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Flesh Mess Art Timelapse & Soundtrack!

Posted by
Saturday, May 7th, 2016 6:11 pm

Ever wanted to have a glimpse into the horrific, crude, twisted minds of RADMARS? No? Too scary? TOO BAD! Check out the art timelapse for our game FLESH MESS anyway:

Plus, check out the full Flesh Mess soundtrack in full \m/ glory here:


If you haven’t played Flesh Mess yet, our bloody & disgusting & bloody disgusting LD35 entry full of bone throwing and gore splattering action, check it out here:

Happy flesh beasting!

VELOCITRON – Postmortem & Extras

Posted by
Tuesday, December 24th, 2013 11:02 pm

Hey there! Adhesion from team RADMARS here with our tri-annual Ludum Dare battle report. This time we did a fast-paced music-based melt-face cube-smashing WebGL game called VELOCITRON which you can play here: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-28/?action=preview&uid=18627

First up we got a timelapse and the long-awaited soundtrack to VELOCITRON:


First postmortem we got is Brendo‘s:


Space Janitor: Custodial Marine Postmortem & Extras, by team RADMARS

Posted by
Thursday, September 12th, 2013 9:02 pm

Howdy! Adhesion from team RADMARS here with our postmortem analysis of our fancy LD27 effort SPACE JANITOR: CUSTODIAL MARINE. But first, goodies!




And for postmortems, first up we got spacemars:


Adhesion from team RADMARS here, with extensive battle reports for this fateful compo from all of our trusty team members. We all have grizzled war stories from the development of our entry Tessitron, a 3D, minimal music game – play here! http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-26/?action=preview&uid=18627 – but first I will entice you with a screen timelapse and the entire (single-track) soundtrack from our entry:


And up first we have tokken’s postmortem:

It’s pretty incredible to be a part of a group that meshes so well and yet our ways of thinking contrast yet compliment one another. Although we’re all able to come up with off the wall bizarre ideas, it’s the way we think that’s pretty special. Spacemars is really good with generating nuggets of ideas; I tend to build off and branch from those. Adhesion has great depth as well as the analytical aspects that help ground ideas. Eugene is usually quiet but when he puts something out there it’s generally to lay down something important. Brendon has a great way of conceptualizing play and teasing out interesting mechanics from our vague notions.

This time around, although we weren’t entirely certain how we were going to apply the theme of minimalism, we had some basic constructs we wanted to adhere too. With three games under the Radmars belt we looked at our history and pondered where we were going and where we wanted to go. Two of the Three games had been 2D pixelated sidescrollers, with the third being a 2D pixelated top down adventure game. Although a theme was never intended, one was starting to appear; partially due to ease and speed of development. Between Spacemars and I, we had some fairly substantial 3D chops if we ever wanted to go in that direction.

Previously, Spacemars and I would generally do the brunt of the graphics work which placed much of the development onto Adhesion and Eugene. The secret sauce for Radmars has always been the great music Adhesion produced (also the dark humor imbued in each game). When he’s loaded down with code, music was pushed off to near last minute or at a lessened capacity.

This time around there was a definite consensus amongst the group to embark on a different journey from the previous games. We wanted to utilize our broad skill set without losing any piece that was vital to our current dynamic. We looked at each other and evaluated how to potentially build something that played off our individual strengths while compensating for each’s weaknesses.

Spacemars is a Jack of Most Trades Master of More Than Should Be Possible. He’s foremost a great developer, with serious pixel skills, 3D abilities to rival my own, and an eye for design. He’s also one of the most dedicated on the team and probably dumps the most time into the projects. His major weakness is time; he can’t do it all. Luckily with a team like ours he’s super malleable and is able to pick up any aspect that needs assistance. Certainly the cornerstone of Radmars.

Adhesion is Spacemars’ right hand man. His greatest asset is his mind and depth of thought; he certainly has a head on him that allows for quick concepting and speedy explanations; his dry sense of humor meshes perfectly with the team. Oh, and he’s a bad ass music man.

Brendon certainly has an eye for design and a great ear for music. Maybe his most important asset is the thoughtfulness he brings to our game designing. He has a very analytical thought process that allows him, and by extension us, to break down games and gameplay into more compelling pieces. His ability to find and create mechanics is something that always boggles my mind.

Eugene is a quiet thunder that weighs in on ideas and directions while being a heavy lifter on development. Unfortunately he is also somewhat mysterious, like a ghost that haunts your brains and whispers genius into your ear.

Myself, I have a robust working knowledge of Cinema 4D, texture and matte painting, and am a UI / web designer. My skills in development are limited to some as3 and Unityscript. My biggest flaw was my parsed time allotment.

At this point you may be wondering what all this BS has to do with the actual game, but I assure you this was not just some ego horse shit. Knowing each person and what they bring to the table helped us shape Tessitron…


The Brink: Po-Mo

Posted by
Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 9:39 pm

Another team radmars game finished!  (whew, this one was a biggun *_*)

This time we went with a top-down ‘brawler-esque’ exploratory thing? Not sure. I’ll refrain from talking too much about what we were ‘going for’ with this game, other than to say we pushed ourselves pretty hard this time. (one might say… to the brink? HA!) 

Emarcotte and Adhesion coded it up~


spacemars got to get his weird on for our lovely character sprites.


Brendo designed the levels, spacemars and tokken made the word-tile sprites~


and Adhesion proved what a boss he is (yet again) with the SFX and music,

more detailed postmortems and goodies inside!


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