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I'm a newbie, still learning.
I use Java and Slick2D to make my games.


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Post LD Stuff

Posted by (twitter: @z6v)
Wednesday, August 29th, 2012 5:30 am

Well since my LD game sucked, and was one of the first “games” I’ve ever made, I decided to start working on a project that will help me learn. I’m planning on it being a platformer, and getting an artist to draw stuff once I have some stuff in the game.

What it is
I used a game name generator(this one) to generate “Robot Buddhist Incident,” and I’m making a game revolved around that.
It’s just going to be a platformer where you are a (robot?) Buddhist monk doing puzzles, and eventually beating a boss(thinking of a big robotic evil Buddha thing).
I’m making it in a really small window because I thought it’d be cool to set some limits on what I can and can’t do.

As I said, I want to use this as a game to learn from, and apply the things I’ve learnt to it.
I plan to learn a lot about AI and maybe some Procedural Generation to get some replayability up in here. I also plan to try to get better at drawing, as Sos(Sosowski) told me that it took him a bunch of practice to get good at drawing, so I’m going to try the same.

So far…
I have a main menu. I’m still working on the background image, I’m trying to draw a temple.

Main Menu

The title image sucks balls, and I’m going to make some button textures after I finish the temple. On the right will probably be something like the main character, or the evil-robot-Buddha-dude.


This whole thing is probably going to take me a while, but I’m planning on finishing it before the next LD.
Not sure why anyone would care about this, but yeah.

My Small Progress

Posted by (twitter: @z6v)
Saturday, August 25th, 2012 7:57 am

I’ve been working slowly, procrastinating a lot and talking to my friend even more, but I’ve finally gotten up to the point where I can start doing stuff.

So far I have a main character thing(just a ball for now), some small enemies(which are fast but weak, and drop bad drops like +1 health) and I’ve given them a little “AI”.
The “AI” they have is just tiny, they chase you, and then once they hit you, they run away, since you(and everything) have a damage cooldown, so you could finish them off in the time of that cooldown. I might keep the same “AI” for the bigger enemies, not sure yet.


Artificial Selection, early version

Little guys chasing me. I’m red because I’ve just been hit.

Now, I’m going to start adding some evolution to it. It’s going to be half-decent, hopefully!

I’m In?

Posted by (twitter: @z6v)
Monday, August 20th, 2012 8:03 am

I guess I’m in! My first time, I’m new to game dev aswell, so this will be fun.
Not sure whether to do the Jam or regular competition, though.

I’ll be using Java with the Slick2D library.
For graphics, I’ll use Photoshop CS6 and ASEPRITE.
BFXR and Musagi for sounds and music, I may not make music, though, but if I do I’ll be using Musagi.
Ooh, and I’m also hopefully going to be using Chronolapse to timelapse my first LD 😀
I’ll also try to get applets working, but I can’t promise I will.
My new monitor will hopefully be coming on Wednesday, so I’ll be extra-pro for the competition 😉

I think that’s it!

So yeah, recommend either the Jam or regular Compo for a complete newbie.

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