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17 Hours of Non-Progress

Posted by (twitter: @philcsf)
Monday, April 23rd, 2012 11:50 am

At least, from the outside. I have just over six hours to go before the submission deadline, and all I have is a moving, animated player in a level. Still, it’s not too bad – The only things I need to implement to call this a ‘game’ are jumping and level collisions, then maybe toss in some randomly-positioned collectables and a scoreboard. Certainly not the grand platformer I thought I would make, but it’ll do.

Nearly all the time I’ve spent in this competition is coding the engine… and I regret not doing it before the event started. Someone using Game Maker could do in 10 minutes what it’s taken me 17 hours to do, but I don’t care. If I’m after something to show off as a portfolio piece, then a half-decent engine will look better than a quick design in an existing one (I am a coder, after all). In the past few hours I’ve coded a full input, event and entity system, and I can use this for my next project.

Despite how much I suck, I promise I’ll get you guys something to play. With so many submissions already, I don’t want to be a failure.

11 Hours Down…

Posted by (twitter: @philcsf)
Saturday, April 21st, 2012 4:47 pm

What have I been doing since my last update? I’ve been learning a lot about screen and menu systems, because surprisingly I’ve never done them before. But now I know how it all works, and I can use it on a future project! So now we have a working menu and event system (no input, but should be easy), Tiled integration for easy level design, and almost everything I need graphics-wise. Time for sleep, and I’ll have about 5 hours of spare time before my long work shift tomorrow. As I’m doing the 72-hour jam, I’m feeling pretty confident about finishing this to some level of polish.


Looking Brighter

Posted by (twitter: @philcsf)
Saturday, April 21st, 2012 9:22 am

Seeing as I actually have a level loaded in my game, I thought it might be a nice to update the blog with a screenshot. Finished tiles in Pickle, created a quick test level using Tiled, and then spent several hours swearing at Visual Studio whilst integrating TiledLib. There was nothing wrong with the library, but I decided to rearrange all of my code to access parts of code from other places. I went from GameComponents to a traditional singleton pattern, and now a interface / services system. Got there in the end (hopefully), and after all that fuss, it only took 4 lines of code to import and render my test map <3

I guess I should get working on some gameplay now… there needs to be some kind of character in here. Unless you just want to stare at a crap background?

First Hour Down…

Posted by (twitter: @philcsf)
Saturday, April 21st, 2012 5:06 am

Okay, so I’ve got my main design – A basic platformer, set in an ant nest, and featuring various other crawlies living in the dirt. Apart from that.. not much else. I really need a story or gameplay hook, but that can be decided upon at a later point. I’ve started working on the graphics using Pickle, which seems to be going pretty well. I may make a variation sprite sheet later, if I have time… possibly an above ground one as well. This will do for now.

Is it bad that I don’t have a working XNA engine coded yet, but I’m working on graphics? Sigh.

Warmup – XNA Framework

Posted by (twitter: @philcsf)
Friday, April 20th, 2012 2:50 pm

…not that I’d really call it a framework – it’s a basic 2D graphics class, and that’s about it. I wanted to refresh my 2D knowledge, and I’ve still got a lot of code to do before even starting on the game design this weekend, but I might as well submit what I’ve done so I don’t have to write it again. There’s some basic graphics for an idea I had, but I’m not going to be using any of that for my Ludum Dare project.


Feel free to pick it apart and comment on it, and any advice regarding how to structure a full XNA (or any) game would be appreciated. I’ll admit, I’m scared about the next 72 hours, but it should one hell of a journey.

Taking the plunge!

Posted by (twitter: @philcsf)
Wednesday, April 4th, 2012 7:03 am

Sure, let’s do this, my first Ludum Dare (or game jam of any kind)! I’m a graduate games programmer, with very little to show for it. At least this’ll give me the motivation to work on a project, and actually get a finished game for my portfolio (which is looking rather bleak at the moment). I’ll be working towards the Jam and not the Compo, due to work schedules during the weekends.

Code: XNA using C#. I’ve done a little bit of work in XNA before (basic 3D tech demo), and I generally know how a game should be structured… but I’ve never actually made a completed game before. I’ll also be sticking with 2D, and probably a basic game design because I’m not really any good at that stuff.

IDE: VS2010

Graphics: Photoshop CS5

Sound: sfxr? I’ve never really made any sound stuff before, so that should be a laugh.

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