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I’m in

Posted by (twitter: @PhiPhi6972)
Monday, August 17th, 2015 10:58 am

Hi all,

This is a standard “I’m in” post. Expect nothing interesting from it.
The same shit everyone writes, and the same tools everyone uses:

  • Unity – engine
  • Audiotool – music
  • Audacity – audio editing
  • Bfxr – sound fx
  • Paint.net – basic image editor
  • InkScape – svg image editor
  • Blender – 3D modeling

Happy Ludum, Lucky Dare!

Idea ran away from it’s owner – needs immediate adoption

Posted by (twitter: @PhiPhi6972)
Saturday, April 18th, 2015 3:34 pm

Hi Ludum Darers!

I know I’m a bit late, but I had an idea and I don’t have time to make it real neither during the compo, nor for the jam. (University and work and other stuff in the way :/ )
So I decided to make it public if anyone want’s to make a game, but has no idea for it.
I think it can be done for the jam as you still have more than 2 days for it.
So here it goes.

The game is about a series of boss battles.
When you enter the arena a timer starts, counting up and you have to defeat the boss in the shortest time you can.
You enter with no weapons whatsoever and you have to fight the boss with bare hands…at first!
Then you can of course die from the bosses but when you die you just respawn immediately with some kind of time penalty (or no penalty at all) and you can continue the battle.
However you have the previous warrior’s body lying where he died and you can pick him up, aka use him as a weapon! (and here lies the theme)
You now have a better chance of killing the boss (as you can attack from far) but if you die, you respawn and see the last hero holding the first one, lying on the floor.
You pick them up and thus you have a more elongated weapon. This can go for as long as you’d like. Respawning heros fighting bosses with there predecessors’ dead body-chain.
After some time you defeat the boss, the timer stops and that’s your score.

– you can have an easy boss selector menu, where you can select which boss you’d like to fight, with some kind of indicator of the best time so far (easies menu system ever)
– you can have as many bosses as you like (if you only have time for two that’s good, but you can make 100s of bosses if you have the time and variety idea :) )
– you can make very different bosses with different abilities (live your dream of creating the most fierce monsters of the galaxy)
– no visual theme so far (it can take place in space or in the stone age or whatever you like)
– not too complicated (main) game mechanics (you can walk and hit, and pick up previous bodies)
– any dimension (in can be 2d or 3d…either works, i thought about it as a diablo-style game, except you move with WASD, but i can imagine a terraria-like bossfight too)
– you can have some point system taking the deaths and bodies used into count, and you can reward the player for defeating a boss with bare hands (but this is not necessary)

– you have to make a chain of dead ppl (depending on the engine you want to use it can be difficult, 3d/2d joints and whatever)
– you have to make the different bosses (bosses with the same abilities get boring in a while, it has to have variety)
– you have to make different models for bosses (i guess)
– IT MUST HAVE AN EPIC SOUNDTRACK 😛 (most necessary part of all, please :D)

The only thing I ask for in return is a “thanks bro” and a mention in the description if you manage to finish it :)

Have a good Compo/Jam everyone.
I hope I can enter the next Ludum Dare with yall. :)


I’m out :/

Posted by (twitter: @PhiPhi6972)
Sunday, December 7th, 2014 11:52 am

Well…it’s been a lifechanging thing to find this jam. (Thanks to Lucy Morris for that. @lucyamorris)
I’ll participate in LD in the future whenever I can.
As this was my first LD I didn’t even dream about finishing a game in 48 hours :)

I learned what I had to and wrote a nice little todo list of things to geather and learn and do till the next jam.
Some of them are: (note: in second person for some wierd reason)
– get a tool for every aspect you use to make a game (I had no music and sfx maker)
– learn your tools in-and-out (I was always using placeholders on my game prototypes, but this time I really had to make something with Paint.Net [which is not the best tool, I have to admit it])
– don’t be afraid to use tutorials and help when stuck on a bug or something
– “invent” a developement workflow that you use every time working alone
– don’t shorten the planning stage…1 hour is not enough it seems XD
– save often, and if planning on doing a big change, do a backup
– sleep more before…3 “hours is not enough it seems”
– …and a lot more I won’t bore you with :)

I’ll also check out lots of games to see how you’ve done. Saw lot of nice ideas for this theme.
Had a blast makink my little prototype and learned a lot about random map generation.
See you next time and have a good time :)



Posted by (twitter: @PhiPhi6972)
Sunday, December 7th, 2014 4:35 am

Well it seems easier at first to generate random rooms from a pool with a random number and orientation of doors…but it’s not.
The placeholder rooms were kinda square with 4 doors, 1 on every side…so that script does not work anymore with a 3 door room with 2 on the upper side and 1 on the bottom.
So generalization will take up the most of my time today.
I think I can give up on sending to Compo. Monday is work, so I’ll work on this on Monday night too.
The Jam is still an option and if I can get some nice sprites and animation on this I can imagine working on this game for more after LD ends. A nice story would be a gread addition to this game.
As this is my first LD I think it’s nice that I could go this far and I look forward for what I can do till the end of this day.
Let’s get to werk. Good luck, everyone :)

Making assets

Posted by (twitter: @PhiPhi6972)
Saturday, December 6th, 2014 11:37 am

So I get tired of programing so I started making some assets. I think it’s going quite terrible so far 😀
The first enemy is ready to attack though:


I don’t know if the assets will be large enough. I think I have to redo this twice the size.
Well back to work, because I won’t finish on time if I stay here and chat to the world 😛


Posted by (twitter: @PhiPhi6972)
Saturday, December 6th, 2014 5:58 am

A quick coffee break guys!

What I did so far:

– Automatically generated rooms connected via doors.

– Next rooms regenerate after stepping into a new room.

– The character moves.

– Now working on the stat tracking for the player.


– Enemy/player fight

– Enemy bulk generation

– Aaaaand all the assets 😀 (That’s why I don’t show any pictures yet, because they’re just placeholders.)


I think I’ll get some food and continue in half an hour. Good programming to all! :)

It’s alive

Posted by (twitter: @PhiPhi6972)
Friday, December 5th, 2014 10:12 pm

Prototype driven developement here!

The main concept is done. I know how the game will work. There will be a lot of random content generation going on. I think I’ll program the content generation first then make the content. Currently using placeholders and it moves, it collides and that’s it for now. The generator class files are made but empty at the moment. Now back to work. Let’s pace random rooms connected by doors. If I’ll have enough time at the end (which I doubt heavily) I’ll give it a nice little story too.

Have a good one out there guys! GG.

I’m in for the first time

Posted by (twitter: @PhiPhi6972)
Friday, December 5th, 2014 6:49 pm

First time joining the LD…I’m hoping for the best, not the first 100 tho, just getting somewhere I can work with later on maybe :)

I was going to do a JAM, but here in Europe (CET) it ends at 3AM Tuesday…and I have work on Monday, so I guess it’ll be a Compo for me 😉


– Unity 2D

– Paint.NET

– I don’t know what to make music and sfx with…I’ll figure out on the fly (begginers mistake I know 😀 )

– Spotify Web Player for programming-music 😛

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