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#ludumdare is a fun place

Posted by
Wednesday, December 30th, 2015 9:11 am

15:36 < LiamLime> The distribution of ratings in LD is literally a gaussian curve
15:36 < LiamLime> Which does not represent the actual quality
15:37 < LiamLime>
15:37 < LiamLime> that’s for overall from the last jam, for example
15:37 < LiamLime> blue being compo, green being jam
15:37 < LiamLime> theme:
15:37 < LiamLime> fun:
15:38 < LiamLime> audio:
15:38 < LiamLime> etc
15:38 < LiamLime> It’s all normal distributions
15:38 < LiamLime> Basically what you’d get if everyone cast a completely random vote
15:39 < Inari[Neppy]> LiamLime: with a random vote you’d get random games gettin good votes
15:40 < Inari[Neppy]> not good games getting good votes
15:40 < LiamLime> Inari[Neppy] The distribution does not represent what the games are like in LD
15:40 < Inari[Neppy]> LiamLime: how so?
15:40 < LiamLime> The majority of the graph should be descending
15:41 < LiamLime> Especially for overall
15:41 < LiamLime> there should be many games with an average overall of 1 and 2, and ever fewer as you get towards the 5 region
15:42 < LiamLime> I mean literally
15:42 < LiamLime> If you had a random number generator make up votes, this is what you’d get:
15:42 < LiamLime> Peek at 3, as you’d expect
15:42 < Inari[Neppy]> sure, but not the same games would ge tthe same votes
15:42 < Fine> that depends on the number generator
15:43 < Fine> normal distribution is probably a good approximation for the average back-pat LD vote, though
15:43 < Jwatt> Yeah
15:43 < Jwatt> The sorta person who leaves a comment like “nice”
15:43 < Jwatt> And rates everything 3
15:43 < Fine> alliel_a says …
15:43 < Fine> Dec 26, 2015 @ 1:00pm
15:43 < Fine> nice game
15:43 < Jwatt> The sorta person who owns flanel shirts
15:43 < LiamLime> But if backpatting is a consideration, then you are left with 3 votes to cast
15:43 < Fine> I am basically Notch now
15:43 < Jwatt> The sorta person who likes vanilla ice cream
15:43 < LiamLime> 3 = horrible, bad, awful, medicore, back pat
15:43 < LiamLime> 4 = alright
15:43 < LiamLime> 5 = good
15:44 < Jwatt> The sorta person who thinks space is kinda cool but only looks at pictures of nebulae with quotes on them
15:44 < Inari[Neppy]> whats wrong iwth liking vanilla icecream
15:44 < LiamLime> Hey, remember when demotivators were a thing?
15:44 < Jwatt> The sorta person who isn’t affected by post-9/11 zeitgeist
15:44 < Inari[Neppy]> just cause you like your icecream kinky
15:44 < Fine> holy shit my game has like 30% nice-rate
15:45 < Jwatt> The sorta person who codes in Java
15:45 < Fine> it’s terrible isn’t it
15:45 < LiamLime> Anyway
15:45 < LiamLime>
15:45 < Jwatt> The sorta person who uses windshield wipers in the summer
15:45 < Jwatt> The sorta person who doesn’t discriminate between varieties of orange juice
15:46 < Inari[Neppy]> OJ is a nice topic
15:46 < Jwatt> Let me have this guys I’m having a field day
15:46 < Inari[Neppy]> i have to yet find one that tastes good
15:46 < Inari[Neppy]> they all dont taste like OJ
15:46 < Inari[Neppy]> :<
15:46 < Jwatt> The sorta person who thinks Kindle books are the same thing as physical books
15:46 < Inari[Neppy]> they mostly are ;D
15:46 < Fine> do they think Minecraft is great
15:46 < Jwatt> The sorta person who hasn’t cancelled their subscription to newspapers in 2015
