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We were developing games since we were kids,
Always strive to go beyond our limits and work hard,
yet, to enjoy and have fun at the same time.

Currently working on the game stairjump: http://stairjump.com


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Hi people!
we started working on this game years ago, during these years we worked on many other projects, but we decided it’s time to finish this one. so we continued developing it for the past months until we felt it’s polished enough.

anyways, we will hopefully publish it on 23.12.2017

here’s the game trailer! :)

for more check the game site:



let us know what you think and have a wonderful day! :)


the sunfury team

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FUNRiDE! Play With Your Friends!

Sunday, December 25th, 2016 7:43 am


They’re all tough,
They’re all determined,
But there’s only –one room– in this arena (which is also one room ;D)
Animals from all over the world have gathered together to decide
which animal is the ultimate ride and the best survivor?

Pick your animal, choose the way you control it and start the entertaining fight!
You can play against bots, or your friends (on the same keyboard)!


Round1-optimized by HealTheIll

Set Characters:

Charactersgif by HealTheIll

Pick the animal you believe the most (there are 17 so far!)

*all models were designed in MagicaVoxel and it was our first time using it, it’s a great software! you should check it out!

you can also pick a name, choose whether a bot plays it or a human and how you want to control it.


After everything is set, you’re ready to go!

gather as much speed as you can and push your foes away!

the fastest animal will push farther,

*hint : you can also use the fence to bounce yourself and gather even more speed!


1) Boot with wings – speed up
2) Cake – shrinks your character
3) Blue Potion – grows your character
4) Red/Blue Capsule – let you pass through objects

Have fun! and don’t forget, there’s only one room in this arena! and it better be yours!



>Tom – Unity programmer
>Rom – Character Designer
>Artur – General Designer
>Assaf – Music

We must say, that we really had too many unpredictable occurrences,
therefore we couldn’t work full time on the game
yet, we’re pretty satisfied with the final result,
especially because it’s our first time trying Unity and going 3D
(All our previous games were developed in Gamer Maker engine)

Hopefully you’ll like what we came up with :)

Oh and, it’s very recommended to play with your friends since the bots aren’t that smart atm ^-^”

Plans for the future:

Better Graphics – particles, lots of effects, better GUI

More POWERUPS – we already have some in mind, but if you feel creative and have an awesome powerup let us know and we might add it +credit to you

Better AI – Tom is researching machine learning (using generation Neat algorithm) and it’s going pretty well, in worse case, we’ll try to program better one ourselves

Maybe More Arenas – we already thought about some other unique arenas such as an arena made of trampolines but we’ll see

Network Game – play against your friends online!

Mobile Version – we might think about a mobile version, but there’s still time until we get to that…

if you have any other ideas that you think will improve the game please let us know and have a big credit if we accept them!


Time to make some levels and polish!

Monday, August 29th, 2016 2:45 pm

Here’s our progress so far
Progress6 by HealTheIll

Goals for the time left:

  • Level design
  • Polish the art, GUI and animations (some of what we have now are still placeholders)
  • Particles, and lots of them!
  • Sounds
  • Maybe a lil tutorial (?)
  • Some bug fixes (?)

Will do our best!
Yours truly,

We’re getting there

Monday, August 29th, 2016 10:30 am

Progress1 by HealTheIll

Our Progress So Far

Sunday, August 28th, 2016 10:35 pm

Hi There, it’s Sunfury!  :)

We didn’t post anything yet cuz we were hard in the developing proccess,
To sum up, we could be in a way deeper progress of a game. (everyone says that? ><)

Our force for this ludum dare contains:
Rom and Tom-Programmers sitting next to each other and working non-stop (full time)
Artur-Pro Designer (when he doesn’t work)
Ilya-Pro Designer (when he doesn’t work)

Our First Day:

We thought about making a physic game using levers/swing as ancient technology, this is what we came up with:

Kingeat by HealTheIll

Shootexample by HealTheIll

All tough it came up kinda fun and funny, we saw no potential in keep developing it (it may be too repetitive)

We reconsidered our options, thinking about more ancient technologies and we came up with pulleys (video) .
We decided to take the risk and test those pulleys.

after wasting  like 5 hours thinking about these pulleys and how we gonna make them intersting we crashed.
Day 2:

We wasted most of day 2 testing and trying to implement the most fun yet realistic physics and gameplay.
Working with Game Maker using Box2D, we tried using built in pulley  joints, but we found it too basic for our needs.

after hours of work in the end of day 2, we ended up with this:

Wegotsomthing by HealTheIll

You play as a well-known architect in Egypt, you’re there to solve their problems and well, mainly help them build their pyramids.
you do it by stretching ropes through the map.
The more we played with these mechanics the more we saw what a great potential this game has, hopefully we will think of some great puzzles tomorrow

Day 3 Plans:

-polishing (physics, effects, sounds…)
-challanging puzzles
-combining designs

hopefully, we’ll finish this game and make it somthing we’re proud of and hopefully somthing you’ll like too  !

if you guys can think of any interesting ideas to make our game better we would LOVE to hear them and give you credits of course if we use them  :)
Yours truly, SunFury

check out our Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr 

Craft a Raft Is Developing

Monday, May 9th, 2016 7:37 pm

We keep developing Craft a Raft!
Hopefully will publish an android apk soon!

