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Done, now to the games rating!!

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Wednesday, August 26th, 2015 5:48 am

So we finished our game. We are pretty proud of it. We wanted some very simple concept, that can be expanded by need but can be finished very quickly and iterated over if needed and if there is enough time. We ended up with 30 levels, which corresponds roughly to 2 hours of gameplay and all levels have their own meaning and concept and are making some kind of sense.

The basic game principles turned out to be a challenge even for other game devs though. But its is always like that. As we are making the game, we consider some thing as obvious, but they are actually not for a person who comes to the game for the first time. So guys, if you want to try our game remember following (we tried to put this info into level tips, but turned out people don’t read them and even if they do, they don’t understand what we’re trying to say by it.

  • the DIRECTION into which you shoot is given by the line starting behind the alien and the end of his tail
  • the more you STRETCH the tail, the larger speed the slime has and vise versa
  • projectile with less speed gets more easily influenced by the gravity of the planet and they are more likely to get on the PLANET ORBIT and more likely to stay around for a while and hit some satellite.
  • GET MORE SLIMES for the level if you manage to orbit the planet at least once with a slime.
  • the glow around planet determines their GRAVITY FIELD
  • RED PLANETS has stronger gravity field

These are basic rules. Every other and new mechanic is explained further in the game so I hope it is understable if you manage to get that far.

THANKS FOR PLAYING! And especially thanks for critique and your opinions. The more detailed and harsh critique the better! Can’t wait to play your games guys!

!!!Oh and if you are trying the game in WebGL don’t forget to allow LOCKING OF CURSOR. It is part of the game so don’t worry. Thanks!


Here is a screenshot form the game and some photos from development


screen from one of the advanced levels

screen from one of the advanced levels

todo board, final phase

todo board, final phase

programmer testing

programmer, testing


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Monday, August 25th, 2014 4:12 pm

Later than we thought and wanted but still in time!

Play and rate our entry:


Final level!

Final level!

Things are going pretty well…. or aren’t they?

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Sunday, August 24th, 2014 6:27 am

Mid – second day of our Ludum Dare 30 Jam entry development and I’m pretty satisfied with our progress. We chosed a 2D island game with simple mechanic and found a interesting piece of music on freesound.org that determined that our game is going to be more of a relaxation kind.


Anyway this is our first screenshot teaser:



Here we have our “scrum” project progress board. It is pretty incomplete and yes you can say we just wanted to procrastinate and draw some stuff on board :). In case that the language seems familiar to you but you don’t fully recognize it, its Czechenglish 😉


And here are our workplaces. You can pretty easily recognize which is mine and which is mine girlfriends who’s doing all the art. And I mean not just by the programs on the screen :) Pff, girls and their sense of order 😀

find the fapnapkin.. oh I mean, Waldo.

find the fapnapkin.. oh I mean, Waldo.




Allright, we’re going back to work. If everything works out fine, you’ll be having short relaxation click/touch game with pretty graphics. That’s enough for us and hopefully also for you.


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