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Danger beneath surface of Siberia

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Wednesday, April 30th, 2014 5:34 am


Hello everyone! We are team from Siberia, chilled heart of Mother Russia (so forgive me my english, i’ve been taught by wild bears) and It’s our first time with Ludum Dare. When ld29 stated it was morning of saturday here, so sleepy and hungry we came to an office,  where we all work (yes, we all work in one company), and started our brainstorm. At the beginning we had some really nice ideas like 3d-shooter, starcraft-like strategy and 2d-runner, but we’ve stopped on time manager, because, you know, other are too common today. So, we took time manager, spiced it with a little economics and decided that it should be planet. The plot is simple – evil professor frozen planet core, and now all humanity in danger, player should save people building rockets. To make it looks like a game we add some PvE – at first variant frozen core expanded linearly and sometimes pull out frozen chains, which killed people when reach surface. So, danger beneath surface, and you, hero, should save people and hold freeze by special warming satellites, which suddenly looks like Death Stars (any resemblance to persons living, dead, or fictional or situations past, present, or fictional is purely and completely coincidental). So with this ideas we stared.


This is red square on blank screen satellite prototype (you know, one of that russian satellites, which breaks into pieces on orbit). First of all, to make it work, we’ve made our own shine method to translate from cartesian to polar coordinate, and it made our work much more simple, really MUCH more. Satellites here already moving, but it’s hard to be seen at png. Moving by circle was resolved easily and dirty – every touch location translates to polar coordinates, than they cut to needed radius and translates back to cartesian. Nothing really interesting here, so go on.


    Planet prototype with frozen expanding core, and still invisible frozen chains (white dots expose start and end points of each chain. Expanding core was made with simple mask and to images of planet – normal and frozen. Chains (as you can see on next picture), made by overlapping images in direction from start point to end point.


Merged! Now satellites and chains hate each other. It was quite hard to made them work together and to throw heating event from satellite to chain. Here we decided that chains will not decrease smoothly, but will have HP and decrease to core after HP drops to zero (here comes 3d-shooter ideology). And here we decided that core will expand only when chain reach surface. Coz it should be game, not alarm clock.


Here comes econimics! And also our artist made background with stars, so now it looks like a planet. How it looks now you can see if you play our game :)

I think it’s already too much for one post, so, in conclusion, we made it with cocos2dx framework (wait for iOs build!) in a team of 5 people (artist and 4 programmers). Thank you for attention, hope you wasn’t bored. Bye!

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