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Local Multiplayer GameList

Posted by (twitter: @Rodaja_es)
Wednesday, December 14th, 2016 1:44 pm


Hi, I know I’m not the most persistent person ever, but some might remember earlier editions of this list.

The thing is: most of us play and vote LD games on our own, so local multiplayer games have a hard time getting noticed, and then if you gather a group to play, you’ll find most games aren’t local multiplayer.

My solution is, then, to make a list of local multiplayer games (either with or without a single player mode) to give them a chance at being played as they’re supposed to be played.

Other times I’ve made the list as a post, but that’s very time consuming to me and not that great for the games, either, so this time I’ve made a GoogleSheet thing you all can edit in this here link.

I just made the list so there’s just one (my) game on it, but I’ll do a quick search to keep adding games to it, I just wanted it to be here so I can just go around playing games and adding the local multi ones I find on my way.

Full disclosure: I’ve made the first game on that list.

Please don’t mess with the thing.

Thank you all! <3

The remainders…

Posted by (twitter: @Rodaja_es)
Tuesday, December 15th, 2015 10:41 am

Well, there’s that. We survived another Ludum Dare and it’s time to play and vote all of the other entries, so let me tell you a little about our game and how the jam went for us:

remainders 34


It took us more than half a day to come up with a game to make, the tie in themes didn’t make it easy to narrow down which way to go. We eventually settled for just the theme “Two button controls”, as it made us think of faster games.



Once that was settled we thought of making a game about avoiding stuff coming at you. We remembered our childhood game StarGoose, and decided to somehow pay it tribute.

The main thing we took was the levels being a continuous loop. So you have to take gems, but if you miss them, they’re not gone forever, you just have to survive another loop to get another try.

The limit of two buttons meant you would only avoid things, and not shoot them, so we thought pressing both could be a bit of a desperate move to avoid some things. That’s where the jump comes from.



We’ve been improving our low/flat poly aesthetics and can proudly claim our game is really pretty.

As an early visual decision, the player and all “good” stuff is triangular, to imply speed and intrusion, while the enemies and environment would be squared (settled and heavy). And this type of geometrical simplification seems to go really well with the style and allowed us to create a lot of different props that go well and their part in the game makes visual sense.

We had a collaboration for the sound and music from @parejomusic. He’s a great professional and made some great stuff. We’re specially happy with the music. Instead of it just being one track, it is separated into different layers, which activate according to the game state. It’s pretty cool.

This is also our first game featuring some introductory in-game story text, and I’m really happy about the way it came out.



As I mentioned, we had a lot of trouble coming up with a game idea at the start of the jam, so a lot of time went into that, and it shows on how the level design was barely tested at all.

The jump mechanic seemed a better idea before the enemies and life system where in, and we missed measuring the heights of some of the baddies, so there’s a lot of things you should be able to jump that you can’t, and the game fails to show you which are which.

We went a little overboard with the lights, blurs and particle effects, so there were performance issues on some computers (we did a lighter build without many of these, so you can at least play the game, even if it doesn’t look that good).

We failed to do some small silly things, like making the little square mines be on the floor instead of clipping through it, but who doesn’t have this type of thing in a jam game?

remainders 34



Even if it’s not a local multiplayer game, we’re definitely happy with how the game turned out. Sure there are things to fix, but it is the game we wanted to make and really hope you enjoy it. You can play it here.

We’re in!

Posted by (twitter: @Rodaja_es)
Friday, December 11th, 2015 8:17 pm


We’re doing this! Jam, as we always do (we’re a team, after all).

We missed the last one but it’s now way too long since we did our last jam not to participate this time.

I don’t know if I’ll have the time right after this, but I’m thinking of making a tumblr or some kind of page to host the lists of local multiplayer games from Ludum Dare that we like to keep. We’ve done a couple in posts here, but I think they get too lost in the hurricane of activity this becomes during and after the jam, hence my wanting to do it externally.

Does anyone have a better option or should I go for a tumblr?

Traditional List of LocalMultiplayer LD Games #32

Posted by (twitter: @Rodaja_es)
Tuesday, April 21st, 2015 9:59 am

Hello folks!