Also rate us if you haven’t yet!  HURRY! you still have 20 minutes!  : >

IceCreamAnimation by HealTheIll

DanceAnimation1 by HealTheIll

DanceAnimation0 by HealTheIll


Craft a Raft

Thursday, April 28th, 2016 1:28 pm

Play Craft a Raft!


We didn’t have much time to summarize this Ludum Dare so here’s a little review on our game.

Craft a Raft

Craft a raft is a puzzle/action game where you craft your raft to get to your goal without getting drown.
As you move, you can shapeshift it to fit your needs to pass the level,
for example you can transfer one wood to the right to defend you from the coming hit.

What we really like about the game, is that it combines both puzzle and action,
sometimes you have to be quick  and click on the right timing,
and sometimes you have to solve and think how you are going to pass the obstacle.


What went right

  • Thinking on ideas – new method We’ve tried a new method of thinking on a game concept,
    every team member took a paper and doodled his ideas.
    First we gave anyone one hour to come up with his own original ideas, as many ideas as he can come up with.
    Then we went through the ideas, and came up with new ideas inspired by the other team members.
    In the end, we chose our favourite idea, which was Craft a Raft. We had a few more good ideas which we almost picked up :)
    If people will ask we’ll upload the drafts papers.
  • Teamwork we usually have more argues on how and what to do(on the thinking on idea part mainly), this time we didn’t spent many on this, everyone were very satisfied of the idea.
    The only argue we had was how to say ludum dare.
  • Meeting face to face We usually work separately, anyone from his own house, and this time part of us met(the programmers),
    which made a huge difference! It was much more fun, and much more efficient. (And less sleep hours, we didn’t let each other to fall asleep)
  • The game We are very satisfied from what the the game became
  • Taking breaks We went once to a restaurant, it was a short break because we took the food as a takeaway but it was fun to get out of the house for a little to relax and free our mind,
    and it was very tasty! 😛 Also we were suprised when we got to the rastuarant by its look, so much surprised that we were speechless when the waiter approached to us. The restaurant’s look defiantly left a mark on our memory.

What went wrong

  • Too much effort on engine We spended too much time on the map editor,
    we could make much more content in this time
  • Wrong management of sleeping times We waited until the theme will be announced, and hour later went to sleep,
    we should have gone to sleep earlier and wake up when the jam starts.
  • Food preparation many times we were working so hard that we forgot to eat until it was very late,
    and we had to start looking for what and where to eat, next time we’ll think about it ahead.


Future Thoughts

We’re going to continue the game, In fact we’ve already been working on it everyday since the jam and we’ll soon upload what we’ve done 😀
Many bug fixes, screenshakes, more polishing, achievements, saga levels.
We already ported to android, but we have tiny more tweaks to do before we publish the android port.
We also want to add cutscenes, and pickable stars.
There are also many level ideas waiting to be accomplished, we have ideas to new challenging levels that will make you think!
We can’t wait to upload it! We’ll upload it once it’ll be ready, so stay tuned!



Please leave a comment, we’d like to know what you think about the game,
and what we can improve, or if you have any new ideas!
We also included the map editor in the game, so you can publish your own levels to us if you like!

You can visit our tumblr and twitter for more updates.


Play Craft a Raft!


That’s it until next time!
newb craft

Progress :>

Sunday, April 17th, 2016 5:48 pm

Animationday2 by HealTheIll

First Day Progress

Saturday, April 16th, 2016 7:56 pm

SO, first  day is over and we’re kinda satisfied,
We’re making a game where you build and shapeshift your raft to pass obstacles.

Here’s what we have so far:

Map Creation System – Rom:
Made from scratch, using GM physics, surfaces, and shaders *gif is a lil broken*
was really fun, still not perfect but gotta do other stuffs too.
We might let the player blow this sand up
MapCreationExampleLdFirstDay by HealTheIll

Raft Building and shapeshifting system – Tom

the player will be able to shapeshift his raft through the level with items he collects.
Unnamed by HealTheIll

PixelArt Assets – Artur

Music – Kryss (Asaf)


Advices/Suggestions are welcome! :)

Your pick

Saturday, April 16th, 2016 2:38 pm

Who is cuter/better? 😀



We… are..?? IN!!!

