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LD10: Boostcraft

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Sunday, December 16th, 2007 2:17 am

Okay my entry is here:

http://cs.uku.fi/~ralaatik/boostcraft11.zip  (~500 kb, win32).

LD10 boostcraft

I can’t work on the game today so I have to submit what I have. Did all nighter on it (Yawn..) My timelog is in the zip. If you want to check it..

Visually it looks quite a lot like my last game ld9 game, bumpcraft. Had to pick this simplistic graphics style again because I really had only 24 hours to spend on it. Hope you like it. :-)

LD9: Bumpcraft

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Wednesday, December 5th, 2007 2:08 pm

This time the theme was “Build the level you play”. In this game you are controlling a spaceship. Normally your craft or ship jumps with small bounces. You have only control, space-key, which makes your craft jump a lot more. Simple as that.The goal of the game is to collect the triangles hidden in the level. The count depends on the level you are playing. After you have chosen the level you get a change to build the level. This happens also with one key, space, here you need to carefully craft the level so that your bumpcraft will make its way from start to end and in the meanwhile bounce on all possible triangles. Well, that’s the gameplay.


Try it out! [ http://traction.untergrund.net/temp/bumpc10.zip ] Game finished 2nd in the final results, which was big surprise for me :-) I didn’t feel at any point that this game was that good :-)

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