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Good morning… (Oh, afternoon…) :D

Posted by (twitter: @RawBits)
Saturday, April 21st, 2012 5:18 am

I’m up, dog has been walked. :) Ready for breakfast. Bon appetite!

Work station...

I’ll post anything as soon it has been made…

Planning done… Now some rest!

Posted by (twitter: @RawBits)
Friday, April 20th, 2012 9:15 pm

OK! I drank the first beer. The plan has been made. I’ll take a 2 hour nap after this 24 hours up time with physical activities. I’m tired…

The thing is a score attack game. Aliens try to blow up your tiny world. It is a little planet which you have to defend. There are evil space ships and mother ships with deadly bombs everywhere around you. You will have a hard time! 😉


Technical details are planned, algorithms are done except 1 that I have never did before. This will be challengeing to code becouse of the complexity level of the screen. So I take 2 hours nap then I walk my dog and say hello in my pub, drink coffee there and come back and I’ll be awake until all the coding is done. I plan graphics, sfx and balancing for tomorrow…


I’ll release everything that has been made as I go. Stay tuned! :)

Sleepy, but in!

Posted by (twitter: @RawBits)
Friday, April 20th, 2012 4:21 pm

Finally… The first LD I can do from start to finish! No girlfriend, no work, no moving… yay!


I’ll make a really minimalist game though. I want to catch the idea what makes something a good game. So for this project I’ve chosen the Atari 2600 (VCS or Stella) platform. Minimalist graphics and sfx with no music. Just the bare bones… At least I try to aim for this until gameplay is working right.


For the developement I’ll use:

Stella (emulation and run-time debug)

– Notepad (editor)

dasm (compiler) with vcs.h and macro.h

PlayfieldPal and PlayerPal (graphics)


This game will be playable in the Stella emulator perfectly. For developemant I’ll not use any illegal opcodes or nasty bank switching and that kind of stuff for simplicity – maybe after LD I pimp it up a bit. 😉 I’ll work according to the Stella Programmer’s Guide and the 6502 Reference while keeping the 4k boundary so there is no reason it will not work on the real thing! :)

Actually I have something to send… :D

Posted by (twitter: @RawBits)
Sunday, December 18th, 2011 8:11 pm


In the middle of the bad things I’ve been through the weekend. I decided to keep my game simple and tought that I could make a game out of my work. I’m alone at the night every thay and keep telling Windows that he should work becouse he used to. But I have leaved out the programming and stuff like that and added the fun parts and some problems to solve and watch out for.

Basically you sit in front of the monitor and try to find a way out of randomly generated 2D mazes to get score. But you have 4 stats – awakeness, stress, hydatation and bladder – as well to watch out for. If they reach their limit than you loose – fall a sleep, going mad, get dehydratated or be in shame at work place. These stats can be easily controlled with a mouse click. You can make coffee to drink to stay awake or water to get hydrated and you can go to the toilet.

The problem is their effect on eachother. Becouse if stress go high, then you are getting tired quicker and start to see hallucinations that couse more stress. Bladder goes up from water and coffee too, but you need to drink to reduce stress and to avoid dehydratation. And while you can make more coffe, you can’t replenish the water resource.

Hallucinations are coming when you are doing your job, but gets more intensive when you go alone to the toilet or the make coffee. So watch out. The ghosts are building up your stress…


The game made entirely in Processing becouse I needed to learn it. So This was my first time I’ve wrote a line of code in it. Sadly other things have gotten in my way, so the game is about half finished. It need some features and some graphics. There isn’t even support in the code for sound – I’ll add it tough. But the main engine is working pretty well.

This concludes to myself that I’m f***ing awesome and have to work hard on things like game making. Instead of the DAQ programs for foundries and the likes…


Anyway have fun with it. The source is up with the release. Feel free to use it. To play the game, click on the first screen, use wasd to move in the mazes and try to go out at the bottom as many of then as you can. Click on the coffee or the water to drink. If you run out of coffee, then click on it once more to get another one. (This minigame isn’t working yet!) To go to the toilet, click on the Bladder stat. (This is a similar minigame and it’s in the state like the other with the coffee…) There are no scores, but I wanted to do it like “how many mazes in wath amount of time, but maybe there are more possibilities than this. I’ll consider them too.


Here is the entry: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-22/?action=preview&uid=5167 Try it out!


Posted by (twitter: @RawBits)
Saturday, December 17th, 2011 5:48 am

My brother was stayed up late just to tell me the theme on phone: Alone. Now that is a theme I have nothing to do with. I love to be alone. I’m just doing my stuff and nobody disturbs me. But this isn’t a good start for a game. So I went sleep, maybe dreams will be some help.

