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And it’s live!

Sunday, August 28th, 2016 8:45 pm

I can’t believe I actually finished! Why does it always have to be in the last minute? T_T

It is still far from complete… More story, an actual combat system… But still, I think it is playable!

When “jumping”, your calculation must be really precise, other wise you can end in a very inconvenient place! In “Brigit Fall”, YOU, yes YOU, were in chase of some criminal called Branigan, but a miscalculation made you crash into an unknown planet. Can YOU do what it takes escape this mysterious place?

Want to check it out? Click here!… or somewhere else that leads you to the game!


Now, if you excuse me, I’m going to die on my bed…. Z_Z

Ludum Dare 36

8 Hours despair

Sunday, August 28th, 2016 12:06 pm

Oh god, less than 8 hours left! I chose to do a text adventure thinking it would be simple and fast, and that I would have some time to rest later… I only finished 1 Act!!! I’ll just jump to the last one and hope I have time to finish it… T_T

Oh btw, does anyone know how to make the itchio embedded html player fit the whole page? I’ve been trying to do that but with no success…

Day One – Progress….?

Saturday, August 27th, 2016 9:24 pm

All right! Here is my report for Day one!…. Not much really xp

So I decided doing a text game for a change (and some other reasons), but never really made one before, so today I spent most of my day learning how to use Ink and Twine, and I’m still a bit indecisive about which one to pick, though now I think I’m picking Ink. At least I already got the first screen and how the style will work… more or less… Anyway, here’s a screenshot! (of a text game, very exciting)brigit_fall1

And that’s it for today ^^; I wanted to keep it simple this time, since I came from a really tiresome week, but I’m still so far from the end, I hope I can actually finish this in time…

Oh, in case you are curious, the story is a sci-fi adventure about YOU crashing into a forgotten planet, and your quest to escape it!

Anyway, keep up the good work guys! See you after a quick nap z_z

I’m in

Friday, August 26th, 2016 6:48 am

God, I’m so tired, I’ll take this weekend to res… Wait, what? LD is today? Well… Sleep is for the weak anyway, I guess….

Once again I’ve been too busy to try to learn new things for this LD, so I guess I’ll just freestyle this time!

Time for some analysis!

Sunday, May 15th, 2016 10:32 am

Finally I’ve got some spare time! It’s been a while since I wanted to make some tweaks in my game, I finally found some time now (though I can’t dedicate much to it, got some work to do…)

Anywayss, first things first, here’s the performance of my entry ShapeMagnet! (Feel free to play it if you haven’t!)


I can’t believe I actually got to top 100!

Well, although I did have some troubles with this LD, it was actually the best LD I’ve ever done! (Well, except for humor, but it wasn’t supposed to be funny anyway.) Here is a graph with all my scores:


So many colors, it’s hard to read it >.<

It’s been a year since I started studying game development and I couldn’t be happier with my progress! Of course there are still a lot to learn, and I’m excited about it! I hope I can deliver every time a even better game!

And I’m working to deliver an actual full game! Actually I do have another project, but I received so many positive feedback on ShapeMagnet that I decided to do a proper game with it! (But I’m still going to work in that other project later!) Though it may take a while, there will be a lot of change in the mechanics, I have to do level design, find some music (I think I won’t be able to compose something nice in the short time) etc, and work has been sucking all my time, but I’ll work hard to this anyway!

Anyways, here is the first new feature I added! (Didn’t release it yet though because I still need to make some tweaks)


It’s not that I suck, I just wanted to show the feature >.<

So, big change! Your default shape is the circle that attracts every shape! You can change your shape to another for just a few seconds, which repels same shapes but attracts more the other shapes! It will be harder to navigate through the level, but my next feature will be the safe haven, where the player can have some rest~

I hope you enjoyed this long post, and feel free to follow the progress in my twitter or my itch.io profile! Cheers!

The post-compo is a lie!

Monday, May 9th, 2016 7:06 pm

Sooo yeah, I wasn’t able to make the post-compo version… for now!  Anyways, even though I won’t get it ready before judging ends, you can play the original version here! If you like the game you can follow me and then get the news about the new version I’m planning for it! (Probably will be really different!)


Happy voting!

ShapeMagnet Post-Mortem!

Thursday, May 5th, 2016 8:21 pm

A bit late, but finally writing my post-mortem! If you want to check it out, here’s the link!


It’s kinda bad to suck in your own game

The Beginning

So, this is my 4th Ludum Dare, so it’s been a year since I started taking the challenge! Actually it was also when I started to really game development! Time sure flies, and so much improvement! I’m really happy about how far I’ve come, but also excited about how much more there is to learn!

