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I'm a professional manga artist/illustrator. But I also really, REALLY like video games. Seriously.

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Older ATI drivers and Ren’Py

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Wednesday, May 4th, 2011 4:59 am

WINDOWS (OLD ATI DRIVERS) IN REN’PY VERSION 6.12.15 for Let Me Save You! Your Faithful Companion

If you have a computer with an old ATI driver (very rare, but possible – I’d say only one person has reported this to me) it may have crashed on start-up. Please note this was not a coding error on my part, but a bug in the developer tool itself, Ren’Py ver 6.12.0e. I reported the bug to Ren’Py on 3rd May 2011, and 4th May 2011 they fixed and finalised their new version of Ren’Py, 6.12.15! (Many thanks to Tom at Ren’Py for being so quick!) As such, the above link is the original Windows version EXACTLY AS IS (no changes to my script/content, you can check if you want) in Ren’Py 6.12.15 which allows for older ATI drivers to run the game.

I’m not wanting to break any rules here, so please view and download from my original entry links where possible. This is only if you run Windows and have an old ATI driver/graphics system which has had trouble with not just my game, but possibly ALL Ren’Py games in 6.12.0e.

Post-mortem/autopsy? on first LD / Let Me Save You!

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Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011 5:42 am

So, my first Ludum Dare went pretty well. I obeyed all the rules, I got my game (Let Me Save You! Your Faithful Companion, Windows, Mac and now Linux available) done on time and finished and working for almost everyone so far. It didn’t look/sound/play too badly and had a decent play time. It even had fanservice :3 I think that a major part of why I was able to succeed with this is because I knew my limitations and my strengths – my day job is to make comics, so a visual novel type thing would turn out fairly good.

Of course, the only problem is innovation – I knew from the beginning I was doing a tried and tested and derivative thing (even my own husband only scored me 1 star for that, the bastard, I SAW YOU RATE ME), but that in itself meant that everyone can pick up my game and know straight away how to play it and just enjoy it for the art/music/writing. Ultimately, a game is supposed to be fun to play through to the end (and maybe again, if you want the other endings), that’s why I keep going back to RPGs, platformers, etc when I buy games.

I did turn into a total bitch though, like PMS on crack turned up to gas mark 11. I was sooo stressed and angry at the cat, my husband, the weather, the neighbours, the tv – for annoying me, or slowing me down, or taking my time away from the game. Must remember to stay faaaaar away from everyone when it’s so time-reliant XD

If I enter LD again, I may well stick to RPG/Visual Novel/point & click things as they are very much story/art driven, but I’ll try to do something slightly more deviant… (not that way, you filthmongers). I’d like to be able to make a flash/web version as more people will play it. I know that there are some interesting features I would like to explore, and I’m confident that I can take on any theme with good writing / characters / events. I think I was wise to spend the first day doing all of my writing and coding, then the second doing the pretty stuff (because even if it’s rushed art/music, the game itself will run and work – and that is the difference that means you can submit something on time).

And maybe to go along with the T&A (as that’s popular it seems), MOAR PONIES / HAWT GUYS / KITTIES.

Peace and love, everyone. I’m really enjoying all your games so far, I intend to play and rate EACH AND EVERY ONE DAMNIT XD

Let Me Save You! Your Faithful Companion (time lapse)

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Monday, May 2nd, 2011 6:32 am

I have mostly recovered from the rigours of last minute bug killing before submission last night. So I have made a little time lapse video. Hopefully you’ll find it interesting as I really tried to tackle every part of the game in big chunks at a time (scripted my story in one go, then re-wrote in Ren’Py, then composed all the music in Sibelius in one go, then did all the artwork). Please watch it at full size to see the tits & arse- I mean, to see the artwork and the scripting clearer.

 I can’t seem to embed the YouTube on here, so here’s a selection of stills from the video and the YouTube link below ^^


View my entry: Let Me Save You! Your Faithful Companion

Got it done!!! <3

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Sunday, May 1st, 2011 8:25 pm

OMG OMG OMG I got here at 0255 UK time and was so happy to see that there was an hour’s grace period XD So yeah, I think it’s okay. Well, it doesn’t crash on loading or playing through on most options, so that’ll have to do!  As my first post on Ludumdare stated a few days ago, I only entered if I thought I could put some gratuitous sexy time into my game. The good news is… I could. So I did.

(Actually, it’s not so racy, I’d say it’s a 12A game). I must confess, I only downloaded Ren ‘Py 5 days ago (and Sibelius First 4 days ago) so I had to teach myself how to do this stuff pretty quick! Sincere apologies if anything seems a little clunky/buggy. You can view my entry here: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-20/?action=rate&uid=4135

I managed to get the sentence “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this!” In there no less than FIVE TIMES XD Time lapse video and other stuff when I get some sleep. Trust me to make the type of game that not only needs some (simple) coding, but tons of graphics, music and some semblance of a story… My husband (mjb67) was able to submit his game after lunchtime and he just played Mass Effect 2 all evening whilst I was rushing to churn out the last graphics on mine…

GOODNIGHT and congratulations to all who managed to get their stuff in on time, commiserations for those who didn’t (but keep trying! Always!) and for those still racing to get their JAM games done, YOU CAN DO IT!!! *lovelovelove*

Gratuitous Sexy Time part 1

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Saturday, April 30th, 2011 2:31 am

And here we go… So, this is going to a very, very silly game. Will you be able to complete your quest with the aid of your faithful companion? More importantly, can you get her to give you EVERYTHING?

New girl in town :3

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Thursday, April 28th, 2011 4:24 am

I have greatly enjoyed the fruits of LDs in the past… I have a bunch of friends who have been doing this for years and everytime they say, “Go OOOON, you can do it!!!” So I think I will have a go this time. Although, I must be able to make a game with proper SEXY TIMES based on the theme, the only thing I’m good at making is eyecandy. Besides, it’s not sexist having gratuitous images of barely-legal anime babes plastered all over the screen if they are drawn by girl, right? Right? … (^.^);; 

My tools: Ren ‘Py (Yeah I know, right? :P), PaintTool SAI, Photoshop CS3, Wacom Intuos3, Sibelius First (because I can only compose music/sound effects classically, not with sequencers ♪), husband (for making me tea, if he’s not too busy working on his entry XD)

I look forward to finally sharing in your pain, everyone! *(^w^)* ♥

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