15:47 < Inari[Neppy]> lol
15:47 < Inari[Neppy]> jwatt typing out all the things she hates
15:47 < Jwatt> The sorta person who thinks cannibalism is morally wrong but hasn’t ever had to argue against it
15:48 < Jwatt> The sorta person whose favorite color is “plaid”
15:48 < Jwatt> The sorta person who played the guitar in high school but hasn’t since
15:48 < Fine> you sure hate plaid, don’t you
15:48 < Fine> what did the scotsmen do to you
15:49 < Jwatt> Hold on we’re almost at the end guys
15:49 < Fine> are you gonna keep going until this is specific enough to identify a single person you particularly dislike
15:49 < Jwatt> The sorta person who doesn’t care about the distinction between “bit” and “byte”
15:50 < Jwatt> The sorta person who’s gonna call you out if you say “tomorrow” when you mean the day that’s already changed at 00:20
15:50 < Inari[Neppy]> days change at 00:20?
15:51 < Jwatt> The sorta person who would be a smartass about the thing I am criticising about smartasses
15:51 < Fine> the sorta person who points out your slightly unclear wording when you are quickly typing out train-of-thought
15:51 < Inari[Neppy]> lol
15:51 < Jwatt> The sorta person who owns those little wet towel things
15:52 < Inari[Neppy]> the sorta person that dislikes polygamy by principle :<
15:52 < Jwatt> The sorta person who thinks 128 kbps sounds okay and consequently has their entire music library at that quality
15:52 < Jwatt> The sorta person whose favorite band is “whatever’s on the radio but no rap or country”
15:53 < Fine> rap is awful though
15:53 < Inari[Neppy]> interesting point
15:53 < Inari[Neppy]> i dont have a favourite band, mostly because no band i’Ve found yet had more than a few songs i liked ūüėõ
15:53 < Jwatt> (The implication is that that’s all the genres they can name but we’ll get to that once I’m done with this gold mine)
15:53 < Inari[Neppy]> usually i like 1-2
15:53 < Inari[Neppy]> and then none
15:54 < Jwatt> The sorta person who takes yearly photos of themselves in the same set with the same clothes and the same expression
15:55 < Jwatt> And the sorta person who read all this shit and finds nothing amusing in any of it
15:55 < Jwatt> There
15:55 < Jwatt> I’m done
15:55 < Jwatt> For now DUN DUN DUNNN
15:55 * Inari[Neppy] hands Jwatt a medal
15:59 < Fine> Jwatt: oh, oh, the sorta person who lists “Having fun” as one of their interest
16:00 < VDZ> I personally consider ‘nice concept’ to be worse than ‘nice’
16:00 < VDZ> Like, what’s that supposed to mean? ‘At least you tried’?
16:01 < Jwatt> Fine: I like that
16:01 < Inari[Neppy]> it means they like your take on the theme
16:01 < Inari[Neppy]> imo ūüėõ
16:01 < VDZ> Probably not what the poster is trying to say, they’re just posting a random positive comment
16:01 < Fine> I also had comments in the past tense
16:01 < VDZ> But like, what about the actual thing I made
16:01 < Jwatt> They just felt like they had to say something
16:01 < Jwatt> Cause they’re that sorta person
16:01 < Fine> I guess what I’ll take home is the game doesn’t hold your interest that long
16:01 < Inari[Neppy]> VDZ: well it might imply your concept is nicer than your execution
16:01 < VDZ> I spent like half an hour coming up with an idea, then I worked my ass off to make it
16:02 < Jwatt> Who thinks silence is worse than pooping out some noise from your mouth

