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Shadow of the shotgun: Postmortem

Posted by
Wednesday, December 17th, 2014 2:08 pm

I’ve never written a LD postmortem before, so we’ll keep it brief.

First off, we made a game, and we’d love you to bits if you rated it for us!


Secondly, we’re very happy with our work. This has definitely been our best game to date, largely on the basis that we got it finished with enough time to put in a bit of polish. Surprising, as this was the first time we didn’t work together in the same location, instead from our respective Uni’s. Ollie (programming) has been delighted that I finally gave in and chose to keep the ideas as simple as possible (No bloody online multiplayer). We always aim to be innovative, and we really think we nailed that with the use of raycasting to make spotting enemies almost impossible, but the aid of a nightvision drone, to scout and spot enemies. We recognise from the comments that a lot could be done to improve upon the existing stealth mechanics and enemy AI, but hey, 72hrs, man.



See below examples of our core game mechanic. Drone off, and darkness everywhere, drone on, and all is revealed!



Third, here’s a lovely timelapse of our code in developement, because that’s the in thing with you lot.

LD31 Timelpase for Peni6

We hope everyone had great fun on the games, congratulations to everyone who managed to submit a final product, and don’t forget to vote! <3

We’re In

Posted by
Friday, December 5th, 2014 6:37 am

Our fourth LD Jam together, let’s do this! Just the two of us this time around:

  • Ollie (Development)
  • Olly (Art and stuff)

For once we’ll be keeping it simple with our scope. Every single entry so far has been incomplete.

Good Luck everyone!

36 hour post

Posted by
Sunday, August 24th, 2014 6:23 am

So we’re just past the halfway point, and feeling very happy with the progress we’ve made.

Brian has created three lovely songs, and is now working on the audio effects.

I (Olly) have now finalised the art style, which does mean redoing the main character. However, the Mummy, and the background, are great progress.



The Mummy, being my first ever attempt at sprites Needs a little improvement, but looks pretty good. I’ve got a feeling that our game will end up looking a bit like an old scooby do cartoon.

Ollie has worked on collision detection, the lighting, and implementing work as I finish it.

We’re about to finish watching the F1, and will be back to work shortly!


12hour mark post

Posted by
Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 6:24 am

Howdy F**kers!

Peni6 here making our first post. This be our third LD. We (Myself, Olly, and my team mate, Ollie) have a great time doing this sort of thing, though we’d love to see a change in the system for generating theme ideas (Because the same stuff is being voted through each time, I’d rather see the organisers pick a theme which they know is actually original)

  • First we made a game that used live action film as a kungfu fighting game, where the player is on a Tea based LSD trip. We came 5th in Innovation & 27th in humour. We were flippin’ chuffed!
  • Then we made a game that was essentially a multiplayer version of Motherload. It got pretty middle-of-the-road scores, and we accept that we would’ve done a lot better had we not spent the entire weekend volunteering at a robotics competition.

Now we’re competing again, and joining us from the far away land of the EST timezone is Brian Parker, who’s new to LD, and has kindly offered to take care of the music for us. Which is great, because before music has always been a last minute thought for us. He’s a lovely chap.

And now, for our LD 30 game idea…

IT’S NOT A SPACE/PLANET THEMED GAME!! http://gifrific.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/mind-blown-classic.gif And while we’re not going to give away anything major yet, I’ll show ya’ll the first bit of (almost) finished artwork.


The face needs a lot of work. He also needs a pistol & a whip, which will be his tools/weapons.

And now, I’ll hand over to Ollie, who can talk a little about his code.

Ollie here.  Had a pretty brilliant first 12 hours of development.  Blazed through the initial stuff like controls and physics and by the time for our first sleep we had a fairly minimally complete game.  Been tackling what I deemed to be the “tricky bits” for these last few hours which is what I assumed would take the most time and just got that finished.


Now for the exciting bit…

Stay tuned.

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