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Gone through a few Ludum Dare games on video

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Thursday, December 22nd, 2016 12:15 pm

Hey guys, this LD, I’m trying out recording all my playthroughs of games for rating. I’m not like, a famous youtuber or anything, but I’ve gone through a bunch of games here.


I planning to go through another bunch when I get the time, I’m trying to play through the games of people that rate and comment on my game, so feel free to play and rate Cozy Taxi!


Thanks for your time!

Cozy Taxi

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Thursday, December 15th, 2016 2:14 pm



Hey guys, thought I’d do a little blog post about my LD Jam game, Cozy Taxi!

I kinda wanted to make a Crazy Taxi Clone, and just do 3D  models this jam, I normally focus on code, so yeah i mainly made stuff out of cubes. I’ve been trying to develop my art style a bit recently, it’s a bit vaporwavey, a bit pastely, and defo Cozy. But yeah, I spent two days doing the level. A minimalist pastelly kids room.


So I had a few assets I did for the #3december hashtag for twitter, soooo I though I’d use em here, so your taxi is a toy truck and the clients are bunnies. You have to stop next to bunnies and take them where they got to go. I modified the Unity example car controller to get that working, and added a jump and a flip for when stuff went wrong.


The midi offspring tracks are found from the net, i actually had to convert them to Mp3’s haha. I feel they helped add a whimisical mood and flavor to the game. It was hard to create the different routes and paths in the game while still making it feel natural.


There’s lots of room for silliness and sick tricks, I’m quite proud of Cozy taxi, my silly little Crazy Taxi inspired game. I made a few physics bug fixes today and made it a tad easier, so give it a go! I’m planning on going through everyone’s games who plays mine too! So yeah thanks for your time!

Do you want to play Cozy taxi? Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!

Disgolem! All done!

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Monday, August 29th, 2016 6:55 pm


Just about got there with a little time to spare.

It’s been a really great game jam, more tomorrow, Please check out Disgolem if you like rhythm action, puzzles, colorful golems, and disco. It’s playable in your browser!

The beat timing is a little early maybe? Might do a quick fix tomorrow. Comments are appreciated!

Code by @OhCarson & @Jack_Gill_SGS

Audio by @Jack_Gill_SGS

Art by @ghoulkiss

Disgolem 02

Play in your browser or download here!


CYGLiDE – Post Mortem

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Monday, April 25th, 2016 12:37 pm



Who am I?

Hi guys I’m Oli, from one man dev studio, Sizeable Games, you might know me on twitter as @OhCarson. Indulge me while I analyse CYGLiDE, my LD35 compo entry.

I do a lot of game jams using my favourite input device, the gamepad, every time, someone will say, “Hey Oli! I can’t play this game, cus I either have no gamepad, or am too lazy to plug in my gamepad.”.

This makes me very sad. A lot of the stuff I make subverts traditional expectations of control methods, I find things like analogue triggers, and sticks really fun to do stuff with. With that in mind, I set myself the task of using only the mouse as an input, nearly everyone has a mouse right?

2016-04-18 (8)


The idea was you would control the transformable “limbs” of a robot in different configurations.  A “Glide” mode, and a “Walker” mode. Something in between Pilotwings and Jumping Flash. I threw together a robot bunny dragon thing, and set about animating the “limb” configurations into wings and legs. This took a while, but looks pretty good, people have been universally positive about the flying robot.

I decided to focus on the “Glide” mode due to time constraints. What follows is me trying my best to make the “Wings” feel right with the mouse movement. After making the animation look good, I implemented the movement, time was running out, so the walker mode was dropped, I made a basic terrain generator, added in some hoops to fly through, and a basic UI. It was a mad rush at the end to add in the “game” parts like scoring. But yeah, so I ended up with a complete game in 48 hours.

2016-04-18 (10)

What Went Right

The simple Stylized graphics were a big hit, and my attempts at character modelling and animation also went down really well. Using simple colors and shading in unique ways is something of a hallmark of mine, and I think it paid off very well here. A lot of people loved the “Flap” mechanic, and in general CYGLiDE went over very well. People seems impressed that it felt like a full “slice” of a bigger game. The controls were seen by many as nuanced, but required mastery, which is fantastic. It’s a whole lot of content for a 48 hour solo compo game.

