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Code Red Post-Mortem!

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Sunday, January 1st, 2017 1:41 am


This was our first Ludum Dare and game jam ever.

Day 1:

We started throwing out ideas until we decided to do something specifically with a “zombie” demon like overpowered very fast creature.

Most of Day 1 was programming the character movement, it was my first time working in Construct 2 with platforming mostly because I’ve been working for quite some time in a top down shooter. I had some prototypes before but never went so deep into it like I had to do with this game. I focused a lot on the game feel, screenshake and so on. After the main character was programmed in the game, I started to program the scientists and the enemies, it wasn’t so much of a hard task.

The artist focused on a simplistic style to give more effort to animations, he also enjoys a lot simplistic stylish artstyles so he really enjoyed what we were going for, he started out with the main character and the enemies.

Later that night the artist focused on doing the tileset while I was dealing with bugs, special abilities and so on.


Day 2:

While I was dealing with the special abilities, game flow (HP bars, hitboxes, etc) and such, the artist was dealing with the mapping with Construct 2, he really took his time to do very large maps, even bigger than they were supossed to be lol, due to this I had to do my best to optimize the huge amount of enemies that were on screen.

It was kind of a struggle to do the grab correctly because it would bug really easily most things. I also started working on the cinematics with the artist.


Day 3:

Artist was still mapping out content like crazy while I was adjusting most things, I was working on the outro and some other things like door switches and the climbing, the climbing was really hard to set up properly. Some enemy polishing and I also worked out on the gore which was quite an important part about the game. I also had to implement the audio a friend of us provided made in BSFX which was really nice of him, and which fitted the game perfectly. We got a royalty free song for the game called Welcome to Chaos from Ross Budgen, which we are quite thankful for, people seemed to love it.

We worked our asses off until there were only 2 MINUTES left to upload it, huh we were really in quite a rush, my artist was shouting “PLEASE UPLOAD THE BUILD OH MY GOD”, we were so fucking nervous in that Discord chat.


What went good:

People really loved the artstyle and everyone loved how good it felt to scream and blast a bunch of enemies, execution animations where people would make enemies explode and cut their body in half was something really loved by the community, we really loved how we pulled off everything, we were quite proud of ourselves considering it was our first game jam! It was quite a heart stopping experience lol.

We got featured in Newgrounds and we were also in the second top daily pick, that made us cry of happiness. We also discovered that we went on the honorable mentions of the Top 5 indie games of December by Indieformer, that also made us really damn happy! People made some lets plays, we got really hart warming messages, it was really nice <3. Itch.io also led us to get some lets plays and visibility for the guys at indieformer!





What went bad:

People criticized the design of the maps because there were some really hard jumping sections, also the controls were clunky at release, I did my best about that but the time given and my experience about platformers really struck me (We really did absolutely everything in the 3 days with Construct 2 and Pyxel Edit). Some people also criticized the game design because there were some unexplained things in the game (There was a running button that was only explained in the description and some people talked about how slow they were when they weren’t pressing it, artist says “Yeah I fucked up by asking for a running button instead of letting it just run lol”). Also it was kind of wayyy too hard, so after fixing the other things and after reading a lot of Newgrounds feedback we added checkpoints inside of levels, before you’d have to beat the whole level (There are 2) to get a checkpoint.

In the post jam version I tried my best to fix all of the issues within release, we kept the same content but we polished every issue the game had related to movement, bugs, game design and such, we really want you to play that one haha instead of the jam one haha!

Overall it was a completely new experience to us and we loved how it went, we had some up and downs but nothing can compare to the good feel of most people enjoying the game, we’re so thankful ot the Ludum Dare jam for allowing us to grow Code Red inside our hearts and on many community members.

In case you’d like to play and rate the game it’s right here! <———-

Code Red – An insane action platformer

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Wednesday, December 14th, 2016 12:50 pm


Code Red is an action platformer where you take control of an specimen that has escaped out of his containment chamber needing something, nourish yourself with human flesh while your mind is stormed with the need of reaching a room.

We’ve had quite a good reception about the game, our only issue is that some didn’t really felt comfortable about the controls, we would love to have more feedback about the controls, so if anyone is willing to give us some nice feedback we would love that! This was our first Ludum Dare by the way 😀

Here’s the link!

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