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Jam H-24 (+15min)

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Sunday, August 24th, 2014 5:47 pm

The game engine is functional and it’s already pretty, so we’re happy!
It remains a day for music, level design and some polishing :)


Gl hf .

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Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 4:48 pm

A bit late, but I’m in!
I participate in jam with my friend Argl ( Soulgame ), less stress, less pressure and certainly a finished game, for once ^^

The theme does not inspire us at first, but finally we have some fun !
There will probably be some pictures tomorrow :)

Good luck, all of you !

Awesome Wolf (with a fork) – late post-mortem

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Monday, September 9th, 2013 5:07 am

In the middle of moving, I still do not have internet until the end of this Ludum. I can not vote, but I take advantage of my presence at the university to make a small post mortem.

My goals were:
-Find a basic concept easy (this point has failed me at the last ludum dare).
-Draw friendly graphics.
-Finish the basic prototype to eventually add more content then.

In my opinion, I succeeded these goals, but I didn’t had time to add more interesting elements of gameplay.

I think I have two points to improve.
First, I started from scratch. I missed code bases and experience to save time on programming basics. Next time I would use libraries and surely some basic code required in any project.
Second, I spent too much time on the graphics. I’m not a designer, so making good drawings was really time consuming. I loved invest my time in the drawing, so I want to continue this. I must learn to get to the point, not wasting my time on details, and better control my environment.

Anyway, I loved this first effective participation and I’ll do it again without hesitation.Through this Ludum Dare,  I hope to come back stronger and better prepared for the next.

See you next time :)

A small message after a workday

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Sunday, August 25th, 2013 1:20 am

Hello! I’ll try to be brief, because English is not my native language, so writing this post will take me some time (and I need time ^^)

I had given up at the last Ludum Dare, the theme did not inspire me, and my only concept was too time-consuming.
So it is both my second Ludum Dare, and the first that I can complete (I hope :))

My concept is simple: you’re a wolf and you have to eat sheep while the herdsman sleeps. He wakes up every 10 seconds, and you must be hidden in a bush when that happens.

I finished the basic programming . I still have to add to the score, some interfaces and make it playable. Then I’ll see for graphics and music, but I am not graphist or musician x)

I hope I’ll have the time to add one or two gameplay elements such as a sheepdog or other means to hide. We’ll see in time :)

A picture is worth a thousand words 😀 :


Good luck, have fun, and hello to Montpellier and “Baptème du Jeu” (sorry not to be with you this time, next time I’ll be there ^^)

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