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Posted by (twitter: @playvue)
Friday, April 17th, 2015 7:53 pm

We’re live streaming the theme announcement and crazines that follows.  If you’re CLE local and couldn’t make it, come join the fun!


Cap’n #1GAMCRUNCH, Reporting In!

Posted by (twitter: @playvue)
Wednesday, April 24th, 2013 6:42 am

Hey LD-ers,

Guess I should finally do one of these, so… I’M IN! =)

We’re taking off from our monthly #1GAMCRUNCH game jam this month in favor of LD48, so I expect to see lots of #1GAMCRUNCH regulars jamming it up LD style this weekend.

For all of my #1GAMCRUNCH-ers (as well as anyone else who wants to join), we’ll be attempting to run our usual G+ Live Hangout (no YouTube stream this time, sorry)  throughout the entire jam.  (I may also setup a twitch stream, so lookout for that here for my usual embarrassing antics/dancebreaks.)

Since it’s been requested, I’ll also be tweeting out our standard timeline updates throughout the jam.  For non-#1GAMCRUNCH-ers, these are reminders/alerts that follow a recommended jam schedule (adapted from The McFunkypants Method) which, if you’re able to stick to, guarantee you a functional, complete game by the end of the jam while still rested enough to submit it to ludumdare.com and not canigotobednow.net.  Follow @playvue on Twitter to get the updates.

This go around I’ll be using:

CreateJS (http://www.createjs.com/)

Adobe Photostratorworks

Browser-based Neutron IDE

And prolly SXFR or something similar.

Happy Jammin’ to all!

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