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Tuesday, August 26th, 2014 1:36 pm

Hello everyone! Adrián here from the PinkNinja team, already rested from this intense weekend. Man, what an experience! It was our first Ludum Dare and I now see how these things can be pretty addictive. It is indeed a great experience and I feel like I have learned a lot of things in very little time. I feel like I have just leveled up in my game development skills xD

So, before I start my little analysis of the event and the things we did I have to thanks everyone who assisted, the other two teams Cosmonautas and Unicorn Madness whose members also helped us with some advice and bug cleaning, and of course, my team, the Pink Ninjas because people you are the best team ever. I was going to write a small general line but hell, you all deserve more than that: Thanks to Jonatan for his willingness to work and move forward,to Natalia for giving the name to the team and being a one women army (she thought she wasn’t gonna be useful to the team and ended being the hardest working member),to Javi  for his great watercolor art that gave life to the world of “Erithacus Link” and his patience when re-doing stuff,to Andreass for his imagination, giving birth to the characters and of course bringing up the idea which later made the game possible, to Rayco for his great resolve, not showing any doubts working with new technology and working hard until the very end, and last but not least thanks to Alberto Cruz, your last minute addition was a key element in finishing the game. Once again to all of you, Thank you, Thank You, Thank you!

So now lets star with our post portem. As with the Ludum Dare 30, this is also my first. What went right? We finished the game. It may not seem much (especially to those who did not participate) but the finishing only is something great that was accomplished. If to this we add that only I had game development experience and that we only worked for about 28 hours… Well I think we did something pretty amazing. I look back and I get chills just thinking about the weekend.

Getting into more detail: the brainstorming all teams did on Saturday was pretty good. We good out all the bad ideas first and suddenly we started just spitting better and better stuff, pitty we could only develop one idea :) The time management was well planned too. We knew what things we needed to cut out when time got short and we knew how to change our game accordingly adapting it to the new schedule. Others would failed at this point we… evolved. The Learning curve: Natalia and Jonatan learned level design, Andreass and Javi the needs and the art of a videogame, Rayco learned Unity in one day… Have I said that my team was amazing? There where many other things but I’m keeping this short :)

What went wrong: I can only talk for myself, as an individual, this time. As time got shot I may have gotten a bit stressed (specially Sunday) and snapped fast responses to some of you. Sorry about that. Also I need to work better on my communication skills. I don’t think that, as a game designer, I achieved to transmit the vibe and sensations that I believed were important to the game. Also we had some misunderstandings due to the last too points. I probably should have explained things better because although it was my first ludum, it was not my first game. So basically what I need to work on:

  • Knowing your team: What they can do, what they can’t and HOW they do things.
  • Relax, chill and have fun. It was only for a couple of minutes but I let the stress get the better of me.
  • Communication skills! Relax and explain things as many times as they are needed.

Again, there sure are many others but 658 words so far are sure a lot of words :)

I hope that you like our little game tribute, if you haven’t played it yet please do so :) There is a lot of hard work behind

Have fun everyone!

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