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Posted by (twitter: @papacheech)
Monday, November 24th, 2014 4:27 pm

obligatory text about what I am using:

unity. photoshop. logic. Microkorg.

obligatory statement about what I plan to do:

make a game.

obligatory statement about how many ludum dares i’ve been in:

one, but I actually did pretty well.

obligatory end statement about how excited I am.

I am so excited guys!

obligatory picture of a dolphin and a cow swimming and being best friends:



Okay. maybe the picture of the cow and dolphin isn’t obligitory. but it is definitely awesome.

After using the word obligitory so many times, it has become very weird for me. I know longer understand its meaning, it sort of just floats there amongst the other words. Come back to me obligitory.




Flicker – Full Version Update

Posted by (twitter: @papacheech)
Saturday, September 6th, 2014 8:10 am


Hey all! Still hard at work on the final version of my Ludum Dare entry, Flicker papacheech.itch.io/flicker

I am adding more enemies, animations, a graphical overhaul, and other things to make this game really fun and give it more longevity. I hope you all will play it when it is finished.

For an update when the game is released as well as all the latest news, follow me on twitter @danforstinger.



Flicker: A Post Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @papacheech)
Wednesday, August 27th, 2014 3:45 pm




I ended up very happy with my first submission to Ludum Dare. It started from a simple idea: What if every step you took could come back to haunt you? What if, in the world of flicker, time is as malleable as clay?

I managed to get everything I wanted to in the game – I made sure to keep it simple.

Yet the main mechanic behind the game is one I want to explore a little more – its like a diamond half buried in the dirt. I feel like if I keep digging, I’ll be able to mine quite a bit out of this game.

So, I am going to continue development and hopefully do a full release in the next month or two!

Here is what I am planning to add:

– Bug fixes/ under the hood improvements to make adding new gameplay elements easier.

– More feedback when you accomplish something. The issue I found players were having was that it was hard to realize that when you enter a light, it actually damages the “big baddies”. So, to illustrate this better, I put a counter on each enemy that ticks down everytime you get a light, and I also am adding animations where the light “reaches out” and actually hits the enemies that can receive damage.

-Bosses and enemy types. I want the game to keep surprising you, so I have designed, and am planning to implement ten new enemy types. All the types of enemy are going to be very different, and eventually they will begin coming in different combinations. If you consider ONLY the combinations of two enemies, that is 100 different attack combinations. I am very excited for these guys, they are already  looking pretty sweet.

-Balancing, balancing, balancing. Since I am adding so much new content, I want to make sure the game is balanced, and the player will get a chance to experience all the game has to offer. I have already begun work on this by cutting the enemy spawn rate in half so games have a chance to last longer. The best scores I hear from players were in the mid-30s, which is very short. I want the game to be something you can get lost in, just spend time in this world. If that is going to happen, it needs to progress in difficulty much slower.

-Graphical overhaul. I am already very happy with the art style, but I feel like it can be improved – I am going to completely re-do the graphics ONCE the game is content-complete.

-Music. The music drives this game – the music and sounds are essential, and what I worked hardest on. I am going to keep all the sound effects I made, because I liked them alot, but I am going to rerecord the song, and add different parts to it. The song was made in a simple audio editor, and was improvised in about an hour, from conception to completion. I am going to spend a bit more time on it, and add quite a few progressions for when different enemies come, etcetera. THEN the final piece of the puzzle: a little script that adds a tick to the game based on the BPM of the song. Then I can tick the enemies movements to the music, and the sounds they make will meld perfectly with the song. This is probably the feature I am most excited for: it will be a new territory that I am exploring so I hope it works out well.


All I can say is, the feedback I have been receiving is tremendous. Thanks for the support, and I hope you all play the full version once its released!

Until then,


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