Anyway, since it was like 1 year anniversary I wanted to do something special, but work and life has been really crazy, I can barely work on my side project, so I wasn’t able to prepare anything really, except that I tried out Inkscape a bit. Also I had a really busy weekend coming, so I knew I wouldn’t have much time to dedicate to LD either. That was a bit sad, but whatever, I was still going to do it!

The Concept

So when the theme was announced I kinda panicked. I had no idea what to do, and I was worried about the time it would take to make all assets (my slowest skill). So I just figured that I would have to make something really simple so that assets wouldn’t take much time, and so (as most people) I decided to use just geometric shapes. And so my first reference was Geometry Wars (it’s even my recommended BGM). In the end it was mostly the aesthetics.

And then I thought about doing a stealth game, in which the main mechanics would be if you were the same shape of an enemy, it would ignore you. But then I thought it would be too difficult, but I would keep the main mechanic. And so it was time to work! (Actually 20 hours after the start)

The Good

– Graphics

So graphics were a big deal, I wanted to keep it simple so I wouldn’t waste too much time on it, but I really wanted the neon style and that the animation was smooth, since the theme was shapeshifting. And alas, my newly acquired Inkscape skills came to be handy! First it was to make geometric shapes in a fast way, then the neon I would apply a filter. I was only worried about the animation, but then it came to me the interpolation function!


Shapeshifting frames. Inkscape did most of the job for me!

And so I did the best square, triangle, star and circle I could make (so hard!) tweaked the filters a bit, and BAM! Interpolation made all the frames for me! It came out really nice, I think! Now the rest  I could do programmatically, like rotation and light tricks (every shape has its own point light that moves according to its velocity)

– Mechanic

So one of my events was a birthday party, and there I was able to talk a bit about my idea for the game, and it helped me a lot! So I came up with the idea of having to reach a goal by collecting keys and avoiding other shapes that were different from you. The ones same as you would be repelled, and so I used a basic electrical force formula to apply force in all shapes in the arena, and there you go, simple as that! And it turned out quite fun! It was really simple, but there were a lot of possibilities to how go through the level, even without spawning the shapes randomly!


Mechanic test. Actually a quite hard scenario.

The Bad


So I put a lot of effort to make the assets, but I couldn’t just get the right tune for the BGM. Like Geometry wars, I wanted to have a electronic feel to it, but I don’t actually listen to electronic music, and I’m not really a composer, so after some hours trying to make the music I just gave up (and it was the right decision, I submitted the game like 1 minute before the deadline). Guess I have to practice more my composition skills!

– Rush

Oh the lack of time! All LD have this pressure feeling, but this time it was a big thing. I couldn’t stop coding, even if it was to just rethink a better way to do something. All my assets and code organization is really nasty xp If anyone is interested in having a look at my source code I apologize in advance ^^; Management stuff like Trello and Toggl were left out too, which is kinda sad, I couldn’t keep track of my performance… But oh well, it was for the greater good.

The Future

And thus, it has ended! Or has it? I think this game, although very simple and made in a rush, had the best feedback of all my entries! It’s a shame that I couldn’t work out a post-compo version, I’ve been busy with work and playing all the games (100% coolness!). But still I want to make it! Maybe I can get it before the judging ends? Or maybe I will continue it’s development even after? I’m thinking about changing some things too, even tweak the mechanics, who knows what will happen in the future?

Anyways, thank you for reading this far! I really had fun this LD and I hope you had too! If you are interested in the game you can play it here (again)! I also have a twitter and an itch.io account! There isn’t much yet, but I’ll tidy up things pretty soon! Any news about the game I shall post about it too! I hope to see you around 😉

ShapeMagnet Walkthrough

Saturday, April 23rd, 2016 3:34 pm

Sooo It’s been a crazy week! Although I managed it there are still so many things to be done… At least I did one, which is upload the walkthrough for my game!

In case you haven’t seen my game, I would be glad if you take a look! You can play it here!

And tune in next time, when I’ll post the post-mortem for this  LD and, who knows, maybe a post-compo version?~

Finished in the last minute!

Sunday, April 17th, 2016 9:40 pm

OMG I actually finished it! It isn’t complete, it lacks music and the levels were made in a rush, but whatever… I’m so tired now… I’m glad at least I was able to submit it (nearly couldn’t)

So you can play ShapeMagnet here! Also leave a comment so I can check your game out too!


