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Klangwelt: Post-LD Version in the works

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Thursday, December 31st, 2015 5:01 pm

Since our LD project “Klangwelt“, in which you grow a musical world, was done, we’ve been getting fantastic feedback. However there are still some small issues in the usability, so here’s what we are planning to do in the next weeks:

Klangwelt Screenshot


  • Rewrite the controls completely – instead of keyboard input, we’ll use mouse and touch input
  • Add more objects
  • Add chord-playing-objects
  • Add some mechanic for unlocking objects (progress)
  • Add settings for the sandbox mode (e.g. seasons on/off, auto-generate objects on start etc.)
  • Improve the calculation that locks certain notes from being played to restrict disharmonies
  • Add more ways of learning how harmonies work during play (e.g. scale-visualizations, map-overlays, tutorials, maybe some learning-mode that slowly teaches you harmonies)
  • Make a mobile version for tablets – pay-to-play, no in-app-payments

Thanks for playing and giving such good feedback. Remember, you can still rate & play Klangwelt here.

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