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The Prokaryotic Prize
Awarded by Backterria
on December 18, 2014
LD31 LP Video w/ Ythmevge
Awarded by Sandcrawler
on December 12, 2014

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We declare our participation in this competition

Posted by
Thursday, December 8th, 2016 10:32 pm

We, the Congregates of the 3rd pixel, hereby establish our participation in the competition of the triannual Ludum Dare. As is customary in this society, we will formally compose an announcement of our joining.


Mr. Skeltal Post Mortem

Posted by
Friday, September 11th, 2015 11:41 pm

We’ve been putting this off for a little bit, but now is as good a time as any to show off our Jam entry.

You may want to try out the game before reading this post, but there aren’t really any spoilers or anything. There isn’t really anything to spoil anyways, although it may help to give a little context. Click here to play, or just click on the image below.

screenshot of game

Look at all those pretty bullets

Basically, the game is about a Skeleton named Mr. Skeltal. The player’s goal is to kill people to free the skeletons who are inside of them using a multitude of various weaponry at the player’s disposal. The game features gunplay similar to that of Counter Strike, where shooting and movement decreases accuracy. There is also a randomized weapon drop system, where randomized weapons are dropped from crates.

Below is more information about what we feel we did right, what we did poorly, and how we can improve in the future.


We’re in

Posted by
Friday, August 21st, 2015 7:22 pm

The group of random people that brought you Boxed In, The Misadventures of Dr. Bardo, That shooter thing, That drill thing, PhotoBound, and Episode 9 of the Slimeball extended trilogy is at it again. Primed and ready to bring you another marginally shitty game.


Jellonator, Programmer: Codelite. that’s pretty much it. Maybe GIMP for crappy programmer art but whatever.

AlucardX60, Artist: Paint.net, Tiled, and ProMotion if it’ll cooperate.

Emelia K., Musician: who fuckin knows probably Fami or Milky

PhotoBound – A postmortem

Posted by
Tuesday, December 9th, 2014 3:11 pm

For Ludum Dare 31, we created PhotoBound. For those of you who have yet to play, you may want to play it first to avoid spoilers. One of the biggest parts of the games is figuring out what the game mechanics are. For those of you who have played, or you just don’t care, PhotoBound is a game about a tourist who is essentially ‘stuck inside the camera,’ meaning he is limited to only being able to move inside the viewport. The viewport does not follow the player; rather, the viewport actually follows the player’s camera, which the player can lift and move around. Unlike usual, this game does not have any enemies, and the player is unlikely to die too much. We decided that enemies didn’t really fit into the environment very well, and that our programmer Jellonator was too lazy for such things. We are very happy with how our game turned out, and are excited to see how the Ludum Dare community receives it.

The Good

The Graphics- In the beginning the graphics felt a little hard to get inspired for. Ultimately our artist found some other tilesets around the googleverse and effectively redrew them in  his own style this set, and this set being the major inspirations. He also used Arne’s 64 color palette to keep things cohesive but still have a lot of freedom with the colors. The only part that could’ve used a major overhaul was the player and I’m sorry. I’m just sorry. You can watch the Artist’s view of the LD in his past broadcast on his Twitch.

The Level Design- If you look at our past submissions, you’ll find that level design did not exist in our past games. This is a result of our programmer Jellonator being lazy and not implimenting a level loader. however, This time is different. Our lazy programmer finally added a level loader, and level design was back in action. Being able to create actual levels after so long felt great, and the levels we created are pretty good, despite being a little rusty at the level designing process. We probably could have used the mechanics better, and maybe should have challenged the player a little more in the late game.

The Bad

The Boxes- After implementing boxes, we found a little bug: sometimes boxes would stop colliding. This issue was pretty minor, since the circumstances were pretty uncommon, and the box could still be picked up anyways. We managed to fix it during crunch time.

The Music- Our composer, MK, didn’t make the music until a last minute rush a few hours before the deadline. The music is Fami with VRC6 expansion because N163 is overused. MK claims to be a tool.

No Real Background- An actual background would have been nice, but we never really thought to add one during development. Woops.

