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…and the tale of The Long Overdue Sleep!

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Tuesday, August 27th, 2013 6:09 am



So, the game is complete, im getting some great feedback and reccomendations for future dev, but as it stands im happy with what i submitted, just wish Unity and my plugins hadnt crashed so often, and maybe id have got more done!

Really enjoying browsing the games on here too, a good majority are really creative and different so I know what I’ve got planned for the rest of my day 😀

anyway, the post mortem essay, of which im condensing to bullet point format:


  • Design stage: so i sat down for like 3 hoursbrainstorming sidescroller mechanics and top down shooter ideas, even had a fps at one point. Then I sat with cuppa tea and cig staring at my bookshelf where a rubix cube lay, thinking of the good old simple addictive games like snake and pacman, and yh this game idea just suddenly occurred, That was like full steam ahead moment!
  • ARRRT: I spent the entire of the first day designing / blocking out the meshes! I Knew I only had really 5 objects in the game so i really wanted them to be crisp. Ive had good feedback on that so GG!
  • CODE!: The many codes happened, my favourite was the raising and lowering of mazes and the customisable lengths of time in which levels pan out. Made it so the longer you play the more maze / puzzles you experience, randomly evolving etc. I think its a cool mechanic makes for almost a memory puzzle game on the slow level, and a hectic dash int he fast level! happy with how it all turned out!
  • reaching deadlines: awww yh, best feeling! Those last moments when everything goes wrong, the red errors occur from things outside of your control and your like “WHY NOW” lol, but all worked in the end and was a relief!


  • Time management: I think i may have spent too long designing on paper! I have tonnes of ideas for what i can ADD to the game, but obviously, if id just thought of those things while modelling i would have actually implemented them xD
  • Backing Up: Had a few golden moments of failure where ive edited some content or some code and im like…wait shit, wheres the NOOOOOooooo, so yh, next time, 1 backup per build!

THE FUTURE….and beyond!:

  • Expect Turrets
  • and high score tables
  • height difference
  • expansive levels / campaign
  • online cash shop (woah…wait…thats a lie 😉
  • more levels
  • more guns (working guns would be a start, as i never actually coded it in 😛 )
  • ALL the enemies!!
  • possibly procedural puzzle generator using raytraces to calculate whether there is a usable paaaaath! (thats a big maybe!)
  • more fun
  • more frustration
  • better audio (and more annoying audio!)
  • all the mission objectives!
  • more explosions! Everyone loves explosions!

So yh, i had fun, im on a high, time to play and rate some more awesome games, first LD…Greaaaaat Succeeeesss!

IT IS DONE! Go play Until Death now, its addictive ;)

Posted by
Monday, August 26th, 2013 7:24 pm

Heres a web player port i just uploaded so we can all enjoy the bomb diffusal simulator, with aptly annoying music!




Woooo! So that was fun!

so, that happend

Posted by
Monday, August 26th, 2013 6:03 pm

just about to excute after setting up final bits of splash menu screen, and plugin decides to fail! breaking my entire project, will try and fix this beofre the hours up!



Posted by
Monday, August 26th, 2013 5:18 pm

Really gotta get rid of the placeholder bomb!

But UI GUYS….UI!…sweet…sweet…UI..zzzzzzz 😛

damnplaceholder GO splash2

So i have this, and lotsa funky code, ill be finishing it, could maybe submit for the jam..but i did it on my own xD


having fun though so gonna keep going =]

le ship is done!

Posted by
Sunday, August 25th, 2013 2:08 pm

finally, now everything is gonna start coming together nicely (i hope 😛 )


wooo 😀

Model Updates!

Posted by
Sunday, August 25th, 2013 12:00 pm

Heres some more progress on the Mazey game! =]

inengine3 shipswip thegrid

Just gotta finish the ship textures and then import em and fix up the java!

Makin Models Happen!

Posted by
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 1:43 pm

So, i said i wouldn’t do normals, but i spent a good 4 hours brainstorming ideas this morning, and ended up landing something really simple and effective. (so now i am doing normals xD)

The basic concept is based on an adaptation of Nokia’s Snake game, and came to me when looking at a rubix cube, so its based on a grid system!

The player has 10 seconds “until death” (name of the game) and must pickup energy to keep your space ship running. Lest ye run out, and explode dramatically.

Similar to snake, upon picking up some energy, a new energy pickup will spawn somewhere on the grid. Over time however, walls will begin to raise around the field slowly creating a maze. There are further designs that add extra complexity to the simple task of surviving and gaining a top score, but for now those mechanics are my base to create over the 48 hours.

1) Player energy mechanics – UI Timer, the pickup, death explosion.
2) Player Controller – WASD / Analogue stick for movement, mouse and click / Analogue Stick 2 for shooting (eventual design ideas for turrets)
3) Random Walls from array of preset walls raise over time.

Here are some prog shots:
floor6 pillar1

Clearly the wall and floor, there are 6 variations for the floor with the bay doors rotated and vent shapes altered, they will open, the pickup will raise out, and it will close, similarly, later on in development turrets will raise from them, creating a secondary obstacle.

Next is creation of the walls some dangerous variation of the walls and floors (laaaaaser Wallllls etc) ^_^
then dDo license ftw!

Im going to aim for a sanctum style colour scheme, something soft and bright! break time with Dota for now!



Ludum Virgin

Posted by
Friday, August 23rd, 2013 4:42 am

First time, hope it goes well 😀

I think ill mainly be using a mix of:

  • photoshop,
  • 3ds max,
  • Unity!

Whilst avoiding:

  • normal maps,
  • complex lighting,
  • High poly assets!

Those things kill time, and time is of the essence of course 😀

good luck everyone, looking forward to starting!!
(im hoping by posting this, im essentially “signing up” to the event 😛 )


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