Congratulations everybody in compo and keep up the great work for jammers! Now let me sleep forever…

36 Hour Report

Sunday, April 17th, 2016 9:08 am

It’s the 36 hour report, though it’s just my first report… I didn’t have much time to work T_T But I think now I have time to dedicate to it! At least I was able to work a few hours until now and have something!


Anyways, the game’s temporary name is Shape Magnet! You are a shape that attract other shapes, depending on which shape you assume! Still doesn’t have a goal, but working on it. For now it’s just survival mode.

So what I still need to do is:

  • A clear objective
  • Main screen and levels
  • Sfx
  • BGM

I hope I can make it… so much work in so little time T_T Anyways, keep the good work everybody!

I’m in

Friday, April 15th, 2016 7:00 pm

Okay, 1 year in! Though I don’t think I can work much this time, life’s been kinda crazy…

Anyways, for this time I’m back with C++, depending on the theme I might use my engine, but not sure, I’m pretty much going to just freestyle this time, even for graphics and sound.

Happy jamming everyone!

My favorites list!

Monday, January 4th, 2016 6:44 pm

Ok, I know that I’m very very late, but here is the list of my favorites this LD, in case you’re looking for something to play!:

Of course, I’d be glad if you also checked out my game!



Earth Invader Post-Mortem

Thursday, December 24th, 2015 12:16 pm

Time for another post-mortem! If you haven’t yet, you can play Earth Invader here!

For this Ludum Dare I didn’t actually learn anything new… I was very focused with my own project that I didn’t learn anything particularly new. I actually started developing a new engine which would support 3D, but it’s way too far from being complete, so I decided that I would use Unity, since in my new project I’m going to use it anyway, so might as well begin practicing!

What went right:

  • Unity

This was my first time using Unity to release a game, and it went pretty well! I’ve tested before with some tutorials so I already knew that it was fairly easy to make something. The work flow was really smooth and wasn’t so difficult. Although I did want to make this game with my engine, it was good learning and worked well.

  • Krita

At first I was going for pixel art with GIMP, but then I thought, well, I always wanted to use Krita and try  another graphic style. And so I did, and I’m pretty satisfied with the result! Krita is a great tool, even though I don’t have a tablet to draw I was able to use it well! It was difficult in the beginning to adopt a whole different style, but I guess it was worth it

  • Audio

As always, I used Bfxr for sound effect and Bosca Ceoil for music. It worked like the last Ludum Dare, nothing new, but the result was nice. I did have some difficulties with my composition, since I still only know the basics, but the result was something I was happy with

  • New experiences

In this Ludum Dare I tried some of new things. Uploaded the game at itch.io, did screen recording (I wanted to make a timelapse, but didn’t work well)… It was really fun and really good learning for my future projects!

What went wrong:

  • A lot of setbacks

This Ludum Dare was pretty harsh for me… I was really tired from work, then I spent the first 12 hours just trying to think a concept that I was happy with, then the energy went down in my house, and so on…. Yeah, not the best situation…

  • Sudden change of style

Although I’m happy with the style I adopted later, I already had some assets done so I had to remake them (I didn’t really, just made some touches to adapt them), so it got a bit inconsistent.

  • No playtests

I really wanted to have more playtests, but I didn’t have any… I really need to start searching for people that are willing to do that…


This was a really difficult Ludum dare for me. Not so much on technical part, that went pretty well, but setbacks from life. But still I managed to overcome them all and finish a game that I’m actually satisfied with! I really didn’t expect that… Even now I’m still pretty tired from the last part of the year, but I’m going to rest a lot this holiday! And let’s hope for a great year that’s coming! For the next Ludum Dare I hope I can finish my engine, get some more composition practice and make better animations! Congratulations everybody! Keep up the great work and let’s even work harder next time! Happy holidays!

PS: Sorry it’s a bit hastily, I’m a bit short in time here ^^;

Walkthrough video!

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015 8:25 pm

I added a walkthrough video for my game, so if you don’t have the patience to beat it at least you can see all the waves and the ending!

If you didn’t checkout my game yet, but got interested you can just click here to have a look! I’d be glad if you did~ ^^

Aaaaand submitted!

Sunday, December 13th, 2015 9:58 pm

Just submitted my entry!! Wow, that was a really intense LD! Congratulations for everyone that participated somehow!

Now, a shower, some tea, and maybe play some games~

Feel free to have a look at my game! http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-34/?action=preview&uid=49665


Update Post!

Sunday, December 13th, 2015 1:48 pm

After so many setbacks today, the game is finally coming together! All the basis is ready, just need to polish some more stuffs! I’d be glad if you had a look ! http://nihilaleph.itch.io/ld34

And yet another gif xp


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