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LD37: Ghost Brawl

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Monday, December 12th, 2016 8:01 pm

What a wild ride this was.  After having some major issues with the build, re-writing all the collision detection scripts, and all the other hurdles I’ve had in this project, I’m finally happy to announce that I have finished.

My jam entry is: Ghost Brawl!

I created it with the idea of some sort of puppet show.  You use your puppet arms to punch ghosts, guarding your beer from the nefarious undead.


I focused a lot on mechanim and animations, getting each element to feel like it was a puppet production.  Lots of wiggle and the little black puppeteer sticks and so forth.  I also wanted to try to have a hidden systems for the tutorial and UI.  In this case, the tutorial is the menu.  Nothing says “start”, just what the buttons are.  My hope is that players will intuitively press the button, which starts the game.  Also, using visual objects and lights in the game, I’ve set up a crude UI in the world, and I’m hoping that people will “get” it.

Also, an early vid of the project can be found on my twitter

Thanks for reading this and happy LD37 everyone!

-Casey Shreve

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