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Posted by (twitter: @playmedusa)
Saturday, December 12th, 2015 7:02 am

We are certainly in! We’ll stick to GROWING without the two buttons control part. We already have an idea based on this, from Evolution:

Amorphous growing mass included 😀

Already coding!


First day completed, not that bad!

Posted by (twitter: @playmedusa)
Saturday, December 6th, 2014 6:16 pm

Quite a great first day! This time I got lucky and the theme I wanted was chosen, so I had an idea already in my head. As a kid, I loved drawing mazes for my friend to solve – then I stopped doing that. I remember the feeling of the whole thing in a single sheet of paper, full of keys, traps and monsters that required a specific item to be killed. This is it, translated into a 2D platformer. Yes, Castlevania in one screen ^_^

I have published a few games, and I have lots of prototypes in my hard disk… but I’ve never built a 2D platformer before! So I was a bit unsure about this.

But things have gone great so far! I can easily edit the map in the editor, so building the level shouldn’t be a problem. Player movement is not that bad, either. I’ve been tweeting this all day, but here’s a summary:

He can walk and jump. Wouldn’t be a platformer otherwise… but jump height depends on for how long the jump key is pressed (a la Mario Bros). That’s a nice touch, I think:




He’s also able to climb ladders, but I feel they are a bit weird and I’m not using them. I also managed to get one-way platforms working, from which you can jump down if you need to.




The player is also able to slide down walls, climb and wall-climb. That’s why ladders are not that useful anymore.



I finally added switches, which are able to open doors or disarm traps. Traps or lava pitfalls kill you instantly, but I also added safe points to which you return when killed. There are also animated traps (those three moving things on the right side), which require a bit of timing.

Platformer from scratch

Not that bad at all, considering it’s my first platformer ever and that I’m building it from scratch. I’m pretty happy.

Tomorrow I’ll draw a new tileset (the current one is not mine, but a free one I borrowed from Derek Yu), make a bigger level (you know, the whole screen) and add some basic enemies and fighting if I have time. May probably be forced to dump those, though…

Jumping in!

Posted by (twitter: @playmedusa)
Friday, December 5th, 2014 12:34 pm

This time I feel like doing things in a different way. I usually wait for the theme to come up with a game mechanic that fits. That’s difficult, sometimes I get nothing at all and I rage quit.

This time I want to create a classic platformer. Tilesets, sprites, jumping, maybe a bit of fighting (melee, probably)… Never done that before! I’ll stick to the theme, hopefuly adding a themed mechanic. Otherwise, just aesthetics. But I’ll play with a platformer using this:

Engine: Unity. I just can’t live without coroutines.
Language:  C#
Graphics: SpriteSomething (iPad). Went great last time. I’ll stick to 16×16 characters. Maybe 32×32 backgrounds.
Sound: http://www.bfxr.net and me doing silly sounds on the microphone.

I’ll probably start with a hand-made level (created in the Unity editor, adding tile prefabs and sticking them to a grid). But I’m also considering adding some procedural content if I have enough time.

Have fun!

Slider (iOS&Android)

Posted by (twitter: @playmedusa)
Tuesday, November 18th, 2014 9:58 am

Yeah, ok, Slider was not created for any Ludum Dare, but it certainly contains lots of things I’ve learned creating games for this event (also creating junk that I never posted. Which is precisely why I love Ludum Dare – it’s the perfect bootcamp to try new ideas, mechanics or aesthetics.

The game is simple: keep the grid clear by drawing paths that send your ship towards enemies, scoring up when you slide through them. So it’s back to basics: beat your record, stay alive! But not that easy.

Here’s the launch trailer:

We (we as in the small group I belong to) have just released the game, but we are already considering a few improvements. New board configurations, new enemies, new powerups and game modes. All that given we get a good feedback from players, that is! Otherwise we’ll move on and begin working on a different idea.

So we would love reading your opinion! The game is free (with ads, or paid, without ads) for iOS and Android. Would you try it and write us back? 

Brainstorming & drafts

Posted by (twitter: @playmedusa)
Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 3:04 pm

We all now it’s difficult to come up with an idea knowing you just have 48h to come up with a good one AND implement it. But sometimes it’s difficult choosing which one you should stick to!

