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A Pigeon’s Life 1.1 (…and memories)

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Thursday, December 20th, 2012 11:07 am

The last Ludum Dare gave me the occasion to jump to 10 years back in my life.

I started making “games” at the age of 14 and since then I hardly finished one, or at least a decent one. I was young and unexperienced with programming. As I started studying computer engineering I didn’t have much time to spend on game-making but the desire still remained in me, waiting to be fulfilled.

The small time given in this competition forced me to focus on the game and give 100% to make the best I could, starting from scratch. I coded until 4 A.M. (the deadline in Italy’s timezone) and even if my game is not great as I expected (ok, it’s not great from many points of view :P) I was completely satisfied. I could have made tons of games till now, maybe now I found the perfect balance between free-time and motivation to go on and do some more.

Ok, that was a little boring.

The best part of this post is the announce that I updated the version of my competition entry “A Pigeon’s Life” fixing some bugs that made the game crash:

I also added sounds and music that unfortunately I wasn’t able to add before the deadline :(

You can also download the Bundle: Game + Sounds together. Remember that the sounds and music are NOT to be judged for the Ludum Dare compo.

Here’s the link to my entry and DOWNLOAD page -> http://buff.ly/TqADDD <-



That said, enjoy! :)


A pigeon’s life: shitting on humanity

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Monday, December 17th, 2012 4:06 am

…so I started the competition with the question: who is the greatest villain of all time? I mean, the one that exists from the beginning of earth and managed to survive till now?

The answer, as you can see, was quite simple.

It’s your only chance to play the part of the most powerful race on earth. But watch out, because humans will make a strong resistance.

Battle with shit against fire to survive as much as you can!






What I did successfully:


  1. Code in 48 hours an engine that allows me to add weapons and enemies very easily (sprites are the only problem :P)
  2. Create a vintage coin-up screen blur and noise effect
  3. Think about different kind of shits
  4. Make pigeons actually funny

What I couldn’t do:

Music, unfortunately :// But an Atari-style soundtrack is about to be included soon.


NOW, take a look at it yourself:

Contest entry link -> http://buff.ly/TqADDD 

and, please, give me feedback if you want to.

Love you all.

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