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Declaration of Intent to Participate

Saturday, August 27th, 2016 12:48 am

We are in! Concept so far:


Our team has two this time.


  • Unity
  • Photoshop
  • Paint.Net
  • Blender
  • Something for sounds at some point

Don’t be squeamish!

Sunday, April 17th, 2016 12:18 am

Bugs are the original shapeshifter!

What could be more fun than shape changing beetles in a battle royal? Here is our progress!


We’re in!

Friday, April 15th, 2016 11:29 pm

There are two of us–a first-timer and an old pro (6 games).  We’ll be using Unity, Paint.net, Audacity.  Can’t wait to shift some shapes!shape


Sunday, December 13th, 2015 12:34 am


In the name of LD!


Friday, December 11th, 2015 11:58 pm


Some brainstorming so far:




So much baldness…

Saturday, April 18th, 2015 5:58 pm


Hopefully soon I will get to the point where I give them hats to distinguish between units.




Lets do this!

Friday, April 17th, 2015 8:35 pm

Here we go! This time I am going to be using Unity5. I want to learn the new GUI system so I intend to make a game that has heavy use of that. I think I will use Spine2D for animating, paint.NET for art, and VS2010.

Good luck everyone!

Video walkthrough

Monday, December 8th, 2014 7:25 am

People were commenting that my game was hard, so I made a video walk-through :).

Try it here.

Gameplay is finished! Time for polish!

Sunday, December 7th, 2014 2:10 pm

I can now play though my “one” screen from start to finish.


Who needs more than one screen when you can just switch between dimensions? Click to see gif.


Checking In

Friday, December 5th, 2014 8:39 pm

I am in for LD31. Remembered I hadn’t given my “I’m In” post while thinking of ideas. Going to use Unity this time.

Good Luck All!

Cacodemon: A Post Comp LD Game

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014 3:30 pm

Hi Everyone,

I just finished “fixing up” my LD#27 Game. The theme (for those that don’t remember over a year ago) was 10 Seconds. I really wanted to flesh my game out with a bunch of levels and bosses, but it took a lot longer than I expected! Check it out!

It is now available on Google Play. Let me know what you think!

I am in for LD 30!

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014 3:24 pm

This time I decided to use Unity, just for some variety.

I made a small breakout clone as practice:


Good luck to everyone!

All tied up!

Friday, May 2nd, 2014 7:38 am

So I have been in six Ludum Dares so far. LD has beaten me three times, and I have completed a game three times, so we are tied. Next LD I will finally take back my pride!

This LD was a lot of fun. I had no idea what to do when the theme came out. At first I was thinking of doing some type of underwater game, but then I thought of the movie Tremors. I really wanted to do something where you control a creature underground that eats people on the surface.

This is what I came up with:

I may have made it a little to hard and the rocks to close together. I feel like people usually either die right away, or they don’t die until they stop being careful.

Try it out here!



Stab time!

Sunday, April 27th, 2014 7:56 am

Finally some gameplay is getting done. I have lots of time… right?


Who else thinks this is a good idea?

Sunday, April 27th, 2014 1:46 am

16 hours left and I think to myself… Maybe I should start building a physics engine?

The desert is a dangerous place…

Sunday, April 27th, 2014 12:48 am

These guys might need a bigger spear:


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