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Posted by (twitter: @Rodrigo_Motta)
Monday, April 20th, 2015 9:30 pm

This Fart of Mine is a endless jump game with horrible war mood (just joking, is an hilarious game) and an amazing character: a fat soldier and your singular weapon. Try jump over and over to save the soldier from war. Share with your friends.

* Addicted gameplay;
* Amazing graphics;
* Lovely hero;
* Fucking airplane vilain;
* Funny sound effects;
* Cool soundtrack;
* Personal ranking;
* Quotes about to fart;
* Beautiful interfaces;
* Share on Twitter!






League of MiniHeroes Day 2

Posted by (twitter: @Rodrigo_Motta)
Sunday, December 7th, 2014 6:36 pm

Logo and chars

So, finish day two for us. Our game is a MOBA game in one screen. It’s a old idea and we decide to do in this Ludum Dare. We think gonna try make a local co-op game, like a party game, but we decide to do a real online game, up do six players in the arena.


First design

Our game in day 2

Our game in day 2

We test the multiplayer and make a little video here.

Ş – Post-Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @Rodrigo_Motta)
Saturday, May 4th, 2013 6:10 am

This was our third Ludum Dare and it was the one in which we had to manage the most crisis yet. In the first Ludum Dare we made the game Allel (Top 30) and in the second we made the game Kill The Hero (5th in graphics). With the theme being minimalism, we searched for numerous references and interpretations of it. We decided to look at all aspects of a game in a minimalist way (mechanical, aesthetic, etc.).

Inspired by several recent movies and games addressing it, we decided to take a view on time travel, alternate realities and the links between them. It’s complicated. But we used it in a minimalist and symbolic form. To tell a great story in a minimalist way.

   He fell in love with a girl. 
   She had been dead for years. 
   But he did not give up. 

Minimalist game. Minimalist commands. Minimalist graphics. BIG Story.

A Minimalistic Adventure in Time.

* Great Story; 
* Innovative take on time travel; 
* Cool minimalistic graphics; 
* Amazing 8bit versions of 4 famous songs; 
* Experimental game logic;

>> Play Online

>> Rate the Game


Mechanics: In terms of mechanics the game is a platformer with minimalism in its controls and also in its challenges which are basically the exploration, interpretation of icons, minimal quests and mouse clicks. The innovative aspect is to see the dimensions all on the same screen and to control the character in various situations, with a link between them.

Aesthetics: The aesthetic part of the game was really enjoyable. Simple as it is, it was very fun to think of graphics, scenarios, characters and icons in a minimalist form. We are used to more elaborate graphics and to make use of this perspective was very fun. We used familiar songs to reference the time where each level takes part.

Story: The part in which we had the most fun was certainly when we were creating a mean to tell a great story in a minimalist way. This little story can make the player travel through many interpretations and  we ourselves are willing to further explore this setting.

Technology: We used Photoshop for all graphics. The game was developed in Construct2 and there was a little work to control all the actions of the narrative, besides the 5 “screens” at the same time. One cool thing that we had never used before was the full screen.

>> Click here to download the concept document (Portuguese).

>> See the complete journal.


Rodrigo Motta (Design, Direction, Art); Cesar Augusto (Programmer); Bana Gilda (Art); William Polleto (Musics); Trigueiro Jr (Animation).

The Good: To have met a new artist (Bana Gilda) and a new musician (William Poletto). To have achieved the goal of creating a minimalist game in all aspects. To have presented a vision about time travel, alternate realities and the lives of those traveling between them. To have been able to generate an interpretation of the story. To have shown that it is possible to insert great narratives in short games. To have one more game concept that we are sure that can be evolved into a much more complex game.

The Bad: We think that even following the theme, the game may seem a bit poor when in fact there was a lot of conceptual work involved. The initial plan was to work more on the animations, to not be minimalist on them, but our animator had little time. There was still one more element in the narrative, they were the time-police, which we’ll add later.

Walkthrough #SPOILER #ALERT

Initial Feedback: We did it! According to the initial feedback we realized that we were not crazy. Our idea has something unique in terms of mechanics, narrative and graphics were greatly respected by everyone. We displayed the game to several people and all of them saw something artistic and innovative in it! 😉

“Cool use of theme!”
“Quite artistic game!”
“Very nice and well polished.”
“Very unique gameplay.”
“It’s cool to see people using browser tech at its best.”

Ş – Second Day: Art, Music and Prototype

Posted by (twitter: @Rodrigo_Motta)
Sunday, April 28th, 2013 12:47 pm

In the second day we work to finalize the game assets. The game scenarios, representing different eras were made by Bana Gilda was really nice to meet her and rely on her talent. Now we are working on the details that will make the game levels, plus some animations to make the scenarios more vivid.

