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Eye in the Sky : Post-Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @@onepixelmonster)
Tuesday, April 21st, 2015 2:29 pm



Something weird happens to my brain when I’m really, really tired; I get the most bizarre, creepy, fucked-up ideas…

It started out innocently enough; my unconventional weapon would be a magnifying glass. The game; a top-down super light coop rpg, inspired by Starve Together. I wanted to create some sort of interdependent relationship between two very different characters. I came up with a simple idea; one character would be a hapless adventurer, unable to defend himself. The other would be a protector of sorts; an “invisible” magnifying glass, hovering over the dungeon, able to kill foes attacking the adventurer.

Progress was brisk at first. I’m not a Unity veteran, but I can hold my own. I usually waste a lot of time early on making assets that wont make to the final release. This time around I was more disciplined; I stuck with coding and design and managed to make a somewhat ok game-loop in a few hours. I was tired, but happy. I should have gone to bed. I didn’t.

I was too tired to code, so I fired up LabChirp and Audacity, and started work on the audio side of things. A few hours later my ears were ringing, so I switched to Photoshop and MagicaVoxel. A couple of hours later my eyes were burning. I should have gone to bed. I didn’t.

That’s when I started having bizarre ideas. What do you do with a magnifying glass? You MAGNIFY THINGS! Like the dungeon, the hero (now known as “Guy”), the monsters… which should be ants of course! Let’s look at the game through the glass! Oh, and I need a warped lens effect! And then, instead of sleeping on it, I went back to Unity…

The next day, I found that I was locked-in; either go with what I had or start from scratch and deliver something incomplete. That was sunday night. I decided to continue with the project and this I what I ended up with; Eye in the Sky.

I’m mostly happy with it; its weird looking and playing, but it works somehow, sort of… I’m having a really hard time being objective with that one, so try it out for yourself :) Vote!




-Sleep is an important part of a gamejam; plan for it.
-MagicaVoxel is the fastest way to create cool 3d assets (if you like that pixelized look). Very Minecraft-like.
-LabChirp is awesome. So is GrainBender for iOS.
-I suck at music.
-Gummy Bears can keep you going for a long time.
-I love gamejams. When’s the next one??

Eye 2015-04-21 00-12-35-38_1

Eye in the Sky

Posted by (twitter: @@onepixelmonster)
Monday, April 20th, 2015 11:34 pm

Done with my first LDJam!

Really happy with my work, but still unsure if its fun or if it makes any sense at all :) This is one of the most bizarre game I’ve ever made, and also one of the more difficult I’ve had to describe… The weapon is a magnifying glass. Its a two player coop game… both using the same controller. Which makes little sense. Anyway. I’m super sleepy. Votes and comments are welcome!


clip1 clip2eye6

I’m so in!

Posted by (twitter: @@onepixelmonster)
Friday, April 17th, 2015 12:15 pm

This is my obligatory “I’m in!” message. Makes it harder to back out also :)

I’ll be using Unity with C#, Bfxr/Labchirp/Figure/Audacity for audio and music, PhotoShop and Genetica for graphics and maybe a bit of 3DSMax.

To stay awake; podcasts and loud music (Bowie/Ween/Tame Impala). And energy drinks a-plenty!


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