Woke up at 10 am to a phone call. My boss sad the Acustic  Analyzer most be working on next week. But I’m not here next week. So I needed to come back to work to reinstall windows. Install NIDAQ and the analyzing software… This thing isn’t working for 3 years now. And I dubt anyone saw it working here. No one knows anything about it and its german. GERMAN!? That isn’t a human language!! Who understands that s***?

So I came back to work today in the rain and all my clothes are drying home becouse I washed them out yesterday. So basically I’m in my pajamas… now wet pajamas… Nothing Is packed yet, cleaning is in half and I need to go to my relatives tonight.

And if this isn’t enought the only WinXP CD I could get today is giving me a blue screen after start up…

And I can’t come up with anything to the theme… I’m so sad now.


Edit: actually I’m leaving this s*** here. Im in wet pajamas in a cold office for 3 hours now. I’m freezin’. That’s it I’m going home.


Posted by (twitter: @RawBits)
Friday, December 16th, 2011 5:26 am

OK! I’ve talked with my boss just about 10 mins ago and he sad that I can go home this weekend. So basically it means my work here is officially done and I can participate in the competition. Sadly I haven’t got internet here in my house and have a lot to do prior to moving home. This means I’ll do a  post on sunday from home with the game or the excuse in it. :)

Good game making LD #22!

Edit: I’ve forgotten to mention that I just downloaded Processing. So I’ll see it for the first time when I start coding the game. :)

Edit2: It seems that I need to come back to my workplace at 3:00 and pirate the internet from my 3DS find out what is the Theme… or I just wait for my brother to wake up at 13:00 and ask him to check it for me…

I can’t wait to know if I’m in…

Posted by (twitter: @RawBits)
Wednesday, December 14th, 2011 6:36 am

Hi LD#22!

Tonight maybe I can talk to my boss and get to know if I’m in this round or not. My work here at the university is done from my part and if my boss say that I don’t need to be here next week, then I can tell my fater to help me move back home on friday or saturday. So I can make something in the short amound of time I’ll have.


BattleToys for time critical developing:

Gimp, sfxr, Processing and if it’ll have sound, than some freeware tracker.


Oh brother I can’t wait for my boss… XD


Posted by (twitter: @RawBits)
Sunday, August 21st, 2011 3:43 pm

So it happened. It was in the hat. We have less than 4h and I have only a story, some basic movement, test tiles and a sprite what isn’t animates right. No question I can’t finish this and more over I’ll not give out such a shame to anyone.

But as I wrote in the only post I made before this. It’s the first time I try to make a game for the NDS. And the first time I worked with tiles not just on the NDS.

Btw I made a lot of code:

  • – tileset loader (and learned tiles well)
  • – sprite loader
  • – sprite move handler (hardcoded, so it needs some generalization)
  • – sprite animator (it works, just I use it wrong somehow)

The next LD will be a lot easier with all this already done and learned. I’ll finish it surely for Function and will put it on my website RBWorld with some programming  tutorial if requested.

It’s 0:30 am. I’m tired. I think I just watch notch how he finish his dungeon crawler before sleep.

Here is what I’ve got in one little screenshot:

The progress I made in LD48



Got an idea finaly…

Posted by (twitter: @RawBits)
Friday, August 19th, 2011 9:58 pm

This is a good theme. I instantly knew what I want to use but I haven’t got the clue how, until now.

The story is really simple. You’ve stolen something but it fails because you crash it during escape. (This will be a playable guided video) From that point, your only wish is to escape from the situation what you are in.

Hint for the main gameplay: it will be a platform thingy and that thing you stole have a lot to do with a tesseract… 😉

Now I’m on level design and then start coding. I’ll post screenshots when I have something interesting – or at least I got a screen that shows progress.

Ohh I’m so excited. This is my first LD and so will be my first NDS game!

In for experience

Posted by (twitter: @RawBits)
Monday, August 15th, 2011 3:34 pm

This will be my first LD and I never done a game in 48 hours. I don’t have the tools or anything and most importantly I’ve got a lot of work to do…

So yes I’m in and will be on it with 6 senses and with all my braincells! I’m working on a NDS demo for a hungarian demo party called Function. Go checkit and make a demo. So my entry will be on the NDS platform.

I’ll ue devkitPro and Gimp 2.6. Sound? WHAT? A game has sound too? Ugh… I didn’t code sound until now… maybe the offered Sfxr. I’ve used Buzz before though.

This will be about 2000 XP for me on one weekend! :)

Oh yeah! And I’ll use No$GBA for testing but it will certainly run on real NDS as well.

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