2016-04-18 (7)

What Went Wrong

There were a few issues that soured some people to CYGLiDE. Most prominently, were some collision resolver issues. The collision in the game was achieved by a series of raycasts that didn’t account for speed and framerate, and one was going the wrong way! This lead to some people with lower framerates flying through things, and certain areas not detecting properly. This lead to the second issue.

CYGLiDE uses a non standard control technique, but has no real tutorial. This is obviously because it was made in 48 hours, but this caused some issues, particularly when coupled with the collision errors. The general solution to this would be to ease the player in, a concept at a time.

Some player had trouble with the concept on moving the mouse up and down to gain momentum, others were less familiar with flying game controls, throwing the player into the world without addressing these lead to some bad experiences, the thing is, there was literally no time to add in these tutorial sections, and as the game controls are, dare I say, innovative, people had problems. This lead to very polarising opinions, It either “clicked” or didn’t.

I feel that some members of the community could of maybe given me a break for these aspects considering it’s a solo compo entry, but I’ve learnt that people generally aren’t fussed about the creation process or constraints, and only the output, which is understandable

A version with fixed collision was added, and people seemed to be a lot more positive from there on in.


Summing up

I feel that given a bit more time, CYGLiDE could be an extremely immersive game, so I’ll be dedicating some time to working on it, and hopefully releasing it for a small fee. There’s a lot I feel I could add to it,so I’ll be working to make it the best game it can be.

Thanks for your time, please look out for more CYGLiDE in the future.

Follow me on twitter or itch.io for updates!

Oliver Carson

Sizeable Games





CYGLiDE – Quick collision fix

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Wednesday, April 20th, 2016 8:40 am


I’ve fixed a collision \ hit test bug users at lower framerate were having, no more flying through the floor! I didn’t realize minor bug fixes were allowed, but all sorted now. Hit detection should be reliable for all users now.


CYGLiDE – Quick look

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Tuesday, April 19th, 2016 11:04 am



This is my first proper LD compo entry, CYGLiDE, a robot animal hang gliding game. It’s controlled entirely with a mouse.

It’s been great getting feedback from the community about it, there are a few issues, but I think it turned out great.


If you have trouble with the controls it might be worth giving it a few tries, there are bugs as well! I’ll fix them in a post compo version soon.


I think a tutorial would of really helped ease players in to the game, as well as configurable controls for things like inverting the Y-Axis, these are all things that I’ll address in a future version.

It’s been a real test of what I can do solo in 48 hours, and I think I’ve done well.

Hope you all enjoy it!



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Saturday, April 16th, 2016 1:32 am

So my idea is called CYGLiDE. It’s a bit like pilotwings, but with actiony bits. here’s a look at it so far.

CYGLiDE @OhCarson

CYGLiDE @OhCarson

I’m not a pro 3D modeller so I only dabble from time to time, so I’m very proud of this guy. he’s called Omega, a cyber dragon with 2 modes currently, some would say he shifts to different shapes.

Omega is great at gliding long distances,but can also run at quite a pace when  required.  He runs out of glide power after a while, so you’ll need to make good use of glide mode and walker mode to get to the end of virus filled each sector.

The game is being designed around a mouse being the primary control method.

Thanks for reading this, stay tuned for updates.

Oliver Carson



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Friday, April 15th, 2016 7:50 pm

Yeah so Imminently awaiting theme. Did a bit of work on a game called  qwoppy bike while waiting.


Hopefully  I can make something nearly as cool as that.

I’m very tired it’s like 2am.

OhCarson out.

Musicman 2084

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Saturday, April 18th, 2015 7:57 am

K basic idea, top down RTS, player control is a single player, the Music Man. The Man is attacking the last bastion of music, the festival at the end of the world, you, as the Musicman,  have the last Boombox on the planet, armed with 3 legendary cassettes of different genres.

The festival at the end of the world has 3 types of music lovers, poppers, rockers, and hiphoppers. You position each type by using one other the three legendary cassettes to take down followers of The Man. When the music man plays the music fans like, they will follow him, if he plays the music they hate, they disperse.

The followers of the Man will warp in to the final festival.

Each fan type is strong and weak against one type of Man followers, but also will infight with other music fans of the wrong type in close proximity.

So yeah we have a crack team, and we’re getting on with things just about.

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