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Dabbled for a lifetime. Making it real this time? Started with Euphoria and Blitz3D, done some apps and games for Android lately, a couple of Unity 3D games, one for Oculus Rift VR.


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I’m in with a MMO (probably)

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Saturday, April 26th, 2014 5:16 am

I’d like to play around with this framework from


Does anyone have an idea how to get some serverspace for a Unity3D game, probably on Google?

Cheers and good luck to all!


my favorits

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Friday, December 20th, 2013 6:51 pm

If you are participating for the first time everything is soo exciting. Like rating games, which includes playing them! After Some 180 games, here are my favorits so far:

Cyberpunk text adventure
Dungeon Farmer
Hobbit beat-em-up
Protect a tree RTS
Space Trader Elite 2D
1-2pl soccer fun
Knight action
Crushing finger Monty Python style
Pellet run (turn screen)
Chinese characters short action-adventure
Dungeon Raid sorta puzzle
(Oculus Rift VR) FPS Hellbow

I don’t even know, but for one or another reason, may it be asthetics, mechanics, story or fun, these are the games that i noted..


All games mentioned have a fair amount of play value..

All are Web builds, mainly Unity and Flash, but i tried also standalones, mostly for special reasons.

I just realised that there are no platformers, and indeed i have difficulties with this genre, maybe because after the original arcade Super Mario and Super Wonderboy in Monsterland and maybe Rick Dangerous i never really felt the need/fascination again .. but one entry caught my eye:

Oscar’s World, which reminds me a bit of Braid, art-wise

Funny fact is that i entered my first Ludum Dare with my first Jump-and-run ๐Ÿ˜€

One Path Postmortem

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Tuesday, December 17th, 2013 7:34 am

I thoroughly enjoyed my first Ludum Dare! Rating the games is even more fun, such an amount of good stuff!


As this was my first time, i wanted something really simple, because i didn’t know how well i would perform in the little time given.

A multiple choice part came to mind. I always try to include text in my games, because i want to make morally meaningful games, and text is the simplest way to transport a message – everyone needs a niche!

But that deemed too simple, so i thought about an action part: one screen or multiple? I’ve never done a jump-and-run before, so that was the way to go. And i’m a big fan of procedurally generated content, so i thought about one path you could walk in both directions. One Path in a double meaning: literally, and as a metaphor for the mind – focused, discerning the essence of the human condition, so to speak.


main character main character


What went right:

– Preparation: one day before the jam i looked into the new Unity 2D features, i.e. i watched the video about the new demo project and made a splash screen. I tried various exports and screen resolution, as not to loose time afterwards.

– Mechanics: as i invented nothing new, it was relatively easy to implement both the action as well as the adventure part. After one stressful day they were more or less implemented, which left enough time for content creation.

– Time management: The first day was really tough, i tried so hard to do as much as possible, but the second day the whole stress left, i could decide how much content to implement, and finished a playable prototype 6 hours before the deadline. After that i used the remaining time to up graphics and content.

– Unity 2D: simple to use, it was not much different from 3D, and though i didn’t understand everything, it was enough to complete what i had in mind, e.g. splicing a sprite sheet automatically was nice..


What went wrong:

– Unity2D: i hoped for an automated method to animate the sprite sheet but couldn’t figure it out fast enough, so i animated the main character manually, but did the routines not general purpose enough for reuse and lost interest of any other animated characters (birds, encounters, more anims for the character) because there were more pressing matters at hand.

– unsing the OnGui elements of Unity for the text-part was a design choice for the sake of simplicity but i knew there were potential dangers and in fact:

* the Linux version didn’t show text at all.

* depending on the resolution of the screen, the text was sometimes off-screen, because i wrapped it manually, as i couldn’t figure out how to use the auto-wrap.

– there is a gap between the action and the text-part i couldn’t bridge, because i filled the questions with random content that came to mind. There is no story intertwined which leaves a disparate taste to the game.

– the final evaluation only takes into account the score from the answers, i was to weary to take the times one fell, the amount of pickups or the years played into account. That’s wrong because in my opinion it’s bad to cut the ending short, a fault often met in old skool games. It is understandable that after crafting a game you don’t have the time and ressources to bring it to completion, but the more you should take that into account.

– answering the multiple choice part went from clicking with the mouse (as per OnGui), to clicking keys 1 -3, as to not having to switch from keys/controller to mouse, but it didn’t implement going through the answers with up-down, which would be the preferable choice of control.

Play it here


Thanks to all, it was great!

One Path

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Saturday, December 14th, 2013 7:10 pm

Wow, I somehow survived the first day of my first LD! It will be an Jump-And-Run-Action-Adventure and before getting some hours of sleep here’s a quick shot of the splash-screen.

My first game with our comics-characters QuadCores!


Progress was satisfying:


– Tested the new Unity2D features.

~ Got the jump-and-run part done, i was aiming for Mario and got ยง&%/(

– The engine for the question-part is ready

– Some sounds implemented (recorded voice-effects: Tascam, Audacity)

– Base player-animation (Photoshop, Wacom Bamboo)


– Quests

– Enemies

– End game

– Color


To develop or not

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Thursday, December 12th, 2013 9:23 am

Hopefully no28 will be my first LD48! I’m in the middle of a small indie dev project and could use the distraction.

I’ve watched the past LDs and was always amazed of the amount of prototypes..

I’ll use Unity 3D (C#) or libgdx (Java), depending on the idea .. it already feels like a school exam, where you spent lots of the given time thinking about what to write .. ๐Ÿ˜€

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