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I’m in!

Posted by (twitter: @riv_roy)
Monday, April 11th, 2016 12:14 pm

This LD I will be going solo and participating in the compo (hopefully)

I’ll be using


Best of luck to everyone else!

Star Fuel – Post Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @riv_roy)
Friday, September 5th, 2014 7:23 pm

THIS  is our 2nd entry for Ludem Dare Jam and we decided to write a short post-mortem on our thoughts and experiences.


  • Complete a functional (and fun) prototype of a game adhering to LD30’s theme.
  • Create a Starfox-esque arena battle game

What went well

  • The ship controls are fluid and intuitive.
  • Atmosphere feels grand and otherworldly
  • Music pairs well with the action
  • Gameplay feels fair albeit unforgiving

What could have gone better

  • We would have liked to have more varied combat, flying enemies, different types of things for the player to zip and dodge around.
  • The game is quite unforgiving. To balance it, we’d want to implement a player health system, possibly checkpoints.
  • Mouse isn’t stuck to the game window, so there were reports of players accidentally clicking away from the game. While fullscreen mode would help solve this problem, we’d need to change the way the cursor works in general to get rid of this issue altogether.

Thoughts on this Ludem Dare Jam


This jam went really well! As this was my first experience with 3D modeling, I spent a good chunk of my time learning the tools, and fixing my silly mistakes. Luckily, now I know the tools (to an extent), and have a semi-solid workflow for creating basic models, and then texturing them.

Audio was very functional, but nothing special. If we decide to iterate on the prototype to make a full game, I’d want to create more obvious and unique cues for enemy fire, goal completion, and improve on the player ship’s thrusters.


I had fun participating this Ludem Dare, I feel like my teamwork with Tim has improved greatly since the last LD

In the game itself we had to shrink down the player ship A LOT, when next  to the terrain or buildings you’re like an ant in comparison.  This was done to create a massive world feeling and had the effect of appearing to travel fast and long distance while only moving a tiny amount.

The ship controls and movement  is actually fairly simple and was a quick way to imitate a rail shooter. It consists of a camera acting as the main movement piece and following a long combination of the ship, targeting reticules, and a giant plane mesh collider which was used for steering. The collection of objects always pointed towards the mouses world position projected on a plane and  the camera simply moved forward and rotated  towards where the collection was pointing in world space. The issue with using this is I didn’t have time to make a system to keep the mouse in screen on the web build. Overall though I’m happy with the result and I hope to participate in the next LD.


Our Game

If you want to check out our LD30 page you can find it HERE , and a direct link to our game over HERE

Any comments or feedback are appreciated greatly and we hope you enjoy playing it!

Who we are

Mark Swick –  Programmer who began as a hobbyist and started pursuing it as a career. Currently working on unannounced titles while a college student.

Tim Rurkowski – Composer/sound designer with 3 years of experience who has previously worked on titles such as Six Sided Sanctuary, 10 Second Ninja, Dudeski, and Two Epic Tortoises. He dabbles in game design, tortoises, and art on the side.


Tools used

Unity3d – Engine
Blender – 3D modeling
GIMP – Texture editing
Logic Pro 9 – Music Composition/Sound Design
ProTools 11 – Sound Design

riv_roy and trurkowski are entering

Posted by (twitter: @riv_roy)
Thursday, August 21st, 2014 7:59 pm

Hi! myself (@riv_roy) and Tim (@Trurkowski) are entering the jam.


Our tools are

Unity3D – Engine

MonoDevelop – IDE

GIMP – Image/ Texture Creation

Logic – Music Composition / Audio

Pro-Tools – Audio Editing / Recording

Blender – 3D Animation / Modeling


possibly using iTween also: http://itween.pixelplacement.com/


We wish the best of luck to everyone and happy jamming!

Im In -Roy

Posted by (twitter: @riv_roy)
Thursday, April 24th, 2014 7:13 am

Hi I’m Roy and I’ll be joining this LDjam

I’ll be using:


and maybe ill try some of the ludem offered sound

also i may/may not be using some code from the unitycommunitywiki

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