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Internet Avenger: late-ish post-mortem

Posted by (twitter: @nolanlabs)
Saturday, January 5th, 2013 1:39 pm


Hey, before the time runs out on the voting, I just wanted to throw down some thoughts about my entry, INTERNET AVENGER.  Where appropriate, I’m putting a quote from the LD and/or Newgrounds comments to back up each point so you know I’m not just making all this up.  So let’s jump right in with what went RIGHT:


  1. The humor.  Lots of people thought the dumb anti-Microsoft humor was actually funny.  Jokes about MS Paint, Comic Sans, and Blue Screens of Death are apparently still funny in a lot of people’s books.  (Although I think no one got the Steve Brule reference.)

    “This is the funniest game i’ve played in this ludum dare, i started laughing before even playing the game” -illugion

  2. The coding.  I used a self-made code library for AS3 and the Flash IDE that mostly just helps with switching between game states, like I can automatically make “Play” and “About” buttons on the menu without having to write event listeners and functions to get the job done.  This might not be useful for anyone else, but the code’s been posted here all along so I’m NOT CHEATING.

    “Writing some code ahead of time really helps” -me

  3. The music.  It’s important to note here that I DID NOT MAKE THE MUSIC.  A guy on Reddit by the name of __twc happened to be offering up free chiptune music over the weekend so I took it (this game was for the Jam so that’s okay.. right?).  Tons of people complimented the music (although a few wished there were more tracks) and it was a big boost to the game, unlike my April LD game where I didn’t have any music at all.

    “the music is addictive and sounds like tat ol gams of the past XD” -DaSTRIKER666999000 (Newgrounds.com)

  4. I did the Jam.  The 72 hours really helped, it wasn’t nearly the time crunch that some jams have been.  I really don’t see much benefit to entering the Compo over the Jam, you get more time in the Jam and your game probably gets more exposure with less games entered.

    “72 hours is more than 48” -me

  5. The boss battles.  The reception on this one was a bit more mixed, with some people making the valid point that a one or two bosses were just recycled from previous ones.  But overall I think people, including myself, thought the boss battles were pretty creative and decent overall.  My favorite was probably Safari, and I know the Mozilla one was way too easy.  Really, the first five are pretty easy, and then Chrome really steps up the difficulty as the final boss.  If you’re having trouble with Chrome, just take it slow and don’t give up, there’s a “hilarious” end-game cutscene awaiting you.

    “the boss battles were great and really had progressive difficulty (except Mozilla who was too easy).” -Frozen Fractal

  6. The art.  Not everyone liked it, but doing intentionally crappy art for a game jam really takes some pressure off and makes things a whole lot easier – that is, if you can explain why your art is so bad.  My excuse was calling the art “MS Paint HD Graphics” on the title screen, and most people seemed to accept this.  A few tech-savvy people on Newgrounds even seemed to think the entire game was “made in MS Paint.”

    “Loved this! Not only is the animation and control great,but you made it all in MS Paint!!!!!” -dubstepsoul (Newgrounds.com)



  1. Too repetitive.  With all the focus on the humor and boss battles, I completely neglected to make the platforming sections of the game interesting at all.  All you do is walk forward, jump, and shoot, and if you screw up you have to go all the way back to the start.  The levels progress in “difficulty” just by getting longer.  I probably could have cut the platforming out all together and just focused on making the boss battles better.  People also complained that platforms were too close to the top, and there was a lot of off-screen jumping.

    “the gameplay is EXTREMELY boring. The level enemies are a joke and tend to move back and forth, not throwing projectiles, not changing patterns, not doing ANYTHING.” -Spleenfat (Newgrounds.com)

  2. Some rushed creative decisions.  When you’re making a game in 72 hours, you don’t have a lot of time to deliberate on what would be the best thing to do, you just do it.  Somehow I put Safari in South America instead of Africa, which a bunch of people pointed out (although I still love the Safari hat).  And putting Firefox in Hell, I don’t know what the hell I was thinking, pun intended (I don’t hate Firefox, it’s actually my browser of choice).  Some people also were confused why the Firefox boss was the Mozilla dragon, but after I drew the dragon I thought it was too silly-looking to not use.

    “I don`t think safari should be in south america, It should have been in Africa, I guess…” -Flok



Overall I’d say it was a success, and probably my favorite LD game I’ve made so far (after A Weekend Alone and Little Locations).  One final word if you make a Flash or HTML5 game for Ludum Dare: post in on Newgrounds.com!  Tom from NG features all the Ludum Dare games right after the compo, and you can get lots of feedback and views – so far, Internet Avenger has over 60k plays and 304 reviews.

That’s about it.  Mini-LD 39 is coming up.  Stay cool.

Internet Avenger is done!

Posted by (twitter: @nolanlabs)
Monday, December 17th, 2012 8:24 pm



Now you can help Internet Explorer fight through six action-packed levels in an epic quest to take back the web!  Go play it!

It was exhausting, but once again I had a ton of fun.  Third LD now, I think.

Internet Explorer – jam game

Posted by (twitter: @nolanlabs)
Sunday, December 16th, 2012 10:32 pm

Fighting Safari in the jungle:


And the Mozilla boss:



Internet Avenger

Posted by (twitter: @nolanlabs)
Saturday, December 15th, 2012 10:01 pm

You play the role of supervillain Internet Explorer as you travel back in time to destroy the competition and take back the web!

Here’s a shot of the first boss battle, versus Mosaic.



Posted by (twitter: @nolanlabs)
Friday, December 14th, 2012 4:42 pm

That’s me.

I will be using Flash, Action Script 3, and some template code I wrote which is freely available right here  so no rules are broken.


I am in.

Posted by (twitter: @nolanlabs)
Friday, August 24th, 2012 5:03 pm

Making a Flash game.  with FlashPunk? or whatever feels right.

The Windows 7 koala approves.

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