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Clean Getaway Post Mortem

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Tuesday, August 27th, 2013 3:00 pm

Overall LD27 went really well for starfeesh and my jam entry, Clean Getaway. We finished something that’s actually playable for a few minutes and I think that in itself is great.

What went right

For the first time I think we hit the mark with what we wanted to accomplish task wise. We normally shoot for the stars and fall very short, but this time our goals were simple and achievable. We focused on three main gameplay elements, and everything else was just art and level design. I think we’re both pretty pleased that we had a concept that didn’t revolve around a platformer. Mind you there’s nothing wrong with a platformer but we’ve done a few of those now and it’s nice to try something different.

While some of the graphics were a little janky, we decided on doing simple art that could be produced fairly quickly. Many of the prop models were built and skinned in half an hour, so it meant that our single artist (starfeesh) could get a lot of models finised, at least when she wasn’t fighting with blender.

Working closely together
We held small meetings pretty often, and that led to having a cohesive idea, and a good idea of what to work on next. There was only a few times where we were left feeling aimless. It also helped we were basically in the same room.


There were some good tools, and some frustrating tools. Most of the frustration came from a lack of knowledge and practice though. Unity was great, blender was a pain in the ass sometimes, especially when it came to rigging our characters. We worked together for most of the rigging and it took a good 8 hours of our time. Just goes to show that you need to practice with your tools before the contest to get stuff out of them without just spinning your wheels.

What went wrong

Poor time management
At least on the programming side, I could have planned a bit better, but we did run into some blender issues that took up a bit of my time. I really should have finished more of the core stuff the first or second day, instead of finishing most of it on the last day. This would have left some more time to fix bugs or add more content.

Not enough testing
I added quite a few lines of code the final day, and only had one outside tester test it that day. So there are a few bugs left in there. The second level was added two hours before submission so it received almost no testing at all. Hopefully we can set aside time and contact more people about testing.

Overall I am very pleased with the result, usually we run into the issue that the game lacks substance, and barely feels like a game. This time it was quite different and it is mildly entertaining.
It is a little unfortunate I don’t have cool development pictures to show.

I’ve played through a few games, and I’m constantly amazed at what everyone can produce in such a short amount of time. Very fine work. :)

Here’s the link if you’re interested in playing a nighttime bank robber.
Clean Getaway

Zombieland submitted!

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Monday, May 2nd, 2011 6:45 pm

I just submitted my first ever “complete” game! I had originally planned to stick to the 48 hour competition, but in alot of ways I’m glad I didn’t. The extra 24 hours was sorely needed, as I was able to squash some game stopping bugs and even add in a boss level. It was my first real experience with Unity and despite some strange bugs that arose during development it was a good experience. There are still lots of small bugs, but at some point I had to just call it done. I want to thank everyone who posted updates during the competition, seeing all the great games being made gave for a good drive to finish mine. All in all it was a great experience participating, I can’t wait for the next one, maybe next time I’ll finish the competition. I wish I had posted updates over the weekend, but there’s always next time. I’ll post a post-mortem tomorrow. You can view my entry at Zombieland Entry

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