End of an era

Posted by
Sunday, December 27th, 2015 6:05 pm

Alright,¬†I’ve been hearing enough complaints¬†about me using Flash for jam games. Because of the 3 Arch Linux tinfoil hats around the world that don’t have Flash installed, I’ve decided that the rational thing to do is clearly to Shift+Delete all my reliable,¬†versatile¬†dev tools on a whim¬†and start from scratch in¬†the¬†volatile HTML5 environment. So, uh, GET HYPE.

I chose because reasons. Some of my doodling is leading me to making a boss rush game where you can only move with propulsion. Which also sets things on fire.


It’s like the dumbest¬†thing ever. Which is great, cause then I feel no pressure about making it.

You can check out some basic controls at, which might be updated to a cooler build without a warning.

It’s not for any jam in particular but I’m making it with a similar improvisational¬†mindset. Maybe the progress doesn’t quite indicate it, but¬†I¬†feel like¬†focusing on¬†character design: making one interesting boss per stage¬†with its own¬†gameplay gimmick. Of course the bosses will spice up fights¬†with¬†gratuitous Jwatt humor as well.

So look forward to meeting…

The onion who just wants to be your tutorial guide¬†but whom you’ll be grilling¬†right off the bat while¬†feeling like a dick!!! WHOAO SPOILERZ!!!!!!!

The extraterrestrial fennec fox who covers up parts of the stage with its stupid dialogue boxes!!!


The… medusa who’s cross with you because she¬†thinks she’s stubbed a toe which she doesn’t have?? I guess??

And uh maybe some sorta neurotic afro dude who keeps obsessively rearranging his stage yeah ok

Extra Oxygene

Posted by
Friday, December 25th, 2015 10:57 am


So I made Neo Oxygene this LD. It looks something like that. (I still¬†haven’t taken other representative screenshots, heh.)

I gotta say this is one of the most fun LDs I had. I didn’t feel stressed about whether it’ll meet some¬†standards. I just sort of twiddled some variables around until there was a functional enough game on the screen. Most of what I chose to work on was the fun parts in my idea of gamedev.

It’s a system that you can interact with. Especially¬†in game jams, I often like to make abstract things, systems that have creative¬†output for your input. I guess my¬†games tend to lack a human element. People feel disconnected from my games because of that. But that’s just the kind of guy I am.

Consequently, I don’t expect a game like Neo Oxygene to end up on “best of” lists. It’s an experiment, more of a toy than a game, and¬†I’m glad to see¬†a bunch of people have found it interesting to play with regardless. Ratings aside, I’d personally say it’s 80%¬†of the way like I¬†envisioned it. If anything, it lacks a feedback loop between the two screens.¬†Once you get good at it, you’ll basically just keep going¬†endlessly, and the high score thing to compensate for a¬†lack of measurable progress is just laziness on my part. So just taking this¬†content further, in a nutshell – not inventing an entirely different system.

I’ve stopped counting exactly how many game jams I’ve participated in, but¬†20 is in the right ballpark. Some years back, it would’ve seemed so distant that I could just whip up a solid system like this for a jam, without entirely straining myself. I mean compared to back when I didn’t know better than to program almost all game logic inside a huge main function. When adding a new transition would break everything for hours. Now I can intuitively think in states and scripts and handle a whole bunch of design concepts with a handwave.

It’s good to have that bit of perspective now and then;¬†that sudden realization of how making something that’s a game is actually really cool in itself. That during some weekend, thousands of people are tasked to write a bunch of symbols in a text file, put some pixels and sounds¬†together, and many of the results of this great randomizer are actually very unique and high-quality experiences¬†–¬†or at least promising soil for later growth.

It’s too easy to forget about the coolness of game development when you’re lost in your web of technicalities, or when you think you know what you’re doing and fall into lazy patterns. There’s something endlessly rewarding about mentally placing yourself back in the primal inspiration of your novice days. Like thinking about what kinds of games you *would have wanted to make* back when you¬†were just fumbling to put some pieces together.

Probably many of you people are in that phase where you don’t really know what you’re doing, and you’re uncertain about even being able to finish something for a game jam… let alone taking crazy¬†creative risks. You might have a critic’s sense of what good gameplay is like, but you don’t know how to inject that into your games, either technically or design-wise.¬†I don’t know what to say to that, except: just keep pushing.

it has been unleashed,,,,,,,,,,,,

Posted by
Monday, December 14th, 2015 10:22 pm



So I’m calling this beast Neo Oxygene. It combines both themes through its dual screen: there’s a growing side and a two-button side with a shared resource pool. I had fun making this and the outcome is delightfully weird, go see if you can jam to the Jwatt aesthetic.

me IRL

Posted by
Monday, December 14th, 2015 2:34 am


me irl

On second thought, having a tutorial person feels like out of scope for my game now, but let it be remembered that I thought up this fucking guy.

Wait what there’s gameplay too?!

Posted by
Sunday, December 13th, 2015 1:30 pm

This game continues being the most clever shit I swear. So there’s two screens showing all the time, and only one of them is active at a time, but they do influence each other. I do realize I’m the poor bastard who’s gonna have to write a tutorial thing for this eventually, so I’ll sketch it out for you.

gnarly af2

Those magenta spots are containers for resources. You can build them wherever on the left screen, just don’t let the tree-tentacle-whatever grow over them. By cutting parts of the vines, resources drop out as bouncing balls and you gotta actually catch them with your mouse, filling up the containers.