Captura de Tela 2013-04-28 às 16.32.07

Minimalist Scenarios by Bana Gilda

William Poletto worked on the game music, which are actually “8 bit” versions of 4 famous songs. Our programmer, Cesar, slept through the night and is now trying to finish the game mechanics related to the character’s death. Until then, this is our team at this Ludum Dare:


Rodrigo Motta (Direction, Design, Art), Cesar (Programmer), Bana Gilda (Art), William Poletto (Music), Trigueiro Jr (Animation).

Ş – First Night: Prototype

Posted by (twitter: @Rodrigo_Motta)
Saturday, April 27th, 2013 5:44 pm

In the early evening of the first day, we get 50% of our prototype provided. The night will be long. But we were happy because the plans for the prototype were achieved. We managed to create our basic time travel … including visual effects. Yeah!


First Prototype: Time Travel with Visual Effects

I met a couple in a Facebook group which will help us in the soundtrack and art (cool these events where everyone helps everyone). However, I still set how to be minimalist art of the game.

Captura de Tela 2013-04-27 às 17.45.31

The Minimalist Art work in progress.

I will continue developing the levels and part of “role play” in our RPG while watching the UFC Jones x Sonnen. LOL. Now women have fight. LOL.


Holy shit. Women fight on TV.

Ş – First Day: Sketches

Posted by (twitter: @Rodrigo_Motta)
Saturday, April 27th, 2013 1:19 pm

Our third Ludum Dare. Yeah. Again, the theme is pretty cool, but we are not a complete team and it can be a problem. For now I’m doing art and design, and Cesar will program. The others are still missing. At the time of theme release I was at a bar and then slept. I woke up freaked out at 3 AM and started to sketch an idea. Did it still in bed using a stylus pen in Galaxy Note. It was cool to do this test. So, our first day was the improvement of the idea and the definitions of the prototype to be implemented tonight, while I work on art.


Well, our game called “Ş” will be a small RPG with some relation to time travel, with minimalist graphics and commands to tell a “great” story. Our goal is to tell a stylized story, but that it can be understood or interpreted correctly.

Kill the Hero – Post-Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @Rodrigo_Motta)
Monday, January 7th, 2013 11:50 am

screenshot1Play Kill the Hero

I think this must be the latest post-mortem of Ludum Dare, written on the last voting day. LoL. Well, this is our second entry in Ludum Dare, the first time we created the game Allel and now we created Kill the Hero. We were very happy with the result we got. Compared to the first time, our team worked faster and commited fewer mistakes. We started doing the game with a certain delay, since Saturday night, but we managed to finish it on time.

teamMotta (Design, Art, Direction)  Trigueiro (Animation)  Cesar (Programmer)

In our game you play a villain that can put traps in the path of a goofball hero who tries to save his girlfriend. It was like a puzzle tower defense, because the hero has an artificial intelligence and you must combine traps to kill him (he’ll know how to evade some traps). In this project are working: Rodrigo (game design, art direction), Trigueiro (animation), Cesar (programming) and Ramon (sound).

prototype_1The first prototype

We weren’t going to participate in this Ludum Dare because we were all too busy with university-related tasks. But we thought the theme was so cool that we got inspired. We had the idea on Saturday lunchtime while drinking beer. We left quickly for a prototype. If this prototype was made sooner we would’ve joined the jam. And that’s what happened. We managed to finish a working prototype pretty quickly and then we began to design the levels and create the entire assets of art, animation and sound.

  • Story: With a theme “You’re the Villain” a villain who put difficulties in the hero’s life. In introduction of the game we show the villain circumstances, which he hates the hero him, being his motivation. I missed drawing the we quickly put ourselves in the position of In introduction of the game we show the for no reason at all and that nobody likes villain, see your face.
  • Aesthetics: All art was developed in vector (Illustrator), to facilitate the animation and the aesthetics were inspired by pulp heroes, with a retro visual, much like the classic Superman. The art was really influenced by the works of Genndy Tartakovsky and recent the recent game Mutant Blobs Attack for the PSVita. The animations were also well thought out to give some personality to the hero and his girlfriend (I loved the swing of her breasts).
  • Mechanics: Here’s a tricky point of the game. We learned that to succeed this game the hero has to have a very good  artificial intelligence (get rid of the traps) and that there should be a smart level design (with various combinations of traps). Moreover, the problem we faced with the drag and drop was crucial for people to love or hate the game. We could not let the players put traps too close to the hero, had a sandbox, but it seems that some people do not understand this … or we really need to find a way to improve the response of the hero before he reach the traps. In any case, we conclude that this game will be much better if played on touchscreens, dragging the traps by hand … I think it will be much better than using the mouse.
  • Technology: The Construct2 increasingly firm among us as the best tool for rapid prototyping. Obviously it has its  limitations but we generally managed to do a lot with it. Two points regarding technology in this project: to make the hero have a certain artificial intelligence and we also added to the screen an effect of noise to make it looks like an old TV … but this effect does not work in some browsers, it is necessary to have WebGL.

