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I’m in for the first time!

Posted by (twitter: @Nehmulos)
Thursday, April 19th, 2012 3:46 pm

Hey ho, my first compo!
I never found the time to participate, but this time I just couldn’t resist.
Beholding the holy number 23 I instantly dumped all my todos and appointments to lock myself into a stuff chamber.

I’m drawing with my laptop’s touchpad that’s worse than with a mouse.
I also have a wacom tablet but I see no reason to use it. I can’t draw anyway.


I just learned this week about cocos2d and have been trying to lern useing the
0.2.3 beta since wensday I figured out how to use box2d, draw sprites and handle
keyboard input, what do I need more?

A second library would be jquery. Maybe I’m not going to use it at all, maybe
I’m going to build the whole game in the DOM and screw cocos2d, let’s see what
comes into my mind once the final theme is announced.

I’m not sure how I’ll do sound atm, but I hope that I figure something out
until the compo starts. Maybe I put <audio> tags into the doc and just trigger
the play function. Creating an Audio(“path”) object in js didn’t work for me
when I tested it.

I’m going to use the following personal framework files:
PhysicsNode.js (adds box2d Physics to a cocos2d.nodes.Node)
Input.js (stores pressed keys, maps strings to keys)
(may improve until the LD48 starts)


I doubt that I’m going to finish a playable game that could even be fun to play,
but I just really want to use cocos2d and javascript. I’ll probably hang myself on
some horrendous box2d.js error and waste all my time trying to figure out how
to do *stuff* in cocos2d, but I’m going to have fun anyway.
And if everything fails I can do a fast switch SFML2 on Saturaday moring.

I couldn’t decide on a cat so here are some brainfuck fractals:

brainfuck fractals

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