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Minimalism: punishment turned blessing

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Sunday, April 28th, 2013 5:04 pm

Finishing this game feels especially good to me. At first I backed out of Ludum Dare because I was a bit busy and couldn’t think of anything for “minimalism.” My partner backed out as well. Because I no longer had a partner to work with, I decided to enter the compo rather than the jam, so my time so finish was quite drastically condensed into a matter of hours. Instead of spending time going back and forth discussing artwork and ideas, I spent that time polishing (although the movement in the game is a bit strange, I can assure you it’s a feature). The game was finished in a total of four to five man hours rather than the 20+ a partner and I would have spent (and have spent) on a different theme. At first I hated the theme minimalism. I would have preferred potatoes (or maybe kittens). I couldn’t think of anything that wasn’t too much of a clone of another game, so I backed out. Last night, I thought of a game that would fit, but I was busy this morning, so the idea would have to wait until this afternoon. That is when I started, at around 4:00 (EST). I finished at around 7:20, so this project had to be condensed a lot. I do think for the amount of time I spent there is quite a good amount of polish. View my entry here: ‘moeba

see that amoeba? I wonder where the game got its name

a gameplay screenshot

PostMortem — Robot Panic

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Friday, August 31st, 2012 7:41 pm

If you haven’t yet played Robot Panic, you can find it here.


The Good:

Map graphics

The graphics on the tiles of the map looked better than had initially hoped. It was my first time using an atlas for the entire terrain, and the actual graphics turned out well as well. The character graphics are another story all together. If there i something I would change it would be to add more diversity to the tiles and textures, even more tile types, which leads me to my next point.

The Gameplay

The games has pretty much the same gameplay as most other platformers, but it meshed nicely with the theme without grinding too many gears. I now wish I had explained it better in-game, though, as a few people were confused about certain things.

The Level Design

I like the first and only (for now) level layout. The (notedly Metroid-like) layout is the part of the game that got the most compliments. Though some players didn’t always know exactly where to go, it was a very simple level with challenging puzzles. I don’t know if I made it too difficult or not, but I prefer difficult games. The level was probably my subconscious telling me that I have played too much I Wanna Be the Guy.


The Bad:

The Physics and Bugs

These are the same category because almost every bug in the game is physics related. Thinking back on it I should have relied less upon the built in physics engine and more on making my character controller do exactly what it was supposed to. Bugs are like hydras. Whenever you destroy one, two more take its place. Most notably, the worst bug in the game is the fact that the character’s responsiveness is somewhat spotty when it comes to jumping. The most annoying bug is the fact that players get stuck on walls. This bug was created in an attempt to fix a physics bug where too much force was applied when holding the move buttons and gravity had no effect on the character.

The Music

I’m happy using Moonlight Sonata, but it doesn’t fit the theme of the game. It was chosen because the game’s difficulty was bound to make people angry, and the music would calm them down. (That’s the reason I came up one to hide the fact that the music is only there because it’s public domain). If I had more time I may have composed something myself that would be more fitting to the theme.


The Ugly:

The Character Graphics

I know what’s crossing your minds, and is even still crossing mine: “Come on! An unanimated sphere? REALLY?”

The character was not originally a sphere, nor was it unanimated. It was a quite nice looking robot made by my artist, but something was wrong with the rig and it didn’t animate very well in the engine. Take a look here. In the end we counted our losses after spending a while on the problem and put in a sphere. A low-poly, unanimated sphere. If the animation had worked, the game would look so much better. Too bad.

Done! (I may have bent the “Included Source” rule)

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Sunday, December 18th, 2011 6:30 pm

Lone wolf, a game about finding your way back to your lost cub, can be found here.

Software used:

  • Unity
  • Manga Studio
  • Photoshop
Websites Used:
  • CGTextures.com
  • FreeSound.org

I’m In

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Friday, December 16th, 2011 5:44 pm

I’m in Ludum Dare 22. I will be using:

  • Unity 3D
  • Photoshop
  • Sculptris
  • Blender
  • SFXR
  • Many others that may come in handy

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