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Giving up.. for the moment…

Posted by (twitter: @PockeTiger)
Sunday, December 15th, 2013 2:53 pm

The compo is going to end shortly and I’m far from what I’d like to achieve with this piece of game. I’m not ashamed – pretty sure there were a lot of other people throwing in their towels.

I’m going to finish this game up later. I’ll just need some sleep right now before starting the long week of work tomorrow.

You may try my Charity Game Jam entry on this link if you wish. I’m gonna post up the game I wanted to build but failed to do so in these 2 short days. However there’s still a lot of polishing to do on that one.

Wishing the bests and looking forward for the entries of those who succeeded :3

See ya in the next LD too – Gonna get some experience til then so I’ll do better on LD29.


I’m in…

Posted by (twitter: @PockeTiger)
Friday, December 13th, 2013 4:52 am

I’m out of my mind… sort of…

My very first game developer experience is still fresh (for Charity Game Jam 2), haunting me ever since… yet here I am…

Alice’s World is buggy and I’m patching it up as my time lets me (sadly work keeps me from polishing much). There’s a handful of issues with my ISP at home as well but a friend can help me out probably in the time of need.

Anyhow I found my first jam to be fun and painful at the same time. I’m very pleased that I was able to do something and while it’s far from perfect but I’ve learnt a lot from this small project and I’m pretty confident with a bit more time and research I’m gonna be able to polish Alice’s World up a bit and let people enjoy this tiny adventure. The development went as expected though – I made a lot of rookie mistakes.

Nevertheless I’m gearing for LD28.

  • Engine: Unity 4.3 (2D toolset)
  • Graphics: Gimp
  • Code: C#
  • A full table of white chocolate

Hopefully in the weekend  I’ll be able to make it and also patch up Alice’s World. I’m pretty determined to do this so let it roll guys.

~ Wishing Luck to Everyone on the Jam! ~ And peaceful Holidays to rest it up after the Chaos of this event. ~

Charity Game Jam progress report

Posted by (twitter: @PockeTiger)
Sunday, November 24th, 2013 1:21 am

Hai everyone!

I was thinking that Charity Game Jam is a great opportunity to practice for LD 28 and also get some hand on experience with Unity 4.3’s 2D toolsets so I didn’t wasted much time yesterday morning and started to create my art assets. Things didn’t went smoothly though as our ISP went Boom early in the morning and the lack of Internet was painful.

Fortunately this morning the service risen from it’s ashes and I can give you this small update on what the hell I’ve been doing so take this piece of art [notes: don’t get your hopes up people, I’m not an artist, but I can tell I’m not alone by browsing some past Posts :3 ]:

It's a Witch's Hut.

Witch’s Hut

Charity Game Jam II Turbo

Posted by (twitter: @PockeTiger)
Tuesday, November 19th, 2013 6:55 am

Hai, everyone!

I’m pretty new to LD and while I’m looking forward to participate in LD28 there’s still quite some time left. I’m sure all of you have seen the Charity Game Jam annuncement on the top of the site by now but I’d like to point it out again with their youtube video.

It’s a nice opportunity to practice a bit and hone your skills before the madness that LD28 will bring and all the same time you can make up for all the naughty things you have done this year and move your name over to Santa’s Good Kids’ List so…

Don’t hesitate… Put that Charity Button to work on a great game!

Looking forward for LD28

Posted by (twitter: @PockeTiger)
Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 1:45 am

I’m way too excited right now. I’ve just got my newsletter from Unity yesterday that 4.3 is out and ready to be used and there’s only 30 days til LD28 kicks off.

My weapon of choice is gonna be Unity – however I’m yet to try it’s 2D capabilities. I’m pretty sure the 2D support will be useful for a lot of developers and quite astonished how much tools a gamedeveloper can choose from today if he wishes to.

We’ve got quite some arsenal for the competition. There’s a lot of really great game engines and a lot of talented people participating on the Ludum Dare jams.

This will be my very first time entering into LD and my very first gamejam experience as well. I only hope I’ll be able to finish a fun game on time. That’s pretty much my goal for now for this event. It may not seem like a high aim but for a newcomer I feel it’s more than enough.

I’ve read a lot prior to this about gamejams and how to survive them and I’ve learned that there isn’t really a particular guide that would work for everyone. It’s really gonna be a process of trial and error til someone finds which methods suits them best and I hope I can find my way through practice.

Good Luck for everyone who made their mind about making great games!

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