So, we’re the kind of people that make a tradition in two days, so since we did it last LD, we’re doing it again this time around.

If you’ve made a local multiplayer game for LD you will probably notice that most people playing and rating games are doing so alone. The objective of this list is for it to be a reference for the people who play and rate in groups to play this games and even out the love they receive.

Feel free to send local multiplayer games my way (e-mail them to Alberto@rodaja.es or just link in the comments) and please say if it’s local multiplayer only, if it’s for 2 or more people, and if it has an AI or something you can play alone.


Local Multiplayer Only


Area Weapon Domination







Box Wars










Disco of Thrones





2 Players Only




Duke Newton



Precipitation Predicament



Tug of Warlords



Bookshelf Brawl



Brendan Lehman



Fish Fencing



Food Fight



Love Worm



Smash Drones



Terraform Junction VS







Vending Vengeance







Write Fite


Dueling Time, Sir!


Lunar Combat


Nuclear Space Buckets


Go Shoot Yourself





Better in Local Multiplayer



Get Rich!



Cucumbers Shall Not Pass






Noodle Kombat



Off to the races



Get back to work!









Super SALT Helmet



Also, if I made a game isn’t propperly categorized please point it out so I can fix it.

Enjoy your games in company!

The perfect games for the holidays!

Posted by (twitter: @Rodaja_es)
Wednesday, December 24th, 2014 6:05 am

’tis the time for family gathering and over eating, but… what do you do afterwards?

  • Talk about what you’re doing with your life? nuh-uh
  • Ask what’s some far relative doing with theirs? nuh-uh


They’re the perfect type of game to play these days. Either you love your siblings, nieces or nephews, so you play local co-op games, or you hate your in-laws, so you beat their asses in local competitive games.

The thing is you need local multiplayer games for these days, and you’re in luck. I’ve made a little compilation of local multiplayer games from LD31 (full disclosure: the first game in the list is ours) for you to have fun with and give love at a time where they’re more likely to be played (because it’s heartbreaking to see so many times local multiplayer games neglected or missrepresented by people streaming or commenting who don’t have a second player at hand).

So, without further ado:

Platform 31



Demon’s trial



Raptor Polo



Snowman Sumo

Snowman Sumo menu


Contact Cowboy

Contact Cowboy


Cube Shooter 31

CubeShooter 31


Hockey Slash



Robe Wars

Robe wars


Santa’s Seasonal Slayfest

Santas seasonal slayfest


Chronokicker 202K



No more boxes



The Cubenator

The cubenator




Lump of Butter

Lump of butter

Extreme Stick Fighter Ultimate 3i

Extreme stick fighter ultimate 3i


Boom Blade Battle Brigade

Boom blade Battle Brigade





Hyper Soccer

Hyper Soccer

Swat Team

Swat team









Space Melee

Space Melee


TV Top

TV Top


Sliding Dodos

Sliding dodos


Snowman Race

Snowman race



Now I may have (I sure have) missed some local multiplayer games from LD31, so if you made one or know of one that isn’t listed here please comment this post or reach me at @rodaja_es through Twitter and I’ll add it to the list (and we’ll play and vote it).

Platform 31 won an award!

Posted by (twitter: @Rodaja_es)
Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 5:06 am
Granada Gaming people's choice award

Granada Gaming people’s choice award

Hello fellow Ludum Darians, we’re extremely excited to tell you we’ve spent the weekend presenting our LD31 game at a games festival in Granada, a beautiful city at the south of Spain, called Granada Gaming.

People waited in line to play it, they’d come back for a rematch, and they even had a little king of the hill thing at a time. We were amazed and immensely happy.

Rodaja holding the Granada Gaming public award for their LD31 game Platform 31

Rodaja holding the Granada Gaming people’s choice award for their LD31 game Platform 31

The most amazing thing is that when the visitors had the chance to cast a vote for their favourite game of the show most chose Platform 31. So Platform 31 won the people’s choice award! You can see us in the picture above as happy as tired, as the ceremony was held late at night after a whole day of hard work at the show.

We want to thank everyone who came by (we know for a fact some of them also made a game for LD31, so come forth, people) and Ludum Dare itself, as we never would have made this game without it.