Once you think you have enough, you can move on to the screen on the right, which is still gratuitously unfinished. But it’s basically a simplistic mini-game with two buttons: one maintains your momentum, and the other uses a special. Pressing the buttons consumes resources from the containers you’ve prepared.

(I’m thinking of a shmup, but I’ll probably have to make it into a rhythm game or something)

Now, it might blow your mind that EVERYTHING ON THE RIGHT SCREEN HAPPENS INSIDE THE VINES. Every colored branch is also a sector to investigate. The longer the branch you fight through, the more loot you’ll bring back (to protect your containers), but you’ll also need to have acquired tons of fuel for the trip.

Oh, and the vines still keep growing as you play the minigame. And you have no way of influencing the left screen while inside a branch. Hope you didn’t need those fuel containers you left unprotected.

So I guess this is actually happening on my screen

Posted by
Saturday, December 12th, 2015 8:00 pm


This game continues to be the weirdest shit I swear. The gameplay of the growing mode is ultimately large-scale resource management with some twists.

It even generates actually pretty arborescent structures now (if you squint a little) which repair themselves aggressively.



Now with apian coloring

Posted by
Saturday, December 12th, 2015 3:11 pm


So this is the sort of procedural tree you’ll be tending to. Do note the cool blinking indicators for possible extensions and new branches. I’m in my element, I’ve always loved tweaking with generative stUFF




Posted by
Saturday, December 12th, 2015 8:58 am

So guys, whoah. We seriously got a tied theme. I will not be able to get over this, not after all the times we’ve joked about it.


Since the other theme is more of a technical restriction and the other’s an inspirational one, now’s the perfect time to take this double theme literally. That is, I’ll have two interacting game modes.

The first is about being chill and growing a tree to farm fuel. The other is about being not so chill and using that fuel to survive in a two-button shmup.

The image’s just a mockUP WHOA DID YOU JUST FLIP MY SWITCH






It’s not dead yet it just smells funny

Posted by
Sunday, August 30th, 2015 10:26 am

A bit of a post-mortem thing for the LD33 game. A few of you seemed to be actually interested in it, so I guess I’ll say something¬†about why I didn’t submit.


Yeah, that one. With the whole¬†social experiment of having all levels be user-created and sorted by¬†how many deaths they’ve caused.

By 3 AM Tuesday, the online features were¬†mostly working. The gameplay part itself had some glitches¬†related to¬†the player’s growing/shrinking powers, and was missing things like thrusters for¬†tiles¬†(which seemed like¬†too big of a gameplay element to leave out). No audio, no in-game help.

All in all, it was enough¬†incompleteness¬†to drop out for.¬†Not¬†worth the inevitable sea of “it’s confusing” “how’s this related to¬†the theme” sort of comments and 500-something rankings.

It ain’t easy¬†doing a multiplayer game, but now I have the know-how. I started too late on a couple of things, but had a pretty chill¬†weekend designing¬†it, and the¬†framework¬†is¬†still there.

So I’ll still be working on¬†this one and spamming about it here. It’s the sort of project where I’ll want to tweak with different tilesets and musical pieces and all sorta cool transition animations, instead of¬†having to rush things. It’s my little bonsai garden from now on.

Moving parts

Posted by
Monday, August 24th, 2015 1:03 am


Ladders will wreck your shit.

And it’s not a problem at all. It’s important that each tile has multiple uses, and this is what occupies most of my thinking in this project. There’s¬†gonna be less than 10 elements total, but each of them has some ways of being helpful as well as a nuisance. Like, the mushrooms¬†aren’t simply¬†“spikes¬†with a different sprite”- the formalism here is that they shrink you. (Which means they’re actually fatal only when you’re 1×1-sized.)

There’s another thing¬†that follows naturally from this design approach.¬†Since your main gimmick¬†is eating things and breaking stuff with your fat ass and spitting things¬†back out,¬†you can indeed eat everything. Including the exit. First of all, it’s¬†hilarious, but¬†it will also result in sufficiently¬†evil¬†puzzles in the right¬†hands.