What we’ve learned: First and most important, we are working faster and faster as a team, this is really good. We’ve also learned a bit more of Construct2 and how to prepare our assets when they are made from vectors. In terms of game design it was cool to imagine the potential of this kind of mechanics, when we have time to think about everything. Being an evil villain, and doing evil things is pretty fun … not really the literal evil, just a stylized evil, as you saw on the game. This kind of evil is fun. We also learned a bit about the frustration of the players in the game regarding the controls (I’ll talk about this below).

  • The Good: First, we have one more game. This is the most important and cool. The game art and animations that were really cool and have created an identity for the game. We also think the game was pretty fun, for those who struggled a bit, to be fast and well used drag and drop saw is really fun. And it is a kind of game you can create many behaviors for the hero and new traps (fun and sadistic) for the game. This is not a frenetic action game, but a puzzle game, but with a limited time to solve it.
  • The Bad: According to the feedback we’ve received we have seen the worst of the game were the controls … that damned drag and drop that does not work as it should. The fact is that when we put the traps too close to the Hero he died easily, so we had to put a safety area to be on the pitfalls … many people did not understand and could not play it right. In fact, for this game to work, we need the hero’s response to be immediate and we need to tell the player that he can not just throw traps on the top of the hero, but on his way

This is another one of those projects that you start to get crazy and want to do something more with it. We have thought of several new things: different heroes with different behaviors, different traps, larger levels walking with the screen and even more than one hero at the same time on the screen, making it fun. And yes, we believe in that on touchscreen devices game works better, we just need to test a few things.

[KILL THE] HERO – Day 1 and 2

Posted by (twitter: @Rodrigo_Motta)
Sunday, December 16th, 2012 3:50 pm

We are participating in the Ludum Jam. We’ve started quite late because we’re all really busy this week. But yesterday I had that idea and we quickly got a prototype. In this project are working: Rodrigo (game design, art, direction), Trigueiro (animation), Cesar  (programming) and Ramon (sound).

Team: Rodrigo Motta, Trigueiro J, Cesar Augusto

In our game, we have a hero who tries to save his girlfriend. Our goal, as good villains, is to destroy him. But our hero has an artificial intelligence and he will try to solve some challenges alone … so the challenge for anyone who plays is to combine challenges to destroy the hero.

heroThe Hero: You need hate him. ;D

On the first day, in addition to designing the game and the basic challenges, we’ve developed a prototype overnight where almost everything has worked. But not everything is complete, there’s still a lot of things missing.

prototype_1The First Prototype.

In parallel to the development of the game, we’ve started the creation of all the art, basically a scenario, two characters and items that will be used in the game. We’ve decided to choose a more stylized art.

artwork_completeThe  artwork almost complete.

Now we are working on the animations and getting ready to put it all together. Ah, the soundtrack is also being made.


Animation frame.

ALLEL gameplay video.

Posted by (twitter: @Rodrigo_Motta)
Tuesday, August 28th, 2012 6:26 am

Here is a gameplay video of our game Allel for Ludum Dare # 24 Jam (the player is very bad!). Enjoy.


ALLEL is done! (for now) ;D

Posted by (twitter: @Rodrigo_Motta)
Monday, August 27th, 2012 5:39 pm

This afternoon we finished Allel, our Ludum Dare game. These final moments was stressful because we could not make the enemies mechanics correctly, and the leaderboards was breaking the game. But anyway, I think the result was excellent. The basic mechanics are complete. The game is a microscopic evolution shooter, frenetic and fun. Everyone will love to play. Enjoy it! =)

* Cool graphics and animations;
* Frenetic gameplay;
* Balancing to play forever and ever;
* Original soundtrack;

ALLEL, day 2: all assets done. Lets AI and ranking.

Posted by (twitter: @Rodrigo_Motta)
Saturday, August 25th, 2012 4:49 pm

So, this is the end of the second day of our first Ludum Dare. Today we worked a lot. We completed all art assets, animations, interface, soundtrack and sound effects (thanks freesound.org). The prototype already has basic mechanicals and we are concerned about the effect that we put on the scenario, but it was beautiful. Now (tonight and tomorrow) will to polish the gameplay, especially the enemies artificial intelligence and balance the game. This game will be a little bit difficult to play, we think perhaps the ideal for this game was play it with two analog directional joystick. Here are some pictures of our day:

Rodrigo: Game Design, Art, Animations and Sound Editing. Cesar: Programmer.

Allel: Opening Screen

Allel: Basic Prototype.

Allel: Rodrigo work in animated background.

ALLEL: Open Screen and WIP

Posted by (twitter: @Rodrigo_Motta)
Friday, August 24th, 2012 10:27 pm

First day in own first Ludum Dare. Concepts, sketches and some work.

Open screen and logo for “Allel”:

Work in progress:


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