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My name’s Andrew, or more colloquially PTSnoop. By day, I work as a generic software developer for a small firm somewhere in the north of England. By night, I make PC games.

During the (GMT) day, you’ll normally find me on irc at #ludumdare on irc.afternet.org, or #darkfieldgames on sasha.sector-alpha.net.

You can find my games at http://alteredtree.co.uk .


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October Challenge Complete: SpinHex

Posted by
Monday, October 28th, 2013 4:44 pm


Well, my October Challenge is now complete.

I made a prototype, as part of an impromptu three hour Bret Hudson Midweek Jam. And then I thought “this would work really well with a touchscreen”, and spent the rest of the month porting it to Android and then expanding and polishing.

And so, it’s now available for £0.69 (or equivalent in your preferred currency), on the Google Play android app store:

After a few hours on the market, I’ve made $1.55 net income. If the October Challenge is about making $1 income, then I think we can call this a resounding success. If it’s about $1 *profit*, then I’ve still got quite a way to go before making back my $25 Google developer registration fee – but I think I can safely ignore that minor mathematical quibble and just claim this as a win.

The game itself: you have a slowly spinning hexagon, and a constant stream of falling blocks. Poke groups of three or more of the same colour, to make them vanish and get points. Don’t let your hexagon fill up. Give it a look, let me know what you think.

Ludum Dare is here again!

Posted by
Friday, August 23rd, 2013 1:19 am

And, as is traditional, I’ll be making an LD game for this month’s entry for OneGameAMonth. I may have a few extra time pressures this weekend, but I should still be able to get something playable within the 48 hours.

As usual, I’ll be using either Lua/Love2D or C#/Unity3D, depending on whether my idea needs to be 2D or 3D. I may also end up using some of my old publical.ly-available framework source code from my older Love2D games.

Personally, I’m hoping for 10 Seconds as the LD theme – I’ve already got a vague idea for a turn-based time-travel strategy game. And I’ve no idea what the current state of the Tower Defence / Tower Offence debate is, but whatever happens I’ll still see if I can put in a tower somewhere that you have to defend/offend somehow.

Good luck, everyone!

Ooh look it’s a Ludum

Posted by
Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013 5:49 am

Just thought I should probably say something along the lines of “Hello”.

LD26 will be my fourth Ludum Dare, and (if all goes well) my second Compo entry. As is traditional for me, I’ll be using either Lua/Love2D or C#/Unity3D depending on how many dimensions my idea needs.

So far this year, I’ve been taking part in OneGameAMonth, and I’d like this LD game to be one of my entries. Trouble is, I’ve already made one game this month for the Game Prototype Challenge. So what I’m planning to do is to play the rules a bit and release a post-compo version on the 1st May, and enter that instead. Slightly sneaky, and actually quite silly when you realise there’s no actual rule about No More Than One Game Per Month, but at least this way will give me a bit more time in May to clean up some unfinished projects.

I’m a regular in the IRC channel #ludumdare, but during LDs the channel gets too crowded for me to keep track of, so over the weekend I’ll be retreating to #potatoes on the same server.

Oh, and I should probably point out here that I do not want Potato to be the official LD theme, but I do want it to be an unofficial extra theme like Goats last time or Kittens the time before that. Yay for third options!

…Good news!

Posted by
Monday, December 17th, 2012 12:12 pm

I have a game!

Conquest Of The Mayans has been submitted, and can be found behind this elegant and finely-crafted link. I’m still not entirely sure whether it’s *winnable* yet, but it’s definitely playable.

Maybe some time in the next few days, I’ll throw together a Slightly More Polished Edition, with a main menu and some sound effects. Maybe I’ll even continue with my stretch-goal plans and put together a multiplayer version, who knows.

Bad news…

Posted by
Sunday, December 16th, 2012 3:28 pm

In hindsight, maybe trying to make a game in just 24 hours wasn’t such a good idea.

I now have the bare bones of something basically playable. A bit more code and it’ll be playable and ready for balancing and playtesting – but as is, it’s not something that I’d be happy putting in front of the public, even for a game jam entry. So the new plan is to finish off the game over Monday, take the full 48 hours over it, and release it as a Ludum Jam entry.

The good news is, now I can spend a bit more time on polish. I can give the game a main menu, some sort of tutorial, maybe some sound effects, maybe even add other players. And it gives me time to figure out how on earth I’m going to include goats.

Added Difficulties…

Posted by
Thursday, December 13th, 2012 8:28 am

This weekend is pretty manic for me. I’m going to be spending most of Friday/Saturday in Durham with my old uni mates, or on a train there and back, which is going to drastically cut down my time for gamejamming.

But having said that, of *course* I’m going to be making a game for Ludum Dare 25. What do you think I am, sane or something?

So yeah, this time I’ll be trying to pull a half-ludum (or double-ludum?) and make a game in twenty four hours. Wish me luck.

So far, I’ve got a pretty good idea for the End Of The World theme, a turn-based numerical strategy globe-view-camera disaster game in a similar vein to Pandemic or Fate Of The World. Whether you’ll be playing as the oncoming Mayan Hordes seeking to destroy the world, or the forces of humanity trying to save it, I’ve not decided yet.

And the other good news is, I reckon if I try hard enough I can elbow this idea into any of the Construction (constructing defences), You Are The Villain (Mayans), Fortress (constructing defences) or Colonise (Mayans with a different agenda) themes. Night And Day might be a bit trickier, though…

Oh, and I’ll probably be using Unity3D. If I feel particularly Linux-centred, I might use C++/Irrlicht. Or if my Apocalypse Of The Mayans idea doesn’t come to fruition, I may well be working in 2D with Lua/LOVE2D.

Good luck everyone!

I exist!

Posted by
Thursday, August 23rd, 2012 1:54 pm

At least, I think I do.

This will be my second Ludum Dare, and the first time I’m entering the Competition. (Unless the theme ends up being Abandoned, in which case I’ll probably sit this one out. Too similar to Alone, which I already did.)

I’ll almost certainly be using Gimp and Lua / Love2d. If I have a stunningly amazing idea that can only be done in 3d, then I’ll be using Wings3d and C++ / Irrlicht instead, but that’s not likely.

Good luck everyone!

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