Saturday, April 16th, 2016 10:51 am

We have an idea! and we are in for the kill!

Here a rough map of the game sketch for a teaser 😉


Team SUNFURY will rise and shine!

Good Luck for every one :)

Galactic Arena

Sunday, September 14th, 2014 12:22 am

Hello again. It’s our third time compitating LD.
And we’ve enjoyed it as always!
We didn’t have enough time to finish the game this time.
But we might do in the future.. so keep up!
This time, we had a lot of ideas, it was a fun theme.
but we chose a fighting game, style little fighter.
Wish we could do more of the ideas we had :)

Play GA Here

As you can tell by the gif, we put a lot of effort on the animations and the fighting itself.
We’ve tried to make it satisfying and fun.
Check out our previous game, we have updated them(The html5 versions won’t work, it’s a bug in the new chrome update).   :)
Hope you like it!
See you next time :)

WWE|Online MultiPlayer Version!

Sunday, May 18th, 2014 7:13 pm

A brand news!


Forever Alone Snake – NO MORE
We have published an awesome update,
from now on, snake is no more the “forever alone guy” that we all knew from school.
From now on, snake have got himself some new friends, but no one stays friends forever
when only one can win.

In the last week we developed an online version for our game WWE (Worms War Evolution)
It may have some bugs, but it’s still playable :)
All you have to do is to click “Network Game” then “Host”
and tell your friends to connect to your ip/port! (hamachi is the best solution for porting)

Known Bugs:
-When the game is over, everyone will recieve a lovely error. So everyone will have  to re-open the game.
-Bodies may not be exactly at their real place
-The bigger your ping is, the bigger the delay for clients is.


Thank you for following : )
If you didn’t rate our game yet, please do, your votes are important for us!

Enjoy guys!
Let us know what you think, we worked hard on this one !



You can follow Rom’s Blog for more 😉

WWE (Worms War Evolution) – New Bots AI!

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014 1:21 pm

Hello amazing Ludum Dare!


Deep beneath the surface,
there are some worms who only wants to develop and grow,
ofcourse you won’t let them do it by themself…
So this is what you will actually do in our game!


(Leave a friendly comment  :D)

New AI system:

With the new complex undefeatable AI(not realy),
after a real hard time shrinking the brain,
our game is now even more fun and addictive!

It is this kind of game that you play with your friends and
that make your time pass much more easily.

Our progress
We started from quite a newbic game, with not much to do in it..
All you could do was to move lol, due to a high lack of time(we started at the last two hours).
But we knew the game won’t stay this way for long ofcourse 😛
We improoved it a lot as you can guess, and maybe see as well.
Now you can play with friends, move better, grow, use powerups, and play against the computer.
And now our game have got to its end, because we must move on to our next project.

Our insperation was mainly from the theme, snake and curvefever.
but we made it a bit more extreme
with a little bit more insterting graphic, and a more complex

What we have learned
Next time we hope that we will look at the date,
and will start on time.
But except of that, it went pretty smooth,
and we had fun making the game.

We hope to see some comments :)
Rom and Tom.
You can also visit rom’s blog for more us 😉

Golden Hamster: You only get 1 wish

Monday, January 6th, 2014 1:49 pm

Play – Golden Hamster

We are glad and proud to finally post our game here.
We had a hard work on this game, but it was enjoyable and worthy.

What we’ve learned
So we’ve learned quite a lot since it is our first ludum dare game.
The quite obvious thing is that we learned to manage our time much better,
since we had much less time than we normally do.
and we certainly didn’t manage it well, but next time we sure will, or at least better than this time.

Also, we learned to make music(mostly with the software sunvox and bfxr),
it was quite fun, and I hope that you like the results.

About the game

It took us way more time than what it should to come up with the idea.
But at the end we have compromised about something that both of us
liked enough.

As we saw in the comments, some haven’t understood how the idea
is related to the theme, in short the theme is
“You Only Get One”
So we tohught about “You only get one wish”,
and the first thing that pop up in our mind,
is golden fish, but it was too banaly, so the best replacemt for
fish is obviously an hamster.
And as you would see in the game, every end of wave
the golden hamster will give only one wish.

The progress and the team
We are a team of three people who worked quite a lot together, but one of us couldn’t practicate(the designer) so we
practicated without him. It made us change the structure of the team and how we worked,
because Rom is usually the main programmer, and now he did relatively
less programming so he would have time to design.
By the end, it was a fun experiement, and we are proud of the results.

Rom – did all the painting and the design, and part of the programming.
You can see his blog here:
Tom – did most of the programming, and most of the sounds.

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