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Game done and posted

Posted by (twitter: @studioponozka)
Sunday, August 24th, 2014 1:16 pm

So I’ve finished my game, it’s still far from a solid good game, but I do not have the strength to continue :D. There are missing sounds and I didn’t make any music(I’m just not able to make good sounding music) but there are core mechanics and I think enjoyable gameplay. So hopefully you’ll have fun.

Libra is a simple platformer shootemup about a guy who’s trying to liberate space city named MultiCity and its connected counterpart Farmland from an evil army.

Made with Unity Engine, Gimp and Audacity. Programmed in C# using Monodevelop.


Screenshot 2014-08-24 21.34.33

Now I’m going to sleep 😛

World 1 done

Posted by (twitter: @studioponozka)
Sunday, August 24th, 2014 3:02 am

World one sort of complete, now for world 2 a “farmland”, they are connected with a lift 😉

Day1 progress

Posted by (twitter: @studioponozka)
Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 2:08 pm

Day1 Progress, some graphics, playerControl, Enemy spawning(with dropships!, HELL YEAH! :D), menu system, AI of enemies and some other stuff.
Screenshot 2014-08-23 22.54.37

Progress so far

Posted by (twitter: @studioponozka)
Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 4:25 am

Hi guys, so this is my first LD and I’m enjoying it quite a bit :)

I’ve decided to make a simple platformer in Unity with pixely 2D graphics(I know, this is used pretty much everytime :D)

It’s about a guy liberating space cities from a dictatorship. And these cities are connected with train tubes(connected worlds).
Now time for lunch and some Futurama 😀



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