These was my brainstorming session. I gave myself just two hours to get the idea, so I started with a mind map. It’s in Spanish and dirty, but you get the idea:

Brainstorming III

From ‘beneath the surface’  I explored ideas related to the Sea (first person shark; a Lovecraft-like story about something luring you from the depths of the sea, a la Innsmout) to Earth (control a volcanic eruption – being the volcano; growing plants; procedural caves or sewers; dune-like worms; BEING BURIED ALIVE – I liked this one a lot!) and also some figurative interpretation, like being a nice person to friends and colleagues, but beating the shit out of your wife when you get home. Too dark, this one.

I stuck to those ideas that seemed easier to implement and sketched them:

Brainstorming III


First one consisted on controlling a growing plant. We would tell roots where to go to find water, nutrients and avoid poisonous substances. I wanted them to travel up the root to the stem, so that you could cut poisoned roots or something.

Then I though I wanted to do some pixel art. Probably because of my job I though of  jellies. Came up with two games. The first one consisted on matting same-color jellies. Something similar to an old game called eMotion.

Brainstorming III


The second idea was inspired by Finding Nemo. You would jump on jellies, controlling your fish as in Lunar Lander. They would produce nice sounds when hit.

I ended up choosing the first one with jellies. It was fun animating them and recording their sounds. Control is a bit awkward with a mouse, but great on touch screens. The biggest issue is, however, that it soon becomes quite difficult to control what is happening on screen. Fun to watch, but difficult to control.  In any case, I certainly wonder how those other ideas would look…

I would love reading a bit about where your ideas came from!

Under the Sea

Posted by (twitter: @playmedusa)
Sunday, April 27th, 2014 4:13 pm

There are lots of creatures Under the Sea having fun. You know what I mean with fun. As in reproducing. Now Summer is coming and jellies are preparing a new invasion. Help them increase their numbers! Push same-color jellies together, but keep different-color jellies apart, or they’ll fight to death.

Under The sea

Jellies having fun.


Quite a fun idea that unfortunately lacks balance. Things start slowly and you can tell jellies where to go, avoiding fights and pushing them towards same-color jellies to procreate. When numbers rise and jellies with different colors start colliding, you have to click on them to stop the fight.

But with lots of jellies on screen you end up clicking on fights and just letting them look for a mate without help.

It was fun, nevertheless, and I learned a few Unity3D tricks on the way:

a) you can use AnimationCurve as a public parameter in any gameObject, which renders my FreeTweening class useless. Super useful for some tweening!

b) I seriously implemented a finite state machine with coroutines time for the first time in years, following my own tutorial (lol) I added a few ‘life events’ that are used to switch states. Quite useful too.

c) I solved how to handle single events when two entities are involved. In this case, both love-making and fights. The first jellyfish that detects the collision handles it all, telling the other one what to do if both of them want to ‘play’.

All in all, quite satisfied. I hope you have fun (here’s the entry). Or at least that you find something useful in the source code X)


Not that bad!

Posted by (twitter: @playmedusa)
Saturday, April 26th, 2014 4:18 pm

I came up with a few ideas involving jellyfishes, so I started with art. Then I wasted like 5 hours on this fella because I’m a damned programmer, not a pixel artist. But hey, I like it :)


FIVE HOURS into that.


I watched K-19: The Widowmaker. It was on TV and on my list of movies-to-watch… and Beneath the Surface, so what the hell.

00:15 and I have this bunch of jellyfishes in Unity, all animated. They are able to push themselves for swimming, but that’s for tomorrow. I still not sure about a few rules, but the game will probably play like an old one called eMotion. The second idea was also nice, but this one seems more fun.

Time to go to bed |o

Lots of jellyfishes

Probably this will happen this summer…

Rage quit

Posted by (twitter: @playmedusa)
Sunday, December 15th, 2013 4:45 am

That’s it, I’m done with this LD. Something must be wrong with my laptop or windows or who knows, because Unity is not able to create working builds. Webplayer builds are just 32Kb and won’t run, obviously. Window builds sometimes work, but I get to see squares instead of Sprites (is there something wrong with Unity 4.3 and Vista? My laptop is a bit old…)

So, too much frustation accumulated. That’s not the point of a ludum dare!! So I’ll enjoy this sunny sunday instead. Then I’ll play your games. See you next time!

