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Skeletal Archer Archie

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Monday, December 17th, 2012 7:20 am

Submitted my entry for the compo exactly on the deadline twelve hours ago, thats 3AM here! Had only four hours of sleep before having to catch an early lecture. Anyway, finally got some time to place a post here, something I couldn’t do during this entire stressful weekend. Hey everyone, this is my first time participating in Ludum Dare and the first game I actually finished! I’m quite happy with the results.

Meet Archie

In my game Skeletal Archer Archie you play as Archie, a peace loving undead archer who happily spends his days in a dark cave. Ocassionally humans from a nearby village stroll into the cave. Archie wants nothing more than to make new friends, but things always get quite awkward between humans and monsters, and yes, quite violent. Archie can be regarded as the boss at the end of the dungeon. In this way he is a villain the heroes have to face. But from the villain’s eyes, is he really a villain?


Post mortem

I knew I was being overambitious by wanting to make many types of characters in this game. I wanted the player to control standard RPG monsters (skeletons, goblins, ghosts) and he would have to face standard RPG hero classes (warrior, rogues, priest). Both the heroes and the monsters required AI, combine this with spells and you have a load of work on your hands. I never got to animations and sound effects.

What went well

  • I really liked how my sprites turned out! I’m not an artist, so I was surprised that my little sprites turned out pretty well.
  • The AI took a lot of time to get working, but I’m satisfied with the result. All behavior, such as the priest running in to heal his ally, is hardcoded in if-then-else trees, but still it gives some cute effects in this short game

What are my regrets

  • I never got to animating the sprites. First of all, please don’t ask me where I got the idea that I could find time to animate 14 characters (5 archetypes). But the result is, I have no animations and that makes combat look quite stale. For example you don’t actually see melee attacks, you just see characters standing next to each other.
  • No sound effects. I was really rushing things in the end and never got to sound effects.
  • With all these different classes finally working in the end, its a shame that some of them only appear in one level! I feel I got a nice basis for fun gameplay, but I didn’t have any time for class balancing or more level design. I would have wanted to include a simple random level generator in the game for some replay value, but alas deadline.
  • Had trouble getting a nicely executable JAR. Next LD, I should find these things out beforehand.

I hope you check the game out and enjoy it!


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