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My Top 10 Platformer Games of Ludum Dare 32

Posted by (twitter: @@phi6)
Monday, April 27th, 2015 6:38 pm

For this Ludum Dare I had decided even before the theme was announced that I was going to create some kind of mini “Metroidvania” platformer. I had never created a complete platforming game before, so it was a trial by fire but in the end my team and I were really proud of the result.

Nuclear Autumn is our Jam Entry for An Unconventional Weapon.

So as you can imagine I spent my entire judging period playing and rating mainly platformer games. Mainly to compare and contrast the entries against my own and also to study and draw inspiration from the best. I find Ludum Dare awesome not only because you get to create a game – but also to find other games created by designers superior to myself. It’s a fantastic learning experience in many ways.

I’ve played 100 or so entries which caught my eye for some reason or another, and so far these are My Top 10 Platformer Games of LD32. In no particular order…




A flawed game mechanically, but the fantastic art style and animation deserves a big mention. Absolutely beautiful.


A Knife Made of Whispers


A Knife Made of Whispers

Daniel Linssen has done it again with this amazing entry. Lovely looking diffuse shader, and solid mechanics based on dragging and throwing your lantern around. If you’ve played any of his previous entries you already know this one is going to be good!


Super Recoil Gun

Super Recoil Gun

More frustratingly difficult than “fun” but I like my games like that. Essentially your gun is super heavy so you can’t move except by the power of it’s recoil. Rage quitters beware!


Underground Hangovers


Underground Hangovers

The amount of content in this mini “Metroidvania” game is staggering. Mine ore and create bridges and walkways using your hook rope. I’ve still yet to finish playing this one as there’s tons of things to do! And of course it’s Metroidvania so how could I not love it :)





You have a paint gun. You paint in platforms. You jump on them. That’s it – simple mechanics but implemented so well it’s ridiculously engaging. I also have to mention the graphics and animation, fantastically fluid. Definitely one of my very top favourite entries, perhaps second only to Crayon Poke by Raiyumi (below).




Not a particularly innovative entry, but the art style, animation and solid platforming physics make this a very impressive polished experience. I love it.


Sun Wukong

Sun Wukong

I love games and literature based on Sun Wukong (otherwise known as Monkey King, or just Monkey).  Here we get a fantastic Metroidvania experience with a staggering number of abilities. It’s a somewhat flawed game, the platforming physics are at times too sensitive and the level art although nice is a bit repetitive making it really easy to get lost in the gigantic open world. Saying that I sank at least half an hour into this game and I still didn’t get to the end. It was really that much fun!


Crayon Poke

Crayon Poke

Raiyumi did it again. If you remember how good their previous LD entry was, The Valley Rule – well this one certainly doesn’t disappoint either. Everything here screams of Gameboy Advance. Just a huge amount of polish – and not to mention the really fun “crayon” mechanic. I don’t want to spoil it but this is basically my number one favourite game out of all the LD32 entries so far.




I was a bit tired when trying out this game, I think it was something like my 90th platformer so I went in not expecting a huge amount. This entry totally surprised me. The abilities are really interesting, the narration is excellent and the whole mood and atmosphere of the game really sets the tone well. There’s also a pretty creepy ending but no spoilers. Everyone who tries this game out needs to play it all the way to the end. I get shivers just thinking about it!


Slam Jam Bakery

Slam Jam Bakery

Another entry which completely surpassed my expectations. You need to destroy a giant floating “ship” with nothing but a gun that shoots fruit preserve. The gun also acts as a jetpack of sorts. I really loved the large seamless open level which I felt was a great design decision. Finish the ship and you’re treated to a pretty cool destruction scene. I’ve yet to complete the second (hard) level of this game.




My Top Six LD28 Games So Far

Posted by (twitter: @@phi6)
Tuesday, December 17th, 2013 8:31 am

I found LD28 incredibly fun, not just because it was the first time I submitted my own game to the compo, but also because I made myself play at least 100 games to get a feel of the kind of stuff the community is making. The stuff you guys come out with is properly amazing. So for this blog post, I’d like to mention my top 6 favourite games out of the 100 that I played (both from the Compo and the Jam).

I’m a stickler for polish and “completeness”, as you can probably tell from my choices.

So in no particular order…

1. Underbyte

Shows what happens when you fall down a bottomless pit in Mario! Amazing platformer, and beautiful pixel art


2. The Pilot Jameson

This guy pretty much recreated Elite/X/space trading RPG. So much depth for a jam game!



Beautiful art and gameplay that reminds me of Another World. Very addictive!


4. 1111 pt 1

You only get one took ultra literally. My favourite bit about this game is the player ship, comprised of every growing 1.


5. Jump Chip

Unique game mechanics and really really polished art, sound and music. Level design feels like its been playtested for months not days!



4 extremely difficult bosses set in an open world reminiscent of Zelda and the Shadow of Colossus. What’s not to like?



Pilot’s Last Stand

Posted by (twitter: @@phi6)
Monday, December 16th, 2013 4:36 am

My first LD Compo entry is done and ready to go!


Inspired by Wing Commander, I really enjoyed modelling the 3D low poly spaceship most of all.

Pilot’s Last Stand Gameplay Video

Pilot 2013-12-15 22-37-19-77

From disappointment to excitement….

Posted by (twitter: @@phi6)
Friday, December 13th, 2013 12:26 pm

So my 2 team mates (artist and sound designer) both had to drop out for tomorrow’s LD as some things unexpectedly came up. My brief disappointment quickly progressed into trembling excitement as I have now decided to do the Compo instead of the Jam!

This will be my first LD Compo (I’ve done a few Jams and Mini-LDs before) so I’m pretty pumped to start making some cool stuff.

I’ll be using Unity, and will be attempting to create some really crappy  low poly art on the day. OK let’s do this!

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