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Posted by (twitter: @priorblue)
Thursday, May 1st, 2014 5:45 pm


i just want to show you my simple sprite generation tool, which i created a while ago. Maybe you can use it for a future Ludum Dare or just as an source of inspiration. ūüėÄ You can’t save at the moment, so you have to take a screenshot. I will implement this feature in the next release.

Download: https://github.com/PriorBlue/Simple-Sprite-Generator/releases

Source: https://github.com/PriorBlue/Simple-Sprite-Generator/tree/master/love2d


Standard generation:
Gameboy colors:

The License is under MIT so you you can do what you want with the source.

Have fun!

Mole Empire Post-Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @priorblue)
Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 6:10 pm

So after days of sleep, i want to post my resume. :)

This was my first LD and i’m still exited, i have done a lot of stuff, but also wasted hours¬†with some aspects of the game.

Good part:

I created a shader tilemap system, that allow me to show up to 4096×4096 tiles in real-time, so a zoom to the whole map don’t effect the¬†performance. (The map in the game has only 256¬≤ tiles, but you can change this in the source code, if you want to try it out)

Afterwards i extended the engine with a 2d raytracer for light and shadow calculations (this was the risky part). And voila it looks very interesting.

Because the map data is saved as image and i don’t have many experiences with map generation, i added a map editor and integrated it into the game, too. This was easier as i thought, the only “time-eater” was the “tile-connection” algorithm, it produced many hard code.

It is also possible to create/modify content (enemies, items) via “.ini”-files. So everybody can¬†easily expand the game, without watching in the code.



Bad part:

For¬†the first time i created some music and i wasted to much time on finding a good/simple music program (yes i searched during the game jam ^^’). After all i¬†came to the realization, that i don’t have any composing skills, so i tried out many generators and¬†surprisingly i created some interesting loops, i combined them and changed the instruments via midi tool and in the end i created 3 titles,¬†which do not sound so bad. But next time, i will be more¬†experienced in¬†this part.

I integrated to¬†many game play elements (like items, enemies, stats) to late, so i lost much potential¬†for¬†the game. I integrated for example the item’s, 0.5h before LD ended. >.<

I love pixel art, but i’m not this talented yet, so i spend a lot of time in just a few sprites. For the future, i think i must find a simpler style to create more content.


Bad or Good part?!

I was sleeping about 6h the whole jam, this was interesting, but next time i think i will just better plan my game schedule.


Finally the Game:

The screenshots are “post¬†game jam”, because i added a few new features afterwards, but you can play both versions :):



The in-game editor:


Game Jam entry:



Latest Version (0.2.0):



Have fun, and sorry for my bad English.

I can’t believe it, i’m done…

Posted by (twitter: @priorblue)
Sunday, April 27th, 2014 7:18 pm

…and here is the result:

An ARPG with a mole hero and different mole enemies, fight them all, to become the ruler of the underworld :D.

Main menu:


The game:



The ingame editor (new¬†items and enemies can also be created via “.ini”-files.):


I worked alone on this game and my sleeping time was around 6h or so :D. 

Technical features: 
I implemented a tile-shader engine, which can show up to 4096×4096 tiles in realtime (zoom don’t effect performance). I also combined this shader with an 2d light raytracer to cast pixel shadows.¬†

Have fun!


Almost 24h and I still can not sleep :D

Posted by (twitter: @priorblue)
Saturday, April 26th, 2014 3:08 pm



This is my status for now, im realy happy, that all my risky features like the shadows, the tileset shader for map zoom and the tile drawer are running, all the code is now a huge mess, but it works :). Finally i can implement the gameplay mechanics. And for the first time i have added music in my game. ^^

Here is the current Version: https://github.com/PriorBlue/LD29-Game (Love2D, not compiled jet)

I hope I’ll finish this.

Posted by (twitter: @priorblue)
Saturday, April 26th, 2014 9:13 am




I think, i invested a bit to much time in my tile-shadow-compo shader, but now i can create 4096×4096 tile maps with¬†realtime pixel shadows¬†and i can zoom in and out without any performance issues. :)



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