over my previous experiences with Ludum dare jams, I wanted to share the story about my previous entry at LD33 – You are the monster.


Phase 1 – start with basic idea (Saturday morning – noon)


I always keep the scope small. One or two mechanics, make it playable and simple.
Starting from something simple, then add more stuff according to remaining time and energy.

On this LD, i had idea to start from the Space.
moonIn the Space, there is that overwhelming feeling of unknown and infinite nothingness around you, so it’s perfect location for the spooky “You are the monster” game.
Since I didn’t want to go with aliens on the spaceship (too much cliche), I went with the planet.
Small rotating planet (The Little Prince style).
I always wanted to make game with rotating planet, so I used it here to make small and restricted environment for the game, surrounded by vast emptiness of space.

I downloaded moon texture from google, and added “Noise & scratches” from Standard Assects Effects, to boost spooky atmosphere.

So what more could be scary about planets and moons, and to keep it with theme?
I went through all sort of different things:

  • Astronauts lost in space, you are the infected one
  • Astronauts in exploring mission, you are monster that lives on planet
  • You are astronaut exploring new worlds, and “cleaning” planets for colonization (you are monster because aliens living on the planet are peaceful)

Then while thinking about moon and scary scenarios, my brain got association of werewolf.

It’s general knowledge that werewolves transform to beast form when there is full moon.
So I asked myself, what would werewolf do on the moon itself, as it’s kind of always “full moon” there.
So I immediately decided that I wanted to do game about werewolf on the moon :)

Important thing about Ludum Dare is that you can do anything you want. It’s all for fun, no one will disqualify you, ban you or laugh at your game.
Maybe you even won’t fully finish the game (my LD28 game) or it’s going to be very simple (my LD32 game).
Just do it, have fun and make the damn game you want. It feels great!


Phase 2 – implementing mechanic (Saturday noon to late evening)


I then starting implementing mechanics ad-hoc.
Inspired by Werewolf/Mafia party game, I added hidden werewolf player and targets (civilians). You could transform to werewolf, and kill civilians.


To add challenge, I added some guards which can kill you if they catch while you are in transformed mode.
I added some naive behaviour for them, so if you are close to them, they start going your way. No memory, not calling backups or anything.
Instead of overcomplicating the guards behaviour, I focused on UI and particles for death (blood splatter), since I planned my time.
For UI, I used standard Unity NGUI, and free icons downloaded from some random sites.
For particles, I used some basic particle effect from Asset store (can’t remember exactly which one), and changed color and some basic properties so it looks more brutal.
I added that radial blurry screen effect from standard effects, when you are transformed, so it looks clear to player that he is in beast mode.

Important thing at LD (or any timed hackathon) is to prioritize.
Don’t overdo stuff, as nobody will expect perfectly engineered solution or complex stuff.
Just name it as a feature, and continue with other stuff. Make it playable :)


Phase 3 – Wrapping up (Sunday half of day)


I finished playable prototype, so wanted to invest some more time into effects and juiciness.
I used GoKit library for tweening, and added more natural movement to objects, added fading out of screens.
Game was a bit weird for new players, so I added some info notifications, to give some context to the game.
Guards were simple, but game was interesting with them, so I kept them that way.
Since I had more time and energy, I added more advanced guards that appear later in the game (when you kill at least half of the civilians), Inquisitors, which remain hidden unless you are close to them.
It added nice dose of challenge for better players, when “A new inquisitor appears!”.
I kept the “models” of the objects just cubes, because my 3d skills are zero, and decided to keep just the color as differentiator.

After that, i tested game for an hour, fixed some bugs, and decided it’s done.
Check the gameplay here:
Or try it from LD site.

The best thing is the feeling you get when you complete a playable game in a weekend.
It won’t be Assassin’s Creed.
Someone probably would not even call it a game.
But the most important thing is THAT YOU HAD A LOT OF FUN.

Moon Werewolf is finished!

Posted by
Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 4:57 pm

Finished my 4th Ludum Dare game. YAY :)
All hail to Ludum Dare and crappy weather outside…

Play and vote : http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-33/?action=preview&uid=20097
Enjoy 😀

Moon Werewolf

Posted by
Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 7:10 pm

Its arcade game inspired by “werewolf/mafia” board game.


Full moon gives power to werewolves, so question is what would werewolf do on surface of moon? 😉
You are disguised as normal citizen (blue) hiding from guards (yellow), and you need to eat all citizens by transforming into werewolf (red). Guards chase you and try to kill you when you are revealed.


I want to add more intelligent movement (other than random), and implement additional roles (medic, hidden guards, bomber…).
Its important that you are always the monster 😀


Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2015 4:03 pm

I have run mu first half-marathon this weekend, so couldn’t spare a lot of time for Ludum Dare.

Link to game

I wanter to keep it simple, since I worked only on Sunday, so this is a game of modified “Rock, Paper, Scissors”.
Each round you choose one of the options “Crops”, “Bugs” or “Rain”.
Goal is to get to 7 crops, before the opponent.


There are different results, depending on chosen options
Player A Player B Result Result A Result A
Crops Crops Friends +1 crop +1 crop
Crops Bugs Attack -2 crops /
Crops Rain Growing +2 crops +1 crop
Bugs Rain Extermination -1 bug /
Bugs Bugs Overpopulation -1 bug -1 bug
Rain Rain Flood -2 crops -2 crops

Each 5th round, you regenerate one bug, up to maximum of 3.

Finished my first Ludum Dare game :)

Posted by
Sunday, April 28th, 2013 8:18 am

This is my first time making games on Ludum Dare,  and I want to say that this is really great competition. Love the community here, great people making great games 😀

So this is my finished game:



Light up the world by passing all its points without hitting death ( red circles ). Death is moving by random, as in real life.
By passing already lit point, you put it out.
Movement is 6-way directions:
\ | /
/ | \
Power is SPACE, in which that point can not be put out.

Score is determined on number of light points, remaining powers and time spent.
Formula is:
(LIGNT_POINTS – 1) * 100
IF( VICTORY AND TIME_SPENT < 60s ) ADD ( (60s – TIME_SPENT) * 30 )

I used HTML5 canvas as game environment, and since wanted to keep it minimalistic,
wrote simple engine for game (no sprites, particles, and stuff).
jQuery – http://jquery.com/
tween.js – https://github.com/sole/tween.js/
Music loop is downloaded from http://www.looperman.com/loops?gid=21
No graphics :)

Enjoy it here :)

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