On the last jam¬†morno, I’m actually not feeling overwhelmed. There’s still quite a bit of edge case sort of things¬†to define, yes, but I feel like I know what I’m doing. All the online features¬†are fundamentally working, happy to say I even eliminated¬†an entire class of problems about too fast calls blocking¬†each other.

To-do list top priority: wonder if the ballad type of song in the editor is overdoing it

Daily reminder: you are fat

Posted by
Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 3:01 am



List of things that are going smoothly: this.

You¬†can¬†access the global game state now, as well as STORE AND LOAD LEVELS ONLINE ON YOUR PERSONAL COMPUTING MACHINE, and it’s blowing my mind a bit.

Have to say the Gamejolt API has been hassle-free so far. Thought this would take longer. Well, this means I can actually dedicate my time to gameplay.

Cuteness appropriate for the ensuing sadism

Posted by
Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 1:41 pm



All the content¬†in the game is user-generated and constantly gets shifted around. The more people fail a level, the higher it rises in the tower of power, so¬†less newbies will come across it. When people complete a level, they get all its building blocks to use in their own levels. There’s a limited supply of blocks¬†in the editor¬†–¬†as an in-game currency for all intents and purposes¬†–¬†so you’ll have to beat¬†others’ levels every now and then. Or just be creative with the little pocket money you have.

The mechanics (more on that later) allow for some crazy next level solutions¬†that are bound to¬†cause many¬†“WTF is this even possible” reactions. Being a full-on monster with your¬†level designs is encouraged for the sake of competition.

Of course, the author always has to complete their own level before it’s legit to submit, so the game¬†won’t be just full of unbeatable penis swastikas.

Yeah, I know, the theme is basically a straight up repeat. But I can deal with that, and I think I’ve got some kind of a direction for the game, accounting for the multiplayer elements I’ve been planning.

People build stuff, then someone comes in to¬†break it and claim the pieces as their¬†own. Maybe it’s like levels that people edit, then a challenger appears, and upon completion¬†gets the tiles¬†to use in their own levels.

Basically something that captures the feeling of this pic:

It’s 5 AM, so hell if I’m gonna actually start working on anything¬†yet. I want to have a compact design before even touching any assets.

I’m in… the cupboard!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by
Friday, August 21st, 2015 8:14 am

pls help i dont know how i got here

…Although this¬†is one stylish cupboard. Just screams #design.

And design brings us to game design. My challenge for this LD is out:

15:25 < Jwatt> This is it
15:25 < Jwatt> After quite a few LDs, I’m gonna give it a shot
15:25 < Jwatt> At making an online multiplayer game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

It’s an interesting personal¬†sub-theme that’ll spice up¬†Ludum Dare for me after Idon’tevenknowhowmany LDs.

More than that, now’s the right time for a multiplayer experiment. It’s a logical progression from my previous (local multiplayer) LD game, as well as my Indies vs Gamers entry (where I learned to use the handy Gamejolt multiplayer API). Thumbnails¬†link to each¬†of them, if you wanna try:


Of course, I don’t have an idea of what I’m gonna make – I’ll let the theme selection¬†inspire me. But here’s some preparation notes¬†that I have in mind, to show you I’m still thinking rationally:

  • It’s pretty much certainly not¬†going to be real-time. That’s¬†in a whole different league of mad skillz.
  • It could feature¬†user-created content.
  • It could feature¬†collaboration.
  • Even if there¬†were¬†competition, you wouldn’t have to wait in a lobby for other players to join. Some “action at a distance” is¬†good design when you can’t assume someone’s logged in at any given moment, but still want to let people to just play the damn thing.
  • Any of the above three points would have to be the focus of the game to keep things simple.
  • With the Gamejolt API at the core, I’ll make sure you won’t have to register a Gamejolt account or something annoying like that. Global data is the jam way to go, with user-specific passcodes¬†crudely saved in your hard drive.
  • Trappy Tomb, jimmypaulin’s earlier¬†LD entry, used multiplayer features to cleverly spice up a¬†game with no other player interaction. That could be inspirational too.
  • If everything else fails, simply having online high scores is a reasonable cop-out.

So with these in mind, I think there’s gonna be plenty of room in this cupboard for all of us. Be seeing you in 12 hours smoochies BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE BUY BYE BYE

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