If you want to see what the fuzz it’s all about, you can play and rate the game here: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-31/?action=preview&uid=29557


Platform 31

Posted by (twitter: @Rodaja_es)
Tuesday, December 9th, 2014 10:23 am


Hello everyone!

Here’s our Entire Game in One Screen game. It’s a multiplayer top-down shooter about robots shooting one another at a train station. Trains pass by, giving cover, and dropping some of their powerful weaponry cargo.

You need two player to play it properly, and you can use controllers for maximun enjoyment.


It was our third Ludum Dare, the second with our awesome sound designer and composer Madcap. We’ve come a long way since our first and believe LudumDare to be one of the most important events in our learning process.

Team work really came together this time around, we had lists, everyone knew what to do, and we rested and ate well (our programmer even got to play Skyrim for the calm bits). Goes to show how effective organization can really change the way you go about a game jam.

An early implementation of the basic mechanics allowed us some time to pay attention to detail, and things show they’ve been made with care.

We’ve had a great time making it and hope you do too playing it.



¡Hola a todos!

Aquí está nuestro juego entero en una sola pantalla. Es un juego multijugador shooter con cámara cenital. Va de robots envueltos en un tiroteo en medio de una estación de trenes. Los trenes pasan de largo, proporcionando cobertura y dejando caer parte de su cargamento de poderosas armas.

Se necesitan dos jugadores para jugarlo correctamente, y se pueden usar mandos para disfrutar al máximo.


Es nuestro tercer Ludum Dare, el segundo con nuestro increíble diseñador de sonido y músico Madcap. Hemos mejorado mucho desde nuestra primera vez y creemos que Ludum Dare es uno de los eventos más importantes en nuestro proceso de aprendizaje.

El trabajo en equipo se ha gestionado muy bien esta vez, teníamos listas, todo el mundo sabía lo que tenía que hacer, descansamos y comimos bien (nuestro programador incluso jugaba al Skyrim en ratitos de descanso). Ahí se nota cómo una buena organización puede cambiar la manera de tomarse una game jam.

Pudimos tener las mecánicas básicas de juego funcionando muy pronto, lo que nos dio tiempo para prestarle atención a los detalles, y en el resultado se nota que las cosas se han hecho con mimo.

Nos lo hemos pasado genial haciéndolo y esperamos que vosotros lo paséis igual jugándolo.


We’re in!

Posted by (twitter: @Rodaja_es)
Friday, December 5th, 2014 7:52 am

Having given a talk about starting up as indie devs where we encouraged everyone to attempt LudumDare we couldn’t possibly not do it ourselves.

We want to remind everybody that rested minds and hidrated and well fed bodies perform better, so do the thing to be those things.

And most of all have fun everyone!

Rodaja is in again

Posted by (twitter: @Rodaja_es)
Friday, April 25th, 2014 1:35 pm

After our first time in LD28 Rodaja is back for the 72h jam. This time with the help of musician and sound designer Madcap (will link to his page when he gets one).

As last time, we’re working with the free version of Unity, Illustrator and we might introduce some 3d modelled in Blender.

Enjoy the jam and make great games for us to play.

Good luck!

Climb the Teide!

Posted by (twitter: @Rodaja_es)
Monday, December 16th, 2013 7:39 pm

Well the game’s up and you can play it here http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-28/?action=preview&uid=29557

It’s our first game ever and Jam and it’s been a great time.

Climb the Teide and put the one and only cap on it before it sneezes.


TeyDe screen04

Lots of bugs and things to fix. You can beat the whole level, even thought the webplayer hides some platforms on the left of the screen. Sometimes greed will take over a character and won’t throw the cap. Just keep trying will walking from one platform to the other, he’ll eventually cave in.

Hope you enjoy!

Te y De

Posted by (twitter: @Rodaja_es)
Saturday, December 14th, 2013 5:23 pm

So here’s a bit of a mash of the pretty pictures I’ve been working on. Code’s already starting to get written and we’re trying to figure out what to do with sound.

Probably gonna change the language button (not a button yet, just a mock-up) to something else, but not sure to what. Any ideas? should it just say “English” or is it alright the way it is (it’s the thing that says “Idioma”)?


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