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LDJamerator Updated!

Posted by (twitter: @purple_pwny)
Monday, December 28th, 2015 8:39 pm

LDJamerator screenshot 2

Today I made some improvements to LDJamerator:

  • Filter out parentheses unless they’re part of an emote, because they’re otherwise unlikely to appear as matched pairs without a lot of extra logic.
  • Filter out double quotes for the same reason as parentheses.
  • Make it so that the next word after a colon or emote is not generated from the Markov chain, but instead pulled randomly from the entire corpus.
  • Prevent generated tweets from accidentally being verbatim copies of one of the 1500 source tweets. I use hashing to quickly determine whether a generated tweet is an exact copy, so anything less than an exact copy will not be caught right now.

I wanted to regenerate the corpus but it looks like the Twitter API won’t let me get old tweets, and most of the current #ldjam tweets are bot-trash or self promo, so it doesn’t result in good jamerations at all. I’ll have to wait until the next LD to generate a new corpus, but this should still provide lots of fun in the meantime.

LDJamerator: Generate your next #ldjam tweets

Posted by (twitter: @purple_pwny)
Tuesday, December 15th, 2015 10:04 am

Although we didn’t enter a game in the jam this time, we were with you in spirit, working during the jam period to build LDJamerator, a website to generate #ldjam tweets. We noticed afterwards that there are actually only two “buttons” on the site, and that the tweets could be said to “grow,” but that’s pushin it a bit.

screenshot of ldjamerator website

We hope you get a kick out of it! Here are some of our favorite recent jamerations:

  • you suddenly decide to have an elevator…
  • Right, time for 2 buttons: attack and lakes!
  • Cleaning up being a dinosaur game just made bees?

Share yours on Twitter, and let us know what you think @purple_pwny.

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