The Ugly

The Collision- The collision engine was a wreck after implementing platforms and adding the ability for solid objects to crush the player. This resulted in several hours of collision code and debugging and player dying just by touching the platform and– it was pretty messy. These issues did get fixed, but the loss of precious hours was upsetting. As a side note, a pretty big bug where the camera would glitch through the platform in level8 made it to release. This bug was fixed the day after release, and probably never should have existed anyways. For some reason, this bug only existed in certain builds, probably a result of some kind of floating point whatnot difference between machines.

The Level Loader- The level loader was created a few hours before the LD started; consequently, it was pretty buggy. The bottom right tile didn’t load, platforms loaded incorrectly, and sometimes would downright crash the whole game. It was pretty unreliable. We ended up fixing it, but it was a huge mess. Since we have a proper level loader now, this issue should not arise in the future.

The Windows Build- Since our programmer uses Linux, he must cross compile with MinGW to create Windows executables. A crash arose early on regarding this. The Linux executable would run just fine, but the Windows executable would crash every time. The issue ended up being a vector initialization issue, but it took a few hours to figure this out.

The Conclusion

Our Ludum Dare 31 game is one of our favorite LD games we have ever created. We had a lot of fun with the design process of our game. Sure, there are a few issues here and there, but hey, we had only 72 hours, of course there will be issues. We hope to receive constructive criticism so that we may improve in the future. 10/10 would make again.

Pixel^3 is in!

Posted by
Saturday, November 29th, 2014 6:16 pm

We here at Pixel^3 are now declaring war amongst all ye who develop games for the Ludum dare! As per custom, we shall commence the listing of our tools and our monkeys.

Code::Blocks for coding
jeEngine for the game engine
Bfxr for sound effects
FamiTracker, Audacity for music and sound processing
Paint.net for art
OBS for Alucard’s stream


MK/Emelia K. (composer)

 May ye all make good games and eat week old leftovers, beer, caffeinated beverages, and various snacks that get your fingers all greasy and orange and stuff.

Super Drill Defense+ Art Timelapse

Posted by
Sunday, May 4th, 2014 4:59 pm

My timelapse finally finished uploading so here it is. (Jello will probably hate me though because it includes a look at the ending)


Pixel^3 is in! (formally)

Posted by
Thursday, April 24th, 2014 6:43 pm

Jellonator, MKSTAR26, and AlucardX60, the team that brought you Boxed In ,and other games not worth mentioning, is back to light your socks on fire, or keep them on, or give them a light wash, whatever the you guys are doing with socks these days.

We will be using:

Jello (programmer):Code::Blocks for programming. I’ll be using C++ and some custom SDL engine. Windows and Linux builds are guaranteed. I have no access to a Mac so someone is going to have to do that for me.

Ace (artist): Paint.net for pixel art, Artflow, SketchBook Express, and a bit of GIMP for concept/digital art. Also I might record my work with OBS. (won’t stream because terribad internet)

MK (musician): FamiTracker/MilkyTracker for that wonderful (fake)fakebit sound

You ready for Jam? Pixel^3 is ready for Jam.

Posted by
Thursday, April 10th, 2014 1:32 pm

And so is the artist. (me) Since the last LD I’ve been training in the mountains with the 7 pixel art masters in the mysterious ways of Pixel-fu and I can gladly say that there has been amazing improvement.


Okay I’ve been lurking Pixelation and have made marginal improvement. Pixeling is hard guys. Either way we’re back as a team and ready to dev a game worth it’s salt and pepper.


Howdy from PIXEL^3’s composer

Posted by
Thursday, April 10th, 2014 5:57 am

So, uh

I think we’re entering this time round as a team, which sounds all peachy, so expect something substantial. I’ve improved massively since LD27 (and let us not speak of my failed LD28 entry) so we hopefully shouldn’t give you something that looks and plays like a dream but slowly kills your eardrums.

Gonna see if I can get Ace (graphics) and Jello (programming) to give a shout-out too.

