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It’s not dead yet it just smells funny

Posted by
Sunday, August 30th, 2015 10:26 am

A bit of a post-mortem thing for the LD33 game. A few of you seemed to be actually interested in it, so I guess I’ll say something about why I didn’t submit.


Yeah, that one. With the whole social experiment of having all levels be user-created and sorted by how many deaths they’ve caused.

By 3 AM Tuesday, the online features were mostly working. The gameplay part itself had some glitches related to the player’s growing/shrinking powers, and was missing things like thrusters for tiles (which seemed like too big of a gameplay element to leave out). No audio, no in-game help.

All in all, it was enough incompleteness to drop out for. Not worth the inevitable sea of “it’s confusing” “how’s this related to the theme” sort of comments and 500-something rankings.

It ain’t easy doing a multiplayer game, but now I have the know-how. I started too late on a couple of things, but had a pretty chill weekend designing it, and the framework is still there.

So I’ll still be working on this one and spamming about it here. It’s the sort of project where I’ll want to tweak with different tilesets and musical pieces and all sorta cool transition animations, instead of having to rush things. It’s my little bonsai garden from now on.

Moving parts

Posted by
Monday, August 24th, 2015 1:03 am


Ladders will wreck your shit.

And it’s not a problem at all. It’s important that each tile has multiple uses, and this is what occupies most of my thinking in this project. There’s gonna be less than 10 elements total, but each of them has some ways of being helpful as well as a nuisance. Like, the mushrooms aren’t simply “spikes with a different sprite”- the formalism here is that they shrink you. (Which means they’re actually fatal only when you’re 1×1-sized.)

There’s another thing that follows naturally from this design approach. Since your main gimmick is eating things and breaking stuff with your fat ass and spitting things back out, you can indeed eat everything. Including the exit. First of all, it’s hilarious, but it will also result in sufficiently evil puzzles in the right hands.

On the last jam morno, I’m actually not feeling overwhelmed. There’s still quite a bit of edge case sort of things to define, yes, but I feel like I know what I’m doing. All the online features are fundamentally working, happy to say I even eliminated an entire class of problems about too fast calls blocking each other.

To-do list top priority: wonder if the ballad type of song in the editor is overdoing it

Daily reminder: you are fat

Posted by
Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 3:01 am



List of things that are going smoothly: this.

You can access the global game state now, as well as STORE AND LOAD LEVELS ONLINE ON YOUR PERSONAL COMPUTING MACHINE, and it’s blowing my mind a bit.

Have to say the Gamejolt API has been hassle-free so far. Thought this would take longer. Well, this means I can actually dedicate my time to gameplay.

Cuteness appropriate for the ensuing sadism

Posted by
Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 1:41 pm



All the content in the game is user-generated and constantly gets shifted around. The more people fail a level, the higher it rises in the tower of power, so less newbies will come across it. When people complete a level, they get all its building blocks to use in their own levels. There’s a limited supply of blocks in the editor – as an in-game currency for all intents and purposes – so you’ll have to beat others’ levels every now and then. Or just be creative with the little pocket money you have.

The mechanics (more on that later) allow for some crazy next level solutions that are bound to cause many “WTF is this even possible” reactions. Being a full-on monster with your level designs is encouraged for the sake of competition.

Of course, the author always has to complete their own level before it’s legit to submit, so the game won’t be just full of unbeatable penis swastikas.

Yeah, I know, the theme is basically a straight up repeat. But I can deal with that, and I think I’ve got some kind of a direction for the game, accounting for the multiplayer elements I’ve been planning.

People build stuff, then someone comes in to break it and claim the pieces as their own. Maybe it’s like levels that people edit, then a challenger appears, and upon completion gets the tiles to use in their own levels.

Basically something that captures the feeling of this pic:

It’s 5 AM, so hell if I’m gonna actually start working on anything yet. I want to have a compact design before even touching any assets.

I’m in… the cupboard!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by
Friday, August 21st, 2015 8:14 am

pls help i dont know how i got here

…Although this is one stylish cupboard. Just screams #design.

