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Taking in the feedback – Part 1

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Saturday, December 21st, 2013 7:29 am

This is our first real blog post since the jam ended. It’s not a post-mortem. We’ll get to that eventually, but for now I just want to point out some ideas we’ve learned from feedback which would potentially be added and modified to a future version of the game. My name is Jakob Calero and I’m the designer and artist of our two man team.


Make dangers more obvious

My idea here came from older classics (Heart of Darkness comes to mind) where it wasn’t always obvious what would kill you and what would not, you just had to brave the danger and learn from your mistakes. In our game there are a few things that make this less desirable. For one, the darkness. Since the light orb is by far your most reliable source of light it’s not always easy to tell what is what near your person if the light is far away, this puts a lot more strain on your memory than your tactics. Second, the fact that death means you have to restart the level. This becomes frustrating after a while, and makes players less keen to “try things out”. Now, this segues nicely to our second point…


Add checkpoints


Since our levels are relatively small, and generally non-linear, adding traditional checkpoints is complicated and not particularly well suited. However, there are a couple of things that could help reduce the annoyance of death. The first and easiest is to keep glowing algae on between deaths. This gives a sense of progression in a level, even between deaths, and helps out the next runs. Another way we’ve been considering, but might need some consideration, is to have a different type of object in the level (like the glowing algaes) that you can use as checkpoints. Then every time you die you can chose what point to respawn in. Again, this segues to point three (damn I’m good at transitioning).

More glowing algae!

Glowey things!This one is simple. Glowing algae look great! It’s a feat of balance to not add too many and make the levels too easy, but there’s definitely room for more glowey things. JoeProgram¬†kindly gave us the idea to make a level entirely filled with glowing algae! We’re totally on top of that idea and just have to find a way to make it hard enough, despite the higher visibility.


Ok! That’s it for now, there’s TONS more feedback and before the end of the voting there’ll be tons more I’m sure, but this is enough to go on in one post. We truly look forward to hear even more criticism from you! Play the game if you haven’t already!


Play Lumen!



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Monday, December 16th, 2013 7:31 pm

Take a deep breath and dive. 

We finished the game in time, most of the work went as planned, as rare as that is. So, here’s Lumen!

PS. Don’t neglect sound and music! Headphones recommended.

Download and vote!



Lumen 2

Lumen 3

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