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Radar Defence

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Monday, May 21st, 2012 4:21 pm

So, it has come to this…

A valid observation in absolutely any situation that provides instant gravitas while being inherantly redundant and meaning nothing in particular. Anyway, on with the post.


Radar Defence screen01

The game isn’t feature-complete yet, but now that the miniLD is over I can take some extra time to embellish them, just to make for a more sleek feeling interface.

For now, you can build defence facilities and delete them should you choose. Difficulty and enemy spawning rate need some adjustment, but that’ll wait until the other features are implemented, such as facility upgrades, base reapiring, and indeed actual health displays. Oh, and the capability to actually lose once your base’s health drops below 0% would be great too!

Currently I have some compatability issues with Firefox and Internet Explorer, but for the life of me cannot figure out where. The online documentation assures me that all of the events I use are supported by all of the most popular top 5 browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer). I checked this compatability for each individual event, but still cannot figure out why some browsers refuse to run the game.

The stats (damage and kill counts for each facility) are already tracked, but unfortunately they cannot be viewed until I finish (and you know, actually start working on) the swanky new panel extension animation I have planned. At which point I’ll also move the instructions out of that horrible, insensitive, emotionally unavailable alert popup and into a similar high-tech, oxytocin-inducing slide-out panel.

Also a metric for tracking overall progress and score would be fantastic. Again these things are already tracked, but have no method of release. These metrics being a score count based on enemies killed and how strong they were, and of course, a survival timer.

Once these things have been completed, I’ll start to introduce different types of facility, and new art for the radar blips that will allow you to tell one type of facility from another.

So thats my free time for the next week or two, all nicely planned out! As a final thought, I’d like to explain that this is my first proper foray into HTML5 and Javascript, which I have only been learning since the close of LD23, when I vowed to code my future entries on a much more universal platform than XNA;¬†*shudder*. I’d like to think my footing is pretty firm, and that it has been an excellent start. I didn’t use any 3rd party engines or libraries – all of the code, from the preloading to the gameloop to the animation, was written by yours truely. Short of the browser compatibility issues I mentioned earlier, I would say it went off without a hitch!

This has been storytime with RadthorDax;

Goodnight everybody!

First Post – Pre-Combat Build

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Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 11:16 am

I guess I should post something! I’m terrible at documenting things I do. Im just not the diary kind of person I guess.

Here are a couple of screenshots to make up for it.

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