~MK/Emelia Kaylee

Attack Force Deca post-mortem

Posted by
Thursday, August 29th, 2013 2:29 pm

-The Good:

The Music:  “I think it went well this time round – used VCR6 for a bit more freedom, gained a little understanding of FamiTracker “music theory” and will definitely be using in future. Music could’ve looped a bit better. Will NEVER compose in beats of five again.” ~MK, composer

The Gameplay:  For once we managed to create a game with a nice difficulty curve, as the bosses got progressively harder, but not too hard.  We had also added challenge modes, for a more difficult experience if the game was too easy(And lets not forget easy mode, which comes complete with a pretty pink ribbon and a keyboard cat cover).

The Tools:  We knew our tools from the start, even if Jello didn’t have a proper level editor.  This allowed us to be more proficient whilst creating the game.

The Death:  After creating the third boss, we had noticed an unintended effect:  If the boss dies from a bullet, he dies red.  We decided to make this a thing and when the boss dies(except for the second boss, who falls).  This is also partially true with the blue representing laser charge, but this was an intended effect.

-The Bad:

The Crash:  Early on we had discovered a crash, which was seemingly random.  At first we thought little of it, since it was kinda rare, but it progressively got more annoying.  In an attempt to fix it, we changed the world system to something more state based.  The crash was still there.  Since the crash only occurred when changing worlds, we had assumed it had something to do with it.  We were not far from it either, after a little debugging we had found that it occurs when streaming music from the disk, so instead we changed all of the music to static.

The Name:  As with most other games, we had a little trouble naming it, so we called upon our friend Suyo to aid us.  After a few minutes Suyo came up with “Supersonic Attack Squad,” and went from there.

-The Ugly:

The Idea:  We spent a good amount of time on the first day coming up with ideas.  We said no platformers, since we didn’t have a proper level editor.  After a few hours we decided on a boss rush sort of game, except all of the bosses were beaten in ten seconds.  We probably spent way too much time coming up with the idea when we could have been making it

The Cookies:  On the second day, we became addicted to cookie clicker.  All three of us.  Don’t ask why, it just is.  It hampered our efforts by quite a bit, and we had to change from the original planned 6 bosses to only 4.

Graphics:  The system used for AFD was much different than our previous games and didn’t have the usual restrictions. This led to a lot of free-hand which is something Ace should never ever ever never do. Ever.



Composer’s comments: hi would you like the FTMs to poke around with in FamiTracker yes you would here are the FTMs

Motivation in mug form

Posted by
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 6:57 am

1) Cut up orange popsicle

2) Put chunks into this stuff or some similar tropical drink

3) Start getting ideas


~MK, wondering whether to make his own damn blog

I made a music doodle! Named it Dimblebee. Might as well shunt the FTM while I’m out there.

WAV download and FTM download

Should I use an expansion chip or will vanilla 2A03 suffice?




Posted by
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 1:12 am

It’s good to be British. Motivation abound in this mug.


It’s the most wonderful time of the [third of a] year

Posted by
Friday, August 23rd, 2013 12:00 pm

Howdy, y’all, and this is your British composer for PIXEL^3 here. MK, pleased to meetcha.

I have no co-ordination with my team members so far but let’s see if we can’t win this. LD23 was a highlight with Boxed In, and since everyone’s holding out for 10 Seconds this’ll be interesting.

[I get to skimp out on music]

I expect edits from my teammates because I’m pretentious, so WAKE UUUUUP



does famitracker work in ubuntu

oh god

Jello: okay

A note from the composer

Posted by
Monday, December 17th, 2012 1:41 pm

Even though I haven’t really been all that into this LD’s Jam (I’ve barely even playtested our own game!), I still feel like the general buzz is keeping me hyped up. I can’t wait to see the results.



Today’s Screenshot

Posted by
Sunday, December 16th, 2012 10:38 pm

So we’ve been working hard today, got a lot done so I’m feeling better about the deadline. Some enemies have been updates, as well as new ones being created. The title screen is 70% done and work on the Hero character has begun. We hope to have a beta version up soon for playtesting before the final release tomorrow.


Obligatory Screenshot

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