About 12 hours into it, and…

Posted by (twitter: @playmedusa)
Saturday, December 14th, 2013 5:40 pm

… this has not much sense. You are chased by some kind of fighters and you can create a single black hole at a time. Enemies are captured in this void. Also, they target and shoot at you, although I don’t really like that mechanic… neither the whole idea, anyway.


A blackhole sucking enemies in.

It’s the last time I enter a Ludum Dare playing with vectors, physics and forces X(

Plus, and for who knows what reason, Unity has decided that it won’t create a build. Neither native nor web. The .unity3d file is only 32Kb and doesn’t work. I managed to get a Windows native .exe and sprites were not showing. GREAT.

Time to go to bed :'(

Saturday, 20:30 here…

Posted by (twitter: @playmedusa)
Saturday, December 14th, 2013 1:32 pm

…and this is all I’ve got. Some Cylon-like raiders following you around. Your ship is just a bit more maneuverable.

Now I just have to adapt this to the theme… and my available time. Initially the idea was giving you two powerups, allowing you to choose one. The other one would be used by the enemies. Now I’m not sure if that’s too complex for the available time and I should go for something simpler: a chain reaction a la Little Doctor. You only get a single shot per wave, make it count!

Multiple enemies

Some basic chasing AI (with gizmos)

Can’t wait!

Posted by (twitter: @playmedusa)
Wednesday, December 11th, 2013 4:02 pm

I’m certainly in. Last time I couldn’t because my first daughter was born. She’s now four months and demands lots of time, but I’ll do my best.

I may go for the jam with my sister – designer and illustrator, or solo, I don’t know. Unity (C#) will be used, for sure, because that’s the tool I’m more comfortable with at the moment. Gimp, inkscape, blender, some 8bit sounds (or voice recording)… that depends on the theme and the game idea, if I come up with something!

Good luck eveyone!

We Meet Again, Mr. Mond! – final thoughts.

Posted by (twitter: @playmedusa)
Monday, December 17th, 2012 2:29 pm

villain001Well, I managed to more or less complete an entry for Ludum Dare, my first one! I wanted to recreate the classic villain-hero ending scene a la James Bond  where the bad guy, instead of shooting a bullet right between the good guy’s eyes, decides to explain his whole plan just in case someone in the audience did not understand it.

So you are the bad guy, and you have to talk while keeping an eye on the agent. Because he’s not gonna sit there waiting for you to complete your speech, you know.

The game mechanic is based on a children’s game I played as a kid ^_^


What went right:

The basic mechanic was completed and works properly. I managed to give it some cartoon-like aspect, even when I had to draw it all in a rush. And it’s a short game, great for LD48 – easy to try, easy to play, ease to rate, because you’ll rate it, right?


What went wrong:

I wasted like five hours on Saturday trying to do it all on ProcessingJS – I wanted the game to be playable on browsers without requiring plugins, but at some point I realized I NEEDED coroutines. I have to figure out how to implement something similar in other languages, but LD48 is not the best moment for that. Coroutines are probably the best thing since sliced bread, and great for scripted animations! So I went back to Unity3D, C# and my beloved IEnumerator IAmACoroutine_AbuseMe() coroutines. Unfortunaly time ran up and the game ended up with no sound and lacking a few ideas I wanted to add.

Anyway, it’s done. It was fun. But I can do better. Maybe next time! Meanwhile, enjoy!

We meet again, Mr. Mond!

Posted by (twitter: @playmedusa)
Sunday, December 16th, 2012 4:21 pm



Completed! Here you are, your moment of glory. Mr. Mond is in your hands, disarmed and weak – go, explain him your Evil Plan! But keep and eye on him: good guys are not reliable.

I wanted to add sounds and better art, but I lost precious hours trying to learn how to do all this in ProcessingJS. I finally switched to Unity3D and well, here’s my entry! Enjoy! 😀

If I find inspiration before mid-Sunday, as I usually do, I’m IN!

Posted by (twitter: @playmedusa)
Friday, December 14th, 2012 10:23 am

It seems I’ll have plenty of spare time this weekend for LD48. Now it’s just a matter of finding inspiration from the winning theme. I have no preferences, so I’ll just wait until local 2am and see what I come up with. That means going to sleep earlier, waking up a few minutes before 2:00, checking the winning theme and going back to bed to chew it over.

I’ll probably use Unity3D, or ProcessingJS if the idea is simple enough, Gimp and Audium. Good luck everyone!


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