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Shapeshifter: TKSW – POST MORTEM

Posted by (twitter: @Rixud)
Sunday, April 30th, 2017 3:58 pm




This is my second game jam, my second game at all !!!. My goal was the same as in the last Ludum Dare, learn, have at the end of the weekend something that I can call MY GAME! and of course, get feedback and comments on my game, and improve thanks to it! I had worked alone in this game, made with Unity and visual Studio for scripts, all “3D Models” are made with Unity basic geometry and sound effects recorded with my phone with no edit (i had help from my girlfriend making noises on the phone).

  • What went right?

– Finish another game
–  I managed to complete the levels and the amount of powers that i planned from the beginning
– Not much more

  • What should improve?

– Learn some 3D modeling and Animating (just spheres and squares deformed aren’t that good looking  )
– Particles Systems (was my first time working with it)
– General control feeling (Jump Force / Gravity / Speed / Camera Rotation)
– Camera Collision (this was on my “to do” list since friday night )
– Add background sound/music
– Tutorial or In-Game Hints (Some people cant pass some levels / Read Spoiler Section if you get stuck)

  • What can i learn from the experience?

– Maybe “Unity terrains” is not the best for platformers
– Planning more time to polish and make game look better (like add more stuff in the scene)
– what more? let me know on Twitter

My First Game Jam

Posted by (twitter: @Rixud)
Monday, December 19th, 2016 8:19 pm

Hello, I want to tell my experience of my first Ludum Dare, my first Game Jam at all…. really my first “complete” game.

Since this January I had seen some Unity videos, complete some tutorials and online courses of Game Developing and Designs, I put myself a challenge, participate in a game jam this year to put a test what I learned, and well what better time than the last Ludum Dare of the year.


My weekend didn’t start smoothly, although I was attentive of the theme announcement, I can’t start till saturday at night, I was outside my home, and had some tasks to do before I can dive in the jam. Yes I know, it is my fault for bad time management. Other problems of the weekend were bad connection and a couple of power outages (yes, I live in a third world country), despite this small bumps, I managed to finish my entry. When I say “finish” and my first “complete game” I mean, my first game with “Menu Screen” and the only one you can download and play it… I had many projects in unity, all derived from tutorials and smalls prototypes. Although I am proud of everything I learned and performed, I am proud I can call this MY FIRST GAME, hope the first of many…



Toy Robot: The Room Defender, was the name I picked for this simple FPS, you only objective is kill as many bug as you can in 2 minutes. Far the shoot more points you can earn.

I made it alone… (jajaja Golden Star for me :D)

  • “3D models” are Cubes/Spheres/Cylinders from Unity
  • Sounds are from http://soundbible.com
  • Font are from  http://www.fontspace.com



If you have time and are in the mood, please play and rate my game, all feedback are welcome, comment as hard as you need to. I know is simple, i know is lacking in many aspects, and i know some of you can do it better in a couple of hours. This is exactly why I want to participate, I want to improve and learn more…. Im only asking for 2 minutes of your time for playing it, and a couple more for giveme a feedback… thanks you all!!!


If u want to follow me on Twitter and give me some advice, more feedback or telling me what was your high score!

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