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Mushroom elves by Monochrome Bears

Sunday, December 20th, 2015 11:54 pm

Hello everyone,

Our team regularly participate Ludum Dare event but this time was our first experience with Unity engine and i must say it surprised us. No person from our team worked before with C# so it was a bit challenging and we made it!

We developed our game in biggest in Siberia hack space which named IT Loft. Over 20 teams making their games in the same time in same place and it inspiring for creating something special because we have local challenge here in IT Loft and every one want to provide their best :)

OLD Competitors

All the people taking a part in local Omsk Ludum Dare event (OLD34)

29825-shot0-1450125960.png-eq-900-500So our team was a bit confused by two themes at once (so as you i think) so we decided no to pick one but use both. While brainstorm the concept of small micro management game was born. So we have small and extremely cute mushroom elves whos trying to build their kingdom. The bad thing that sun is extremely dangerous for elves so  they should finish growing the mushroom tower before sunrise and evil ugly orcs want to destroy mushrooms and eat it. You as mushroom elves commander should take orders for your people and you have two option: watering the mushroom or fight the orcs. You should keep balance because the number of elves is limited and you have to grow the mushroom tower  in time. So this is our concept.


Our designer at work

Of course we made all the work ourselves so our designer made all the graphic, we write some soundtrack and code all the gameplay. We put a lot of efforts in this game and it developed with all our love. We hope you will enjoy playing it and put the mark what it deserve :)

This is the link for our Ludum Dare entry.


Monochrome Bears team.

“Boobs of War” how it was developed

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014 11:13 am

Hello Everyone!

It loft OLD31

Voting. People looking the results of every team work for last 36 hours.

We developed our game during the local event named Omsky Ludem Dare. It happened the 8th time and this is the 4th LD for our team “Monochrome Bears”. This time is was just hilarious! There was 30+ teams at one hack space and all of them was making their own game. There is some local challenging and the main prize was PS4. Unfortunately we haven’t got it but we will try next time %)

I wanna to told about our team. We are the 5 persons who absolutely in love with gamedev but it just out hobby. In real we are working in software/web development in different local companies and we collaborating together only for taking part in Ludum Dare.

We wasn’t want to use technologies that we use on our regular work so we decided to pick some game engine and we choose the one named Godot.

It is light weight engine with basic abilities and it allows to write code on python like script.

Our designer Lica draw all of game elements in Illustrator CC and i have to say that she is really talented person! She made a lot of sketches and graphic and she catch the exact spirit of game we wanted to create!

I am programmer but this time I was the person who composed the sound for game and apply most of graphic to the raw objects created by coders. For making sound i used Garage Band app. It was a really new expense for me and i get a lot of fun :)

Game main character

Game main character

Out team have 3 guys who code the entire game and i really appreciate the work that they done. As i said before we are not game developers and we used the poorly known technologies for that game, so it was kind of challenge and we made it! They get the idea how it all connected, added collisions enemies generation and other things and we get our game) To bring all code together we used the git and you also able to download the source code of game from Github.

There was a lot of funny moments during the development and it would be fun to remembering it)

I hope you will like our game and we will be happy to read you comment with feedback and advises and we will promise you to build even better game for next Ludum Dare!

Also you may left some anonymous feedback in this google form.


So play for babe, kill nazi, gain maximum score!

Yours Monocrome Bears team)

Check game on Jam!

Ps: Sorry for broken english, it is not native for me.

“Boobs of War” already here!

Monday, December 8th, 2014 9:20 am

Be ready for some old school 2d shooter! Play for sexy babe, kill nazzi, gain maximum score!

Boobs of War


Play, rate and have fun!

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