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Sunday, December 20th, 2015 4:02 pm

Here we are)Screenshot_26

Climbers GamePlay

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Sunday, December 20th, 2015 1:41 pm

For those who still do not know about our game and not playing it, we offer watch a short gameplay video, which will force you to try himself as climbing a mountain.


Climbers to Android

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Thursday, December 17th, 2015 4:21 pm


Today we think about the task of porting the game to mobile platforms. At first it seemed that only need to add two buttons and all, but when we started was a lot of problems.

First problem was UI positions and anchors. Because we have developed a game for the constant resolution 900×600, but resolution of smartfons is much higher, in result we have this :


Another problem was drawcalls ,for web platform we dont thought about this ,but for thelfons it’s wery big problem , after packing sprites in atlases we reached 8 drawcalls ,and its preaty well result:Screenshot_25

The biggest problem was not lost WEBGL mechanics and make mechanics to the mobile platform. Preprocessors helped to reach this effect : Screenshot_21

Despite all these problems we have decided them all. This took us about 5 – 6 hours and one pizza)

After some time spendet on unsuccessful attempts to compile, we finally builded the game :


And now you can play Climbers on your Android device :



While we waiting

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Wednesday, December 16th, 2015 3:51 pm

While we wait for the results, we all have a lot of time to  comment and like other people’s projects, our team also closely monitors all projects of jam. So we decided to tell you about the five projects that we liked the most. We tried to choose those projects which have not been mentioned in posts and having a web version, so you can quickly assess their :

  1. The best graphics in our opinion is a game The Winter


Tense atmosphere and high-quality pixel art


2. Best gameplay in our opinion was in Growees


Іnteresting logic game which makes us think


3. Best atmosphere in S-Court


You seemed really sit in the courtroom and see the judge decides the fate of people


4.Best music and audio effects in Solstand


Graphyc style and audio effects is perfect for this game


5.Best funny game Astro Cat Saga


This is cat in space ,what could be more fun?


Dont forget to set likes and comment on games, your support  is wery important for developers
Of course we want to show you our game Climbers

0US8deAHkEI (1)

This is a fun game about two climbers who have to climb the mountain connected by rope , it is very fun game for one or two people




Leave in coments your’s best games


Our previous post about how we created game

During the game

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Tuesday, December 15th, 2015 3:55 pm

It is difficult to create a game in 72 hours, but even more difficult to create a game with unknown people. In our city company PinoklGames , which created PartyHard , gathered interested in creating games people to organize center for help us to realize our ideas for LudumDare ,after meeting we was sorted for 3 team of 5 people.


And once we know the topic of jam we started developing the game. We appeared many ideas but the best idea was  Climbers


This game is about two climbers ,goal of which rise as high as possible. For this they use force of pendulum and a little magic.

On the first day all our efforts we put that to develop a system of playing the game with a full cycle, but like all teams we have some problems, especially with player controller and locations spawner. Artists draw and selected the colors, someone searching for music, coders were coding.
Time was becoming less and problem with the tasks was over, at the end of first day main part of game was ready.


Over time, the fatigue began to take her, and after the first day of development we decided to rest. On the second day with a clear mind development began to go even faster, we were overwhelmed of emotions and ideas. After polishing the game was turn to build our game fow WebGL and as always was not without problems, some collapsed textures and animations,errors in scripts ,interfaces anchors was ruined, but after correcting deficiencies build was ready and

          here we are offering you to play our game 


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