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Blending Between Shapes In a Nightmare

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Monday, April 18th, 2016 11:49 pm


At first, I didn’t care¬†much for the theme, but then decided this was a great opportunity to experiment with some silly blendshapes and custom joint animations in Maya along with evoking mood in Unity. The end result¬†is undoubtedly idiosyncratic — more of a tech demo than a game. But I’m pleased with it. The only problem it has is with some fussiness with Unity’s First Person Controller. Keep jumping and you’ll eventually arrive at your goal, I promise. I need to smooth over those colliders. Conveyance is also an issue.

When you get the third dreamcatcher, a new morph target will appear near the middle of the level, which will take you to the end goal.

Please feel free to leave me a honest critique. I can only improve with your feedback. If you leave me a comment, I will certainly check yours out as well. Thanks!

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