And design brings us to game design. My challenge for this LD is out:

15:25 < Jwatt> This is it
15:25 < Jwatt> After quite a few LDs, I’m gonna give it a shot
15:25 < Jwatt> At making an online multiplayer game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

It’s an interesting personal sub-theme that’ll spice up Ludum Dare for me after Idon’tevenknowhowmany LDs.

More than that, now’s the right time for a multiplayer experiment. It’s a logical progression from my previous (local multiplayer) LD game, as well as my Indies vs Gamers entry (where I learned to use the handy Gamejolt multiplayer API). Thumbnails link to each of them, if you wanna try:


Of course, I don’t have an idea of what I’m gonna make – I’ll let the theme selection inspire me. But here’s some preparation notes that I have in mind, to show you I’m still thinking rationally:

  • It’s pretty much certainly not going to be real-time. That’s in a whole different league of mad skillz.
  • It could feature user-created content.
  • It could feature collaboration.
  • Even if there were competition, you wouldn’t have to wait in a lobby for other players to join. Some “action at a distance” is good design when you can’t assume someone’s logged in at any given moment, but still want to let people to just play the damn thing.
  • Any of the above three points would have to be the focus of the game to keep things simple.
  • With the Gamejolt API at the core, I’ll make sure you won’t have to register a Gamejolt account or something annoying like that. Global data is the jam way to go, with user-specific passcodes crudely saved in your hard drive.
  • Trappy Tomb, jimmypaulin’s earlier LD entry, used multiplayer features to cleverly spice up a game with no other player interaction. That could be inspirational too.
  • If everything else fails, simply having online high scores is a reasonable cop-out.

So with these in mind, I think there’s gonna be plenty of room in this cupboard for all of us. Be seeing you in 12 hours smoochies BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE BUY BYE BYE

Things in motion

Posted by
Sunday, July 19th, 2015 11:27 pm


It’s done, yo.

Pretty proud of it, such a simple scope yet I’m replaying it as if it were a real game made by a real game developer. Some of the tweaks and stretch goals had to be cut out, but there are no known bugs that would affect scoring. Featuring the first track I’ve made on my new music equipment (which I’m gonna keep humblebragging about).

Play it, accidentally log in and vote 5 stars aww yeaa, go generate some buzz on the social medias.



A sneeze from another dimension

Posted by
Saturday, July 18th, 2015 1:13 pm


Righto. So I’m doing that Gamejolt Let’s Player jam thing. Since it doesn’t have a similar blag system and the interface is garbage and I don’t know anyone there, I’ll blag about it over here.

So as the gif shows, you’re in for some next level dodging in an arena that keeps shifting around you. Don’t fall out or get crushed. This part of it is just about complete, but I can always tinker with the controls and try to rid of some collision quirks.

I knew I’d struck gold with this idea cause it seems kinda unique for relatively little work and I’m already having fun replaying it. Early playtesters seemed to find it addictive.

Next up is some variety in the form of upgrades and moving enemies, perhaps. At some point, you’ve got to clear out the shifting blocks to maintain a survivable state. And since I just bought a new keyboard with jams in mind, you bet it’s gonna have fitting music too.

Oh right, I’ve also gotta jam in the Gamejolt API for high scores, which is kind of the point of the event. Turns out making a game like this is a neat and relaxing bit of twiddling in the middle of my recently busy life, and doubles as LD preparation.

I’m not gonna be a tease, you can playtest it, too.

[LD intensifies]

Posted by
Friday, April 24th, 2015 10:34 am

Usually after LD I make a post where I’m like “yeah I’m gonna develop this further” and never do. Now I already have SO YEAH:

Hot gif-on-text action too:

Just look at those sexy pink buildings.

Now contains a practice mode, graphical/usability tweaks, and a duct tape fix to a rather esoteric race condition that I doubt anyone actually noticed.

Next up is an actual title screen, more FM music than just that silly loop, and even more graphical tweaks. It’s easy to publish these quick updates, since there’s no need to revamp the gameplay. Protip: just get it right the first time.

Why what a lovely day today isn’t it Mrs. SNRAZBERSSON

Posted by
Monday, April 20th, 2015 10:11 pm

My fellow Ludum dorks, I’m proud to present:


Terraform Junction VS

The last LD I didn’t manage to submit anything, but now I’ve bounced back hard, cause this is fast becoming one of my personal favorites. It’s like I’ve just given birth to a beautiful child and it’s already learned to walk by itself. So basically the same kind of pride like after my first game jam, except of course with experience having ironed out the technical difficulties.

