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Nature Trial on Joystiq!

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Thursday, August 28th, 2014 6:00 am

That was a suprise! Nature Trial got a mention on Joystiq!

We were already pleased with how the game turned out, but it’s quite exciting and affirming to receive attention from the gaming press!

Ludum Dare 30 was our first time participating in the main dare, although we did take part in mini LD #53 as a warm up for our first proper dare. Despite taking part in the Jam we opted to limit ourselves to 48 hours anyway out of preference (and to allow ourselves the bank holiday Monday to relax).

So how did it go?

Post Mortem


Things went much more smoothly this time (compared to the mini LD back in July) for two reasons:

  1. We limited our scope to ensure we didn’t spend two full days implementing mechanics and animations, meaning we actually had space for level design and polish.
  2. We were more familiar with Unity so we avoided a lot of pot holes which may have slowed our progress previously.

As a result, we’ve ended up with a game which feels quite complete. We had the time to implement all our mechanics, multiple levels, splash, ending and game over screens, and aside from an issue with the controls, we managed to achieve a good level of polish.



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