The end result is more minimalistic and unarguably more fun to play than my original design. All it really took to get this to the end was a bit of guided improv. And some dumb luck I guess. Jam spirit and all that.

Grab a friend and share a keyboard for 10 mins. You remember how people used to do that, right?

No English only h y p e

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2015 9:58 am


I just had an ‘aha’ moment: I realized my original idea actually describes a territory control game rather than an overarching strategy game.

me IRL

This is HUGE because it changes surprisingly little technically, but simplifies so much of the gameplay and makes it more fun/accessible/not-having-to-write-as-much-instructionsy. Also local multiplayer is gonna be just right for a game like this.

I may have to take the extra jam day to accomodate for the focus shift, what with the Finnish elections thingthang eating into my dev time and all. But this rocket has really taken off now.

hip1me IRL

Steadily BUILDING a game hoh hoh

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2015 7:36 am

What’d you expect, a shooting game? I get the most out of LDs by doing twists on themes instead of going the obvious route. This time, you’re bombarded by an unconventional weapon that shoots buildings at your cursor. Which means it’s sort of a city-building Tetris I guess. There’s lots of creative risks to take with this, and it’s turning out to be kinda unique in my head.

This time I’m gonna be smart too and keep my files somehow in more or less one place. will be the go-to site for all your Jwatt LD32 purposes. Contains a stable build already!

First dick too, Courtesy of Jeviny:

I did look it up though and it was 32

Posted by
Monday, April 6th, 2015 10:21 am

Wow srsly, this is the first time that I legit couldn’t recall what the number of this LD was gonna be, or how many times I’ve participated without actually counting.

me IRL

Of course, dealing with numbers larger than n won’t impede on my inevitable participation. Lemme just pop in first, with like a Windows ‘pop‘ sound effect, cause my back is getting tired.

q69VJPc2me IRL

There we go. So my mind palace is loaded with Flashfunk, YM2612, Grafx2, pen and paper, beer, spams on IRC, and Jeviny’s playlist. I still dream of making the ultimate gimmicky sim game. Oh, and despite having 7 exams in April alone, I’ve organized a schedule with a spare block for Ludum purposes, so I won’t have to spend the precious weekend cramming like what happened last time.

me IRL

See ya, stay pleb, and remember kids, make games not engines. Cause otherwise you’ll be all “”but I makey game noboydy knows how DO MAKey game boo boo muh performance C/C++ octree”” with bright green programmer grass and jumping and shooting like pew pew but you didn’t have time to add more pews a-a-and autotracker music and pokeyman with the pokey and the man and where the guy comes out and then I’m gonna pee all over your stuff thANK YOU FOR LISTENING.

Still shouting from joy at this point

Posted by
Saturday, December 6th, 2014 4:49 am





I didn’t even make one of these yet what is this

Posted by
Friday, December 5th, 2014 12:55 pm

/me crawls out of a tunnel with appropriate grunting

I think this is like my 11th LD now yea whateva I’m losing count eat your veggies sweetheart

a trendy “”Info-Graphic”” to guide your mouth from the comfort of your very own Personal Internet Web Computer System

In a lot of ways, this is a fresh start. Even re-brandabandled my name to a shorter form. Think of LD31 as the pilot of my “Ludum Dare: Season Two”.


What if I were brand new to jams? How did I approach games back then? Of course these days I have Flashfunk, so this isn’t some sort of return to the dark ages of Pygame. It’s more about making something technically simple but innately fun to play around with. I recently rediscovered my love for simulation/resource management/sandbox style things, so you might be warranted to expect an entry like that. Something with basic rules and lots of possible outcomes to explore, without some sort of predefined puzzles ruining your fun.

Or my fun. If I’ve learned something, it’s that overthinking game systems ruins the development process as well as the actual gameplay. At least I have other work on this weekend too, which means LD is gonna be genuinely a way of having fun instead of some serious business that leads to an unfulfilling game.

Thanks work I love work bring me more woRK TO DO ON A FRIDAY EVENING FUCK